Live: Biden Delivers Remarks on the Crime Victims Fund Act | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Biden delivers remarks on the VOCA Fix to Sustain the Crime Victims Fund Act of 2021 and signs it into law.

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Live: Biden Delivers Remarks on the Crime Victims Fund Act | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


50 thoughts on “Live: Biden Delivers Remarks on the Crime Victims Fund Act | NBC News

  1. Which ear lobe guy is this…or is the right or left handed one…or the blue or brown eyed guy? There's so many it's hard to tell them all apart. Courtesy of world government agencies telling us all how to exist. OK, then.

  2. I am not bye no Company from no bye no Company from no bye no Google paint game no Amazon no Apple store no Company from no bye. I want the USA to no mine name Frederick Clark and I am the richest man in the world and I am here to help the people. and the president and I am for you USA. 😃😃😃


    TECHNOLOGY: China has been using 5G since 2019. USA are talking about moving to 4G in 2024.

    INFRASTRUCTURE: Japan has used bullet trains since 1964. USA has NO high speed trains.

    MASS SHOOTINGS: NZ has had 1 mass shooting in the last 20 years by an Australian. USA has had 332 mass shootings in 204 days.

  4. This is all bullshat they are passing a bill to fund even more the police state. I don't believe one thing this man is saying. I've been bedridden for a year now due to a violent crime against me. Notice he said federal criminals they are going after the drug money to fund their police state. I challenge anyone in a year time find out how much money goes to victims. All i say is quit the lying to decieve American people.

  5. Yeah they're taking everything from us to taxing and taxing our dollars if you add up all the taxes that you pay out of one paycheck you'll find out almost half of it goes back into taxes when you cash your check you get tax when you buy something you get taxed you get taxed for having the money then you got all the grocery stores and all the machines out there taxing your credit card every time you use it

  6. And they also got this new thing I also heard on YouTube is if they surrender that badge and not come a police officer anymore they can get away with murder yeah that's happened please go look at the YouTube videos I've been watching for a long long long time please love going with going out for the people with the cameras the only problem is that's where they're putting all the money at you know the money that the police department claim to be losing yeah it was just for payoffs to keep our mouths shut and let the criminal cops do what they're doing is a lot of cases out there you you don't have any video on because it it was if it's already been zip-tied yeah they can take our tax dollars and just sign any kind of chips they want don't even have to tell us where they put it

  7. Yeah we got to get all the ones that got all the power in the picture but you know it's got to be a police captain or somebody controls the police department standing in that group that the present just warded a lot of money too because he got a bunch of kickbacks from them either Daddy's got stocks ankarali people just like everybody else in the police department to jail just trying to get Auntie and they're trying to get our young children than those in those jail cells adult we showed him that we're challenged because we know our rights now now they're going after our children don't believe me just checking YouTube videos 13 year-old and 17 year-old they're both dead police takes our tax dollars to make it go away or we just give him a couple million dollars and that's Justice for you do the police officer gets promoted a raise that's real Justice for you

  8. Why job people police should be coming out after you they just got a bunch more money from the government me president although tax dollars they had to give back prisoners just dumped a bunch of money in there to laugh that way they can keep business-as-usual let's go after the innocent people and that's ruined their lives I'm seeing more and more videos on it you think you're safe in your house takes one phone call and that can be a Horror Story

  9. How about all these civilians victim that the police department violated put kids in trauma for the rest of their lives what kind of help do you going to get you seem to be supporting the police department doing all these crime they're losing money because all the people are suing the s*** out of them and we're going to continue pretty soon we'll all have body cameras will be cameras everywhere you can't hide cops yo-yo Department's already showed you that they'll come after you in a drop make you the guinea pig yeah that where do they give you to go get some young black people might be the last day you ever work for him you think your Police Department cares you're too easy to replace

  10. It looks like the prison is supporting the bad police officers in the police department they had to do this year because of all the bad cop that got in the police system yeah cost him a lot of money they didn't lose a dime David taxing us all along we the people paid all their bills now what is this free money going to him for so they can violate more of our rights

  11. The police are out there shooting our kids with their hands up come on look at these corrupt cops and it president supporting them we definitely got a real bad problem now with the police department getting all this money from us yeah let's just increase the people's taxes we don't have enough for their money yet

  12. Yeah all that money went down because all the payoffs they had to do to keep their corrupt police officers in the police department yeah 3.4 million dollars went out to the civilian people in in payoff to keep the dirty cops in the police department don't believe me go look it up it's all over YouTube

  13. Yeah the police been losing money because of people getting smarter video cameras are out there to protect you yeah they're losing Revenue now the president's going to reward them more money because they lost all this Revenue all these crimes they were doing before the video cameras even got out there how many black people died every year by the police hands even the innocent ones they justify it it just one less black person

  14. Yeah you need to talk to the SWAT team to break down the wrong people's doors windows and break up all the furniture and everything else just to see if they can find any crime on these people that did wrongfully passed on and no they don't offer to fix anything cost of homeowner how much money these officers still made their money I'll park tax-paying dollars even though they did went into the wrong house

  15. Dude you had a silver spoon in your mouth you never was in a homeless shelters lying to the public like police officers do yeah the Bible told us to watch out for the false gods look at our government Barbies and making a dollar they don't care about anybody

  16. That sounds like all the corrupt cops need to be put out to the pasture but no they just pay off people and keep them in the department cuz they make good money blue blue line is nothing more than a corrupt gang to get that American flag with a blue line on it first they got to take your rights away from you yeah that's what they do best 40 cost us taxpayers 334 million dollars in wrongful arrest just this year alone

  17. The only victims out there right now is a civilian people with the police officers are attacking us all for the money that's the assault Sultan American people 34 million dollars taxpayer dollars refuse to pay off people to physically keep their backrub cops in the police force cuz they make more money on those people when they go after didn't get to retire after they hide evidence workout for years give them time to retire full pension full everything I seen quite a few cops like that and what the American people don't realize there's more videos on Bad Cops and there is the cops actually arresting people yeah they just drove up the money police report doesn't care if you're guilty or innocent when they run you through the system as taxpayers still got to pay all those dollars to the judges to the District Attorney's to all the people that it's in the court system basically got to open checkbook 34 million dollars just went to get people to be quiet you know all yeah we killed your kid here's a couple million dollars that's what it's it turned into Police Department's using us as a cash machine

  18. What you need to do is start talking about the biggest depression we're headed into in U.S. history..2008 is playing out right in front of people again and yet these morons don't see it coming..The stock market is gonna crash,,, on July 31st the moratorium on foreclosures will end and 40 million will be homeless as private companies buy up these properties and the market goes pop..Rent will go sky high as demand reaches incredible numbers, Inflation as early as August will continue to rise and you will pay even more for food, gas and other products, interest rates are going up, Wells Fargo, American express and bank of America already have stopped giving credit completely and more banks will join..YOU'RE SO SCREWED IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY AND IT'S LITERALLY PLAYING OUT RIGHT BEFORE YOU..DO YOU SEE IT? NOPE THE ECONOMY IS GREAT RIGHT? NO YOU GOT A LITTLE BOOST FROM BEING SHUTDOWN OVER A YEAR BUT THAT'S ALL COMING TO AN END…YOU VOTED FOR IT AND NOW YOU WILL PAY FOR IT…ILLITERACY AT ITS BEST!!!! LEARNING CRT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ECONOMICS

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