Alleged Michigan high school shooter waives preliminary hearing

Ethan Crumbley’s parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, also made a court appearance on Friday, and their motion to amend their bond was denied.


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38 thoughts on “Alleged Michigan high school shooter waives preliminary hearing

  1. He literally executed a kid in the bathroom after making him get on his knees. Shot him point blank in the head. That kid was hiding from him in the bathroom. Ethan told the second kid hiding to get down next to his body but he escaped. A third kid was standing on the toilet and saw this all happening. I know he killed 3 others, but the way he killed Justin should be an aggravating factor that warrants LWOP.

  2. ***Mental Health Literacy needs to be part of the curriculum in every school, including religious schools and home schooling. *** Every student could use coping skills and self-awareness every day of their lives. How often are they going to actually use U.S. History, or World Geography? Maybe less mandatory focus on mostly irrelevant topics would leave space to include more important and practical mental health topics. A lot of parents won't or can't recognize the signs their kids need help. Even if they do recognize these signs, many still won't or can't get them the help. I can't imagine getting texts from my frightened child saying he is alone in the house with demons and needs help. Then responding "Nah, I'm gonna sleep with this guy who isn't my husband right now. My orgasm is more important than my child's terror." Real parents have real flaws. As a civilized nation, we should not allow that to impact their children more than it has to. We have the means to reach their children through school. That's why we have school breakfasts and lunches – for the kids whose parents won't or can't feed them properly. We need to apply that same rationale to mental health education.

  3. He killed some of the sweetest kids who would’ve been his friend if he had just opened up to them. Tate was part of the student lead “bully busters” team that him and a gunshot survivor attended earlier that day. It is a volunteer student group that meets to combat and give compassion to students that don’t walk in the mainstream of high school life. Tate was the first person to speak out against these kids who were picking on a boy in a locker room after track. He told them “if you mess with this kid, you mess with him.” Tate hardly knew the kid at the time but they became good friends. Tate also volunteered to work with the cognitively impaired students. There was one kid in there who always had a bad day, but looked forward to seeing Tate because he would make his bad days better. Justin was also a sweet, compassionate soul. He supported his brother’s transition and bought him a pride flag as an early Christmas present without his brother asking him what he wanted. When Justin was texting his brother during the shooting, he was mainly concerned about his safety before his own. Justin also saved a freshman kid from getting shot. Him and Tate were some of the most selfless people alive. They would’ve been his friend, and a good support system if Ethan had just opened up to them. Instead he murdered them in cold blood.

  4. i love how they make you give your name when they know it what a lame ? to ask he will be getting life his mom & dad can have a new baby to start over again & for get this kid in prison so when we getting new news

  5. They use the word alleged because in the USA you are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. Its the same reason they get to dress up in suits for their trials and get their hair cut etc……you dont want people to judge you on what they read in the paper or your orange prison suit. Its suppose to ensure a FAIR trial.

  6. Democrats fault, 100%. If you every see one of these disgusting turds on the street, I encourage you to confront them, get up in their face and make a scene. Let them know they are no longer allowed in America.

  7. Get over the "alleged" bullshit. They all do it for legal reasons and it's been that way for decades. You don't have to. They do.
    There's a million reasons to hate the media. Being upset by "alleged" is just your own stupidity showing.

  8. Hyper inflation in Phoenix Az. Prices on everything 60% increase and growing faster. Shelves are empty and employee moral at a all time low. Death rates 18 years old to 64 years old on a 40% increase the highest ever recorded not from Covid or Covid related. Mainly suicide or overdose.

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