National response team joins Philadelphia fire investigation

A fire in a two-unit row home Wednesday morning killed 12 people, eight of them children.

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21 thoughts on “National response team joins Philadelphia fire investigation

  1. How in the same hell do you have 3 generations in public housing? How about limits on the number of people living under one roof? According to the PHA spokesman, it's OK along as there family? What? So common sense and laws don't apply if it's all one family? How do you get a job with the city of philadelphia? Now I see my the murder rate is so high in philadelphia…

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    The Probe after The Obviously Calculated Murders, is A SHAM, for the SHOW, but IT will Come Up with ZEROS/ONE that CAMOUFLAGED THE TRUTH!

    I HAVE A SERIOUS QUESTION, re: *WHY DO People PRAY for Others, after they're DEAD, instead of, doing so, when they're Alive! That BAFFLES me, Guys!

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