Should Vaccinated People Be Concerned About The Delta Variant?

NBC News medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel explains whether vaccinated people should resume wearing masks as the delta variant intensifies its spread across the U.S.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Should Vaccinated People Be Concerned About The Delta Variant?


Author: phillyfinestnews


28 thoughts on “Should Vaccinated People Be Concerned About The Delta Variant?

  1. I am pro vaccine. But we are a privileged country whose government has shut down our economy, forced us to let loved ones die in hospitals alone, put covid in our nursing homes forcing us to let them die alone and our government is begging the TALIBAN for extension for AMERICANS to leave AFGHANISTAN. How many of the TALIBAN wear MASKS and have been VACCINATED??? Let that soak in.

  2. I am 65 have many “conditions “ work at a school 600 students 40 coworkers, I have the vaccine and have followed the CDC recommendations so far I am free from but my coworkers who has the vaccine are getting sick but have not died! Please people vaccine your self for your love ones and others

  3. What if I required a negative test for AIDS before you could shop in my store, or some other form of proof you do not have the AIDS virus? Is that discrimination? The sad fact is that the vaccine dose not stop people from getting covid, not dose it stop folks from spreading covid. It was never designed to do that. The vaccine merely stops the symptoms of covid. Do your research. So even those who are vaccinated can still contract and also spread covid. People need to wake up, this is not about covid its about control and singling out those who resist control. Also if the vaccine dose not stop vaccinated people from spreading the virus, why are we blaming only un-vaccinated people for the virus spreading?

  4. The government ain’t here to save us, the politicians say otherwise because they stand to gain from oppressing us. They need to stop saying follow the science, they are not following science. The only science they’re following his Pavlov’s experiments to break us down to control us through abuse.

  5. Realistically speaking the media needs to concentrate more on number of people with severe cases of illness, not the number of people with the virus alone. Even with the new Delta variant and with breakthrough cases. Fact of the matter is that the science says that the vaccine while doesnt prevent breakthrough infection entirely. Is still wildly more successful than they could have hoped given the time span they had to work in.
    Most people who are vaccinated to NOT get severe cases of the illness. And THAT is the key. The pure number of cases no longer means much. And they will never know because the medical community did an abysmal job in testing as many people as possible no matter if they were sick or not. Still.
    Its the people with severe cases and those outcomes that is important now. And again. The science overwhelmingly says that the very very vast majority of people with severe cases are the
    UN-vaccinated. Even the media tells us this. And the VERY VERY vast majority of vaccinated people who get breakthrough cases only have very mild symptoms in spite of how the media likes to portray it.
    So NO vaccinated people need not be overly concerned. And despite the numbers. even among vaccinated people this virus(all variants) still has a 98.5% survival rate. And probably higher than that when you take into account the number of people who had it and either didnt know (asymptomatic) or never got sick enough that they bothered going to the doctor.
    While this is very much a real thing. Its not the flu and is still much more deadly than the seasonal flu. It is not by any stretch of the imagination the black plague either.
    I did my part in playing the game even when I didnt agree with the policies (because the actual science didnt support much of them)
    Now you want me to protect those who refused to listen to anything from the beginning??
    No thanks. Let er rip and let natural selection do its job. Its mostly effecting the people who refused to listen. Stupidity should hurt. When it hurts enough. People will get on board

  6. In a country where the majority of people don’t experience death or worry of death on a frequent basis, the pedestal of normal is so exaggerated and inflated that people stress over having to wear masks again. Come on, wake up people, if our concerns are having to wear masks yet still maintain a safe and free lifestyle, we have nothing to complain about. To complain at this point is ignorance.

  7. Wasnt outbreaking last summer 🔎fall🔎early winter 2020. Then vaccine is given like free Skittles and variants hits along with outbreak. And amongst the vaccined but not unvaccinated protesters all last and early this Year 🔎🔎🔎don't match up. Now take another shot😒 no thanks, 4 other variants on the list so how many shots are they really talking??🔎

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