Yonkers Officers Rescue Mom and Baby

In Yonkers, New York a driver swerved out of control at an intersection, slamming into a mom and her infant daughter. Officers stepped in within moments to pull the infant out from under the car. Both have injuries but police say they will be okay.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Yonkers Officers Rescue Mom and Baby


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37 thoughts on “Yonkers Officers Rescue Mom and Baby

  1. This is why DUI's need to be taken more serious if you ask me. The top causes of fatal traffic accidents is DUI, Distracted driving and speeding. Glad to see everyone made it out okay and still in one piece.

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  3. But, NBC tells me the police are bad. They side with a political party who wants police defunded and gone. This video must be fake. It was all staged. Impossible. All police only do bad things.

  4. "Killing a police officer isn't the same as murder. It's Social Justice, which doesn't need courts or judges. Because Social Justice isn't written down anywhere, it just IS."
    illegitimate VP Kamala "Heels Up" Harris

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  6. When I see this type of things and I see Good Samaritans and Officers helping like this, Putting their heart and effort out there to help save a life makes me have hopes again to see a better World.
    I’m glad Mom & Baby are Ok. And sending them all my good wishes for a soon recovery! I only hope baby doesn’t have any consequences after this.
    My prayers goes out to mom and baby.
    And for the MF Drunk driver hopes he gets locked up forever and don’t let that piece of S. Out of jail.

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  8. They should have waited until female officers showed up so they could demonstrate that they just as capable as men at everything.

    The driver was free to go after it was discovered he was a person of color being systemically repressed.

  9. Nice job NBC, first play the disturbing video, then warn that the video is disturbing and play it again! Also, why is there a person sitting INSIDE of the car while other people are trying to lift it?!

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