Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 23

Young children testing positive for the coronavirus in troubling numbers, what to do if you misplace your vaccination card, and a rise in violent crime in America’s major cities.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


42 thoughts on “Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 23

  1. Come on trump put the sanctions and the Cubans love him so go to the Republicans for help as for me I don't care…it's always been a Democrat presidents that have helped them and their loyalty is to the communists

  2. The problem with the masks is that most people stopped wearing them, when the guidelines say the VACCINATED can go without them. Unless we check vaccine status they need to recommend everyone to wear their mask properly when they are indoors.

  3. It's obvious someone is spraying that bacteria in the air causing everyone to get sick just to prove the covid false theory.none of these children had it when they came to camp none of their families actively had it. Now all of a sudden it appears.America is on the biological attack with somebody in a high position with a hidden motive for money. And you are falling for the trick because you can't pinpoint the villain.

  4. End the blockade of Cuba. If it hasn't worked since the 1960s, it will not work now. The only thing we are doing is hurting innocent people. Cuba is NOT a threat to the United States. Who are we to dictate democracy when we don't even one here?

  5. This is a bunch of main media corporate sales pitch bs. It’s has nothing to do with the unvaccinated, it’s the leadership because they opened the country up way to soon! And they know they screwed up so they are blaming people who refuse to get this Frankenstein jab that they just stapledout

  6. ah the altar that the trumpanzees worship at… they say the virus is fake! even though it can be seen… but the unseen holy force of "god" is to be taken seriously… maybe these lunatics really truly believe it is "god's will" to allow all of these children to die. why aren't they being criminally charged with negligence? i'm sure those churches can afford to pay up out of their trillion dollar coffers they use to buy political seats and other bribery

  7. Too much confidence in lifting restrictions when we are not yet in clear and neither vaccines are.guarantees yet. They are all in experimental stage. Read the labels or form you sign for. Just the same as flu shots can't guarantee up to this time, moreso covid vaccines. Get back to preference to stay home, mask and 6ft distance. We all need to use common sense and not totally rely on trends or what other thinks. At the beach only a few wear masks. I guess they are not afraid to die.

  8. “We’ll have lots of Olympic content a little bit later…but first we will begin with that alarming rise in covid cases across the country”…How does this make any sense???! Crazy crazy world.

  9. The second wave of the Spanish flu in the early 1900 's was way worse than the initial outbreak my grandmother had to bring her father's body plus two younger sisters to the end of the street along with other familys for pick up…it's disturbing but none the less true
    People will buyy into a sugar coated
    Version of what they WANT to hear
    You CAN'T always have what you want…the party doesn't start just because businesses are open..
    People lost there minds flooding stores going maskless forgetting it all like the virus was completely over in one day…doesn't work that way
    Wear your mask avoid big crowds
    We can't tell who is ACTUALLY
    Vaccinated nobody had to flash a card so how do you even know?
    Just be safe..being a social
    Butterfly 🦋…can land u in the
    Hospital… BOSTON 🍀

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