Three men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery sentenced to life in prison

ABC’s legal experts and trial attorneys react to the sentencing of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan.


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41 thoughts on “Three men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery sentenced to life in prison

  1. Just imagine the conversation they were having around the dinner table prior to to the murder. They were lying in wait for Ahmaud and when that opportunity presented itself, they pounced on it with deadly intentions. They enjoyed every minute of that deadly game. It felt euphoric for them to see Ahmaud running scared up & down the street. Ahmaud alone running for his life while they're yelling that they're going to blow his head off. Does anyone really believe they told Ahmaud to stop so that they could talk? Really? They stated they didn't see him take anything. They also witnessed on video that Ahmaud didn't steal anything. The owner stated that Ahmaud didn't steal anything nor did he suspect he stole items from his boat. So what were they gonna talk to Ahmaud about? Seeing the video showed an all out hunting game. They enjoyed playing cat & mouse with him and when they exhausted him to a point where he couldn't run anymore, that angered them. Ahmaud ended their entertainment. At that point they knew Ahmaud had no other choice but to defend himself. And so they ended Ahmaud's life and simultaneously destroyed others' lives.

  2. The season when man heart is desperately and deceitfully wicked a season when………. Oh wicked man you need to give himself to Christ. You make excuses to justify Evil 👿 man must strive to take on the characteristic of Jesus Christ.

  3. I hope the gravity of this has sunken in. Living a life of judging and assuming the worst of others . Taking on a career of authority to enforce and satisfy your way of thinking.

    Now because of that you become a far worse criminal than anyone you've ever profiled and must now spend the rest of your life in a cage.

    Your freedom taken from you, watching your back everytime you set foot out of your cell. Even the little things we all take for granted gone and to know you will die alone behind concrete walls and steel bars.

    I hope these thoughts of despair and doubt have been and will continue to run through their minds until the day they take their last breath.

  4. Why would he mention clemency ? Bloody shade, I know half these people wanted them to go free. These no governor going to give them clemency, they for sure spending the rest of their lives and dying in prison as their fearing for lives.

  5. This is not a time for celebration . A family loss their son, brother etc. A 4 y/o loss a father from his life. For those who REALLY believe in the power of the cross, listen to this, if those men who killed Ahmaud really accept CHRIST and ask for forgiveness, they will be saved and will be in GOD'S Kingdom. If you are there, you will see them again, changed and reflecting JESUS as they should have before this happened Sobering thought right ? JESUS is coming soon, be sure, your sin doesn't find you out ! Numbers 32:23.

  6. Justice served for the system, but society of White supremacist won't Change don't be surprised to hear another black man was gun down by white men's in another or same state in few days to come, they always believes they are deferent from the McMichaels that they would be found not guilty by claiming self defence, so this sentencing of the Michaels won't change anything among the citizen but justice system just got one for itself, justice system 1 white supremacist 0.

  7. Judge explained clearly enough. Taking the law into their own hands, literally hunted and killed unarmed black jogger.
    The three now realize it, and will forever live with regret. Living in a small pod or cell.

  8. BROOKE PEREZ instigated that entire murder. She even instigated it on Facebook. She was a community liaison who wild up those men to go kill AHMAUD. She is no different than the woman who lied on Emmett Till. Arrest her. Charge her. Prosecute her. Imprison her, and send a sign to Becky and Karen that this is not proper behavior.

    This has been going on since slavery. And the Beckys and Karens have gotten away with it. STOP them!

  9. This is exactly what should happen untill all understands including cops, that there are no one man juries. Another to be mentioned Cedric Lofton 17 year old black man died in police custody September 26, 2021 Wichita Kansas.

  10. The idea that any guy with a gun feels entitled to claim he was doing a citizen's arrest should always get this type of sentence. Who the heck do they think they are? They are no one. They chased him down. They didn't have to. But they chose to chase him down. Aubrey tried to defend himself like anyone else would. So they shot him and their egos were fed. Three dummies. Sip glad they are in jail!

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