‘Unprecedented’ fire leaves dozens dead in New York City

At least 19 people are dead, including nine children, following a massive fire that erupted at an apartment in the Bronx, officials said.


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  1. I carefully listened to the witnesses. I heard of the horrifying thick black smoke. In this day and age of finding fault and fixing blame the media must take all witnesses statements into account before blaming their predetermined target. Certainally a tragic loss of life. Personaly I want the media to listen to the people and the fact that there was no white smoke.

  2. Space heaters cause fires every year.
    I'm an electrician. People need to be careful with space heaters. Keep them away from anything flammable.
    They use a lot of power so don't plug them into an outlet or extension cord with other things plugged in.
    And like any electrical appliance, have it repaired or replaced when it gets old or worn. A situation like this costs a lot more than a new heater or a repair job. How much is your life or that of your family worth?
    Electricity is generally safe, but you have to pay attention and have a minimum understanding.
    A little awareness can save lives and avert tragedy.

  3. :56 That's why it happened. Lack of maintenance, neglect, and the mindset that poor people, predominantly black, do not need basic protections like public building upgrades. But you know what they really need, political speeches. I saw politicians in this video ready to give condolences and remind the now homeless to vote for them or else the others will be in power. Total garbage.

  4. Right from the outset Condolences to all the victims and their families. Basically what a shocking surprise there’s a building fire in America so what do the American firefighters do… all stand around doing absolutely nothing while one firefighter goes up one ladder!. Sure the firefighters do the job for the right reasons, they care and I don’t blame them I blame their p1ss poor training!. Yet again like literally countless other videos on here this scenario just would not happen in the U.K. they’d be multiple ladders up everywhere and literally every firefighter n scene would be running and acting with urgency. Apart from the ones on the Aerial ladders, the ones controlling the fire pumps/fire engines, those commanding and keeping check of how many are in the building/air time remaining etc. If those firefighters had better training it’s acceptable to say it’s realistic to predict less people would have died and been seriously injured!.

  5. This should have never happened to these poor people
    i'm glad that ICE is going to protect them❤️
    these families need to start legal proceedings after the landlord who hasn't given them heat and probably no hot water either
    so sorry for your loss ✝️

  6. Nitrogen stops our atmosphere at around 80% from burning yet the oxygen around 20% makes things burn. Water destroys almost everything in a sprinkler system. At what percentage oxygen to nitrogen would a fire burn out quickly? Could this information be used to figure out a new kind of fire extinguishing system?

  7. This is tragic but it is nice that they came up with the cause quickly and malfunctioning electric space heater. That's why you always need to unplug those things before walking away from them, those are notorious fire starters, particularly older electric space heaters. Sorry to all those injured and to the loved ones of those lost or in this tragedy.

    It's not what happens to you in life that matters, it's how you react to it; you can turn a good situation into a bad one, or you can turn a horrible situation into a good one, it's all up to you.

    Stay safe people: carbon monoxide poisoning from using camping stoves, camping heaters, etcetera or using the oven in the kitchen to stay warm can kill you as well; carbon monoxide is no joke it's a silent killer. Proper ventilation is needed that's why the oven and stove have a vent.

  8. condolences to the believed families, may God comfort them and strengthen them, it is well
    thanks to the fire fighters team for there quick response

  9. Pray for all the victims from Japan, in my country, actually arson is a severe crime as the criminal theoretically might be sentenced the death penalty even if there's no victim. This is one of the harshest crimes along with murder because fire is absolutely dangerous and has the potential to harm or kill plenty of people at a time.

  10. No fire escapes? Remember apartment/project dwellers: You are only as safe as the stupidest tenant. They should sue those responsible & city employees PERSONALLY, not the city itself from city funds & tax dollars.

  11. Here a idea maybe you should not make apartments so dam high that people can't get out there no reason for it I would think the stupid government would reliazed this since 9/11

  12. Huh?
    What about all the confetti falling and the New Years Eve ball dropping on New Years?
    Oh, yeahhhh. For rich people. For people who dont need a space heater to stay warm.

  13. Don’t want to hear the shitty comments. Landlords need to give us heat. City should work something out with landlord. When I wake up at night I feel like I am sleeping at the street corner because sometimes the cover will come off me. I sleep with a down comforter and a blanket with other blankets around the bed. When I wake to use the bathroom, I freeze my ass off that quick. More will die. Do something. I had bought a heater and it stopped working in less than one month. I sometimes use thee oven. I think of my building catching a fire all the time. More …..

  14. Very old buildings needs to be demolished for fire safety. No sprinklers, no fire escape stairs and no fire extinguishers. Fire codes needs to be taken seriously.

  15. Tell landlords to give us heat. More of these fires will happen. If landlords give heat there is no need for space heaters or to use ovens to heat your apartment.

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