Capitol insurrection: ‘It felt like a warzone’ l ABC News

ABC News reporters reflect on the Jan. 6 Capitol riots and the lasting impact on our country.

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45 thoughts on “Capitol insurrection: ‘It felt like a warzone’ l ABC News

  1. Those that believe this was an insurrection (doesn't even meet the bare minimum of the definition) are like those that thought Orson Wells' War of the World broadcast was real. Both types listen to whatever they hear from the media, refuse to investigate what they hear, but gladly guzzle it down.

  2. Trump was desperately trying to overthrow the election he lost. He couldn’t find enough ppl to help him succeed. The enormity of his crime requires he be locked in a cage awaiting trial. Stop treating him like an ex president & start treating him like the criminal & traitor he is

  3. Now the Republicans are trying to blame the Democrats for starting this insurrection. They say that this whole thing was planned and instigated y the Democrats. With no proof, they just believe this to be true.

    In order for this to be true, someone had to go to Pelosi and tell her they came up with this plan. First, Pelosi had to agree with this scheme. Secondly, one of the Democrats had to approach Trump to tell people to come to the Capitol. Trump would have had to be told to tell the crowd to “fight like hell.” Tell his crowd that he would be there with them (which he chose not to do.). Trump would have had to realize that people were going to blame him for this insurrection, and he’d have to be OK with that.

    In what universe does this sound anything like what Trump would agree to do? It’s insanity. The Republicans planned and instigated this insurrection and now don’t want to be blamed for it. They are now blaming the Democrats and are now playing the victim. Unbelievable!!!

  4. What happened on January 6/ 2020 was nothing to proud or brag about. First issue where is the evidence that it was an insurrection? Where is the evidence that Orange Man bad incited this debacle? Has any body been charged with insurrection? Anyone charged with a firearm charge? Looking back at this riot, anyone who went there ,trespassed and destroyed property needs to be punished. Just listened to Karmala Harris comparing. January 6 to Pearl Harbor and September 11. An added bonus, was she not helping rioters back last year who were looting , commited violence to post bail? The hypocracy of this administration is par for the course. I don't believe acting in a malicious and disgusting manner will keep orange Man bad out of the White House. Both parties deserve one another.

  5. Its still hard to believe that Trump knowingly sent those people to " help" him. Then of course he turned his back and hid in the WH. The pople who came to DC believed their President would protect them, to literally Pardon them if they
    Got arrested. More victims of Donald Trump who showef every voter against him were right.

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  7. Insurrection? Freedom fighters going after lifetime politicians getting fat off their positions and destroying the American dream by stealing an election. The fact that these HERO's are being vilified is sickening. I promise you Thomas Jefferson would be an insurrectionists if he saw how disgusting and repulsive our representatives have become.

  8. If it was a REAL insurrection with serious weapons, supplies and an organized PLAN, we could be at civil war right now. The capital might still be under siege. "Dead Bodies Everywhere". "You" should be embarrassed by this. Yawl are such dramatic fools. You're going down! You didn't guard the pissed off mob. It was Not an insurrection. LMAO. A very wrong pissed off crowed. What if it was a real insurrection? The White House would have been seriously caught off guard, and you know it. Who knows where Nancy's laptop would be? So, Stop the BS. ABC will FAIL this year. CNN & MSNBC have already FAILED.

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