UPenn students on professor’s racist language: ‘We really need to fire Amy Wax’

Law students at the University of Pennsylvania reacted to anti-Asian language used by a professor and started a petition asking for her removal.

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28 thoughts on “UPenn students on professor’s racist language: ‘We really need to fire Amy Wax’

  1. Wonder what it really takes for U Penn to let go of this attention – hungered lady who has pseudo- intelligence. It is as if to watch someone with horrible GI issue splashing bowel movement everywhere she goes. If the university is not able to keep its own grace by keeping such person within their network, at least show some effort by investigating the issue further. It is beyond disgusting, horrifying and depressing we still have another version of “hitler” shxxtting around at this day and age.

  2. It is 2022 and these RACIST right-wingers gotta figure out what they wanna do because nobody is gonna leave just because THEY don't like what they see. It is a FREE country so YOU are free to leave if you don't like minorities. The Caucusus Mountains are just a plane ride away ………🗻✌🏾

  3. Well as a black American…I feel vindicated because all this time… people were accusing us of using the "race card" when in actuality… we're just playing the cards we are dealt! No amount of GAS-LIGHTING is gonna blind me to THE TRUTH or make me unsee REALITY… OUR REALITY in this country!

  4. Amy Wax is NEITHER a white person NOR a Westerner. She is a daughter of Jewish immigrants from EASTERN Europe. Jewish people are Asians and Easterners. What a great misconception of her own ethnic identity! Just look at her face! It's not a white woman's face. It's just a middle easterner's face, and the middle eastern region is part of ASIA! The US will be better off with less Amy Wax. Firing her is not enough. There must be a criminal prosecution.

  5. I guess call an insurgent what they are. If they didn't come here to be american, and instead came here to take over america, then people should be able to call them out on it. The only racists in this video ARE the asians, and the only reason they DO come to america is to conquer it and make it part of their expansion. Saying anything else is a lie, so why do that?

  6. I had an American history professor who said that Asians on average are good at school, but white people have greater geniuses, citing people like Isaac Newton. He proceeded to talk about how there are no spectacular Asians. He also said China was a superpower but were too comfy with their riches, which allowed Europeans to take over since Europeans were hungry.

  7. How do you know her GRADING has been done without BIAS for all these years! Doesn’t your rank in law school determine what jobs you attain, and hence, your standard of LIVING?!!! Shiyaaaat!!! I would sue the university for all that tuition paid… how much is UPenn Law these days over 200 K?!

  8. What I can’t wrap my head around is how or why universities continue to have obvious racist professors like this teaching students? It’s like they want to blatantly slap the faces of none white people. Yet, a few idiots say America isn’t racist! Of course racist will say they’re not racist!

  9. Any Asian students no longer have a saying in this since it's Chinese communist governing won't let that happen. Your governing is not for freedom but to conquerer and bring chaos before china can be somewhat on top of the world in a so called cry Revenge ! You bunch have lived amongst democrats and loved their ruling, wait and watch how the urge for power will destroy everything including its own people. This is a war of wickedness, it's evil and if we don't uphold goodness from inside were all done for as human race but become monsters who love slaying each other when they feel like it ! Repent !

  10. Dr. Wax is right. This person is another dumb, complaining phoney. Until 1965, our country was more homogeneous.Was much better. Many like her have been on the Lefty bandwagon. Blaming Pres Trump? Who is beating up Asians? Not Trump supporters.

  11. It's bad enough that she holds these views, but it demonstrates really poor judgment to express them publicly…I agree she's just unfit as an instructor. I feel lucky that I graduated from a law school with professors who are not only top of their field, but they are good stand-up citizens and welcoming of all students. It's also kind of sad that she's confirming that conservative politics and racism go hand in hand.

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