Judge sentences the 3 men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery

Travis and Gregory McMichael are sentenced to life without parole while Willliam Bryan was sentenced to life with parole.


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25 thoughts on “Judge sentences the 3 men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery

  1. The Judge did an Awesome Job, this Behavior Needs To Stop. I realize it Won't, but Glad to See a Judge Do His Due Diligence in this Case. Pure Hate BECAUSE of his Skin Color

  2. If not for Bryan thinking he was taping a black man committing a crime, he ends up showing proof that all 3 of them are inhumane! I hope the father & son end up in separate prisons! G McMichael will get the taste of never ever seeing his son again! They must have thought…" oh, good, a white judge " . LMAO

  3. Anyone with eyes can clearly see that it was racially motivated so that's why the father and son got no parole.it was just kept under raps by the attorneys so the communities would not erupt.thats why they are also facing federal charges for civil rights violations.because that's just what it was just like in 1960s when Klansmen would murder unarmed black people for no reason.these crimes were committed by chasing them down in a pickup truck and lynching them or shooting them.they got just what they deserved because we as a people are sick and tired of this crap.undercover Klansmen are the same as the ones that wear badges

  4. Travis talked about how accomplished and trained he was as half ass military man and of how in control of everything he was, as if he would get away with murder. Bye bye forever Travis, you and your filthy father.

  5. This judge exercised a powerful and just decision. A rare occurrence in the American justice system for her melanated citizens. He has set an honorable and precedented example for his legal colleagues.

  6. WOW! The father and son given LIFE without the possibility of parole! I wonder if they now think was all that really worth it? They're fools.

  7. what kinda parent would teach there child the way to ruining there life is a very foolish parent, there was not any reason what so ever to take his life, these defendents we're all up in there head with hate and ignorance, which lead themselves to a life sentence,I ask myself what was the worth of giving up there own life for what?, what they did don't make sense, what did it prove, what did it do for anybody, but cause nothing but a whole lot of destroyed families, now your family are labeled murderers,the stupidity in this is astounding for this day and age, people please teach yourself and your children better so we can have a beautiful world and planet, love not hate.

  8. Complete and utter BULLSHIT!! 1st off the man who recorded, done absolutely nothing wrong!! 2nd the man and his son who tried to stop him, we're doing what any good neighbor would do. Ahmaud had no business what so ever snooping around a construction site, where new homes were being built. They'd already had materials and equipment come up missing. If Ahmaud had done nothing and had nothing to hide, he should have stopped!! Call the Cops and all he would have gotten was a trespassing ticket. Instead, he got turned into Swiss cheese!! These guys should appeal and be released!!

  9. I did not watch the trial or seen much footage. It sounds to me that the guy who filmed everything had no idea that someone was going to be murdered. I think life in prison for him is not right. He thought that his neighbors were stopping a thief. He probably filmed the victim because he thought he had done something wrong. Big difference in shooting someone with a gun and shooting someone with a camera.

  10. It makes this so much more satisfying knowing that these criminals thought they would NEVER see the inside of a courtroom after murdering a human. Good job Judge Walmsley! 👍🏽

  11. From the Judge, to the D.A & the people of the Jury.. Thank God for those warm blooded human beings that saw another human being.. (not just a black man) but another human that deserves justice! They not only seen the truth, but spoke the truth then actually did something about it! That's how you let freedom and justice ring.. "for everybody"!

  12. I don’t hate anyone. Especially because of the color of their skin. I’m black and I have white friends whom I love like brothers and sisters. But I’ve met some white people who has expressed hate towards me and wanted me to know it. But I cannot bring myself to hate even those people. I believe that people who hate for no reason are demonic and shouldn’t reside with humanity. We should continue weeding these type people from society.

  13. People should get together for Ahmaud Arbery. And run together through the exact street in his memory. I would if I lived closer. Rest in peace 🙏 We lost a beautiful soul.

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