Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 22

Health officials taking aggressive, new action amid the sharp rise in Covid cases, a victory for transgender rights advocates in Arkansas, and lifted lockdowns threatening environmental progress in Florida waters.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


37 thoughts on “Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 22

  1. when it's actually too late. the GOP climate deniers finally want to do something. hate to tell every one. I work in earth science and it's too late. this planet will change over the next 15 years even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gasses today. we've crossed the thresh hold. it's why we have massive rain fall from melted glaciers. massive wild fires to areas with no rain massive abuse of resources from profiteering corporations that mass produce and throw away tons if excess and waste. it's too late gang. get ready for mass migration and war over water and land.

  2. Anthony Fauci and the Surgeon General used the best information they had, from a hundred years of studies, to tell the world, publicly, that masks did nothing to stop the transmission of viruses. They said that wearing a mask is a false sense of security.

    Only once the Agenda was exposed to make this a lasting pandemic, did those people change what they said.

    The best science and medicine is that masks are a false sense of security and they do not stop the transmission of airborne viruses!

    Have you seen what doctors and scientists wear to protect themselves from viruses like Ebola? They wear fully enclosed, protective suits, with their own oxygen source… that’s how you stop the transmission of a virus.

    It is quite obvious that some kind of agenda is being pushed. The FDA has not approved the vaccines, because there have been no long term tests performed… and there have been numerous negative health consequences associated with the vaccines… heart problems being one in particular.

    There is a push to reduce the human population… I would suggest that this pandemic is being used to help that!

  3. The military officials should and will get to the bottom of this attack of the white house.. Congress men/women will not get to the bottom of this attack. The military will find these crimimals and not play politics.

  4. Isn't it time to get some real honorable scientists together from all over the world to figure this virus disaster out and resolved. Why is Congress still asking Fauci questions as though he is honest? The only thing that will encourage Fauci to expose all the conniving people behind this dangerous act is to arrest and charge him. Let him sit in jail, no bail; he is a flight risk.

  5. I know you tube going to get at me for saying this but yall need to stop trying to force someone to get these vaccines. For one I feel it should be use on those who get the virus. For second what's the point of getting it if people's who get the shot still catches this so call virus. Lastly, this bid the question when have the government ever care about the people's? This should make everyone think. If you ask me this is all fake. People's like yall ain't for the people's yall for the government. Yall work for them to push this bull. People's die from cancer and heart attack more then this virus

  6. Kind of funny that everyone in nursing home who had shots still got 2nd round of Covid…my sister, who did not, did not get it. My Aunt after getting 1st Moderna shot, went into a coma and nearly died. So, again, no bullying, no forced vaccines. It should be left up to individual. If you're fully vaccinated, why would you be so scared of those who aren't? If you are, then maybe the shots don't work, so why would you take the risk of getting something with unknown or unpublished side effects? Propaganda, sheeple. Don't let someone use fear tactics to push you into doing something you will regret later. No undoing changing DNA. It also passes to future generations, so just saying, make an informed decision, not one from fear.

  7. Sorry you two. Wait they won't even read thiis. I I would suggest that you are all ignorant on the broadcasting side . except for the fact that you guys are genius in your manipulation of the General Public . so many good shows on NBC when I was growing up . Unfortunately the kids Behind the news desk have to pay off their college loans and are only interested in Fame and Fortune. and I would love for you to forward this to those two newscasters that I'm looking at right now. but I seriously doubt that's going to happen because none of you are going to be understanding of the mistake that you're making by doing what you're doing for money. Nice work! you guys do the best at keeping the division between persons alive. and I doing so you make groups of people stronger. and just because everybody is in Broadcasting how to do a casting call to earn their fifteen minutes of fame if they haven't had to compromised themselves morally or ethically financially. let me just put it this way ask Brian Williams how it worked out on this channel. Sad to see so many sellouts not you and the broadcasting Department are the news delivery department the people that actually believe you are the sellouts what a shame a good work National Broadcasting Corporation NBC. The consumer of your programming productions has been aclamated to bullshyt unknowingly deserves whatever they get it. it's a shame you put yourselves in this position and it's coming straight from your mouth and not your individual thinking. just read the script go home and drink your bottle of vodka you'll feel better tomorrow. But tomorrow through your instigations might not be here thank you I so much appreciate you you're taught me so much. Anybody remember Smith-mundt act 1953 repealed by who and when which president think about this thing about what you're doing please. Is your rent and car payment or house payment worth the deceit you're putting forth? I don't even have to follow the money.

  8. Well folks, in case you ever wanted to know what lying straight to your FACE looks like–this is it! Look up "Patented Genocide." Dr. David Martin my hero! Nothing started in Wohaun China & I intuitively knew it. This is deeply disturbing.

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