Officials Call For More Restrictions In U.S. After Delta Variant Cases Rise

Officials are calling for more restrictions as the U.S. sees another rise in cases of Covid-19. Cities across the U.S. are bringing back mask mandates as White House officials say they won’t lift the ban on travel from certain countries. 

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Author: phillyfinestnews


20 thoughts on “Officials Call For More Restrictions In U.S. After Delta Variant Cases Rise

  1. I'm curious why we never see discussed in regard to covid lockdowns our first amendment right: "the right of the people peaceably to assemble." I certainly don't expect cnn or msdnc to discuss this but I am surprised to not find it on Fox News or even Newsmax.

  2. Resist all lockdowns. Fight against all governments trying this. STOP 🛑 taking the vaccines, they carry the variants. This is why they are pushing the vaccines so hard. It's a global experiment and we are the rats. Find these scientists, doctors and media members within your communities and shut them up. They are anti American and the reason for these atrocities against humanity.

  3. The US is a mess. Reagan got rid of the "fair comment" rule and Social Media finished the job. Truckloads of false information has driven the US into the ground faster than a pile driver.

  4. One of the reasons that a large percentage of Covid cases have been asymptomatic or mild is that the initial infectious doses have been minimal. Face masks and such have helped in that. Now, however, the Covid virus has mutated a new offensive attack — it has dramatically increased the early rate and volume of production of viral particles produced in the respiratory tract at the onset of the disease such that standard protocols are not enough to maintain the lower levels of illness that we’d grown accustomed to. Indeed, the amount of the initial infectious doses have increased, thus increasing the potential seriousness of the illness experienced.

    It seems that the Delta wave will crest in mid-October and put us much closer to herd immunity.

    Note: To avoid vaccination is one thing because of concern about side effects; but, choosing not to wear a face mask is like playing Russian Roulette.

  5. There's now a new Florida variant. Of course it would start in third world Florida where the buildings are falling down. It’s pretty horrific too. It turns the oil on your hands into plastic eating bacteria, so when you go to hand the hospital your insurance card, it basically melts, causing the crabby old white republican front desk receptionist to call security who then puts you in a headlock while they drag you to the cardboard box compactor in the receiving dock of the hospital… they close the front shield, hit the button and laugh hysterically while your bones crack and bust with occasional random squirts of your blood and brain matter firing through the steel mesh onto their uniforms, only adding to their morbid frolic.

  6. People are paranoid and have to get over this. All you hear from MSM is the Delta infections are going up, you notice that they don’t tell you what the death rate is. The telling sign is they quote that 99% of the Delta deaths have been from unvaccinated people and that is it. What? Don’t stop there. 99% of what? 5, 10, 100, 100,000. They won’t tell you that. Straight from the CDC it is 0.59 per 100,000, understand that death rate is the lowest ever. COVID is a virus and like other viruses is not going away!!!! The real question is why is the government still in the middle of all this when we have a vaccine and their job is over. The answer, it is all about control and they want to hold on to it as long as they can. The Perfect song for this situation.

  7. They have to get positive cases back up… they want to keep controlling people… and guaranteed a booster shot is coming. Why? The shot isn’t working. And it’s the unvaccinated people’s fault… smh this is such a joke but tell me WHY the FDA WON’T APPROVE THE VACCINE FOR MEDICAL USE?????

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