Anniversary of the Jan. 6 riot

Donna Brazile, the former acting chair of the DNC, gives her reaction to President Biden’s remarks and how her view of the Republican Party has changed.

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30 thoughts on “Anniversary of the Jan. 6 riot

  1. Mostly peaceful protesters, you mean.
    Not one cop died by any hands of Trump supporters on Jan 6.
    They received unfair treatment & no due process. Horrible treatment compared to rioters burning down cities & DC. Jan 6 was no insurrection. Not one Insurrection charge. Definitely should not ever be compared to Pearl Harbor or 9/11. Should never be celebrated either.

  2. Jan 6 2021 No burning, looting, assaulting's of the old or killing of police still bad rioters that 1 day. By mad frustrated Trump supporters, Thousands in damage. No National Guard why ?

    Unlike 2020 the Burning, looting, assaulting's old people and police killed by BLM and Antifa rioters for months on End 100s of riots , 100s of Millions in damage by mad Biden Supporters

    Not good Shameful

    Media coverage and truth very questionable

  3. One year ago on January 6, 2021, Americans were horrified as they watched the violent attack on our Capital after Trump told them to go to the Capital and fight to stop Congress from doing its Constitutional duties. His mentally deranged followers violently charged into the CAPITAL shouting hang Trump's Vice President, Mike Pence.

    The leader of the Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell said Trump was "Practically and morally responsible!" Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas labeled the insurrection "A violent terrorist attack!" US Attorney General Merrick Garland said the January 6th insurrection "Was an unprecedented attack on the seat of our democracy! 140 police officers had been assaulted, including one who was beaten and zapped repeatedly with a stun gun until he had a heart attack. Another screamed for help as rioters crushed him between doors and bludgeoned him with his own weapon." Capitol Police Officer Sicknick died a day later after suffering two strokes while defending the building. 325 suspects are facing felonies including using dangerous weapons to assault officers. This criminal activity did not end on January 6th. There have been 9,000 threats against our elected representatives, their staff and employees of the Capital this year

    Trump's bulling has scared most Republicans in the Capital. Trump threatens and campaigns against anyone who won't bow down to him. Most are now running scared, afraid to stand up to him. Many of the Republicans who stood up publicly in Congress against Trump have resigned amid death threats, others are facing Trump-backed election challenges, and others are keeping quiet so they can keep their jobs without having Trump come to their home states trying to destroy them.

    January 6th was a scary day for America. We must never let it happen again. The oldest US President, Jimmy Carter, warned, "Without immediate action, we are at risk of losing our democracy." If you got the guts, stand up for our democracy and against all those criminals who tried to overthrow it. Don't let Donny Trump destroy America. Your parents and their parents fought and died to keep dictators from destroying our great country.

    What's wrong with dictators? They kill people they don't like. Dozens of critics of Russian "President" Putin have been imprisoned and then had violent deaths. Our FBI director told Trump Russia is carrying out a blatant attack on American democracy. Trump's response, "I like Putin, he likes me." In China hundreds have been killed and million have been put in "relocation camps" where they are tortured and sexually abused. Chinese Professor Xia escaped from China and says "President Xi is a Mafia Boss." . "The Covid epidemic began in Wuhan and spread across the world because people in China are not allowed to speak the truth." On January 21 2020 at the world economic forum, Trump told the world he "loves" Chinese President Xi. "We love each other." Still not sure if you wouldn't mind a Trump dictatorship? Last Saturday after tennis I was talking to a beautiful young lady who went down to teach in Nicaragua. The people revolted against their dictator. She watched terrified from her university as they mowed down people in the streets with their machine guns. They broke in and she escaped through the back and ran down dirt side roads to get to the house of the ambassador from Argentina where she was living. She was in tears as she told me how she had to cross one of the main roads where trucks of the dictator's soldiers were going by with AK47s. She walked looking straight ahead as they said vile things to her. They said they were going to rape her and then killed her like what was done to the Catholic nuns. She cried as she told she thought she was going to be raped tortured and killed. Someone from the front of the truck yelled in Spanish for them to "Shut up! and she was able to escape. Most of her students were killed. Do you want that for your children? Your parents and their parents fought and died for our democracy, for our great country. Don't be fooled by their lies and propaganda. Don't let them destroy your America and your democracy.

  4. If it was a REAL insurrection with serious weapons, supplies and an organized PLAN, we could be at civil war right now. The capital might still be under siege. "Dead Bodies Everywhere". "You" should be embarrassed by this. Yawl are such dramatic fools. You're going down! You didn't guard the pissed off mob. It was Not an insurrection. LMAO. A very wrong pissed off crowed. What if it was a real insurrection? The White House would have been seriously caught off guard, and you know it. Who knows where Nancy's laptop would be? So, Stop the BS. ABC will FAIL this year. CNN & MSNBC have already FAILED.

  5. It was practically a Pearl Harbor or 911. We should build a memorial commemorating the horrors our honorable elected officials endured. Much worse than any minor offenses the horrible right suffered in last summers peaceful protests…..if you belive this your are a 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏

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