CDC tries to clarify confusion over COVID-19 isolation rules, testing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tried to clarify its guidelines on Tuesday around what to do when you get COVID-19. Dr. Ashish Jha answers questions surrounding the latest guidance.


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31 thoughts on “CDC tries to clarify confusion over COVID-19 isolation rules, testing

  1. Hospitalization rates aren't a good measure because people decide WHEN AND IF they admit themselves. Considering how many people in this country are neurotic messes who hog ER resources for panic attacks, maybe we should stick to the death toll from the beginning. We only stopped once the numbers leveled off a year ago because everybody needs to be scared and dependent on the government to solve all of their problems.

  2. How does it feel to be hated you lying basatrds u are nothing but hippocrates and we the ppl will not stand down much more fxxk biden fxxk trump it's our nation not Washington ppl wake up this is what they want

  3. It’s not confusing. Her is the official party line.

    If you are negative act like your positive. If you are positive quarantine. Until negative. Then follow negative guidance in first sentence. 🤪. I think Kamala wrote this 🤡🤡🤡

  4. Dislike button counter still broken YouTube another blow against free speech. You are not trying hard enough to get it, everyone must get it, get over in, and get on with your lives, no more government control. Common cold surging shut everything down now

  5. Definitely a political statement to reduce isolation time… especially for healthcare workers. Where is common sense in allowing covid positive staff coming to work to treat immune compromised patients???? I am a medical professional and I refuse to go back without a negative test. I can’t have it on my conscience to infect someone knowingly.. shame on CDC!!!

  6. What is there to clarify?
    The new rule is not based on science, but modified to meet the reality of poor planning, limited resource, and politician influence.
    Replacing clowns in a bad circus does not solve any problems.

  7. The cdc director is a fucking idiot ! If your positive, your contagious, period !! But they want to keep the virus going, why ?? For reasons you won't here on tv,,TV,, of billions, yes billions of dollars that companies are racking in for vaccines that don't vaccinate you again covid at all and another 3 billion dollar Check just paid to a texting manufacturing company that is traded back to several Democrat senators that are invested
    Tell the truth you fucking lying bastards ! Still won't treat folks with early symptoms !! I hope all of these billionaire fucks drop dead from all this !!

  8. If the police, fire, hospital admin at the direction of the government didn't fire their own staff they wouldn't have the problem with staffing. If vaccines are so safe and effective what do the vaccinated have to fear from the unvaccinated? Why do vaccine makers need to be indemnified by the US government if vaccines are safe and effective? Why is it going to 75 years for vaccine makers to release data on vaccines publically when they allegedly already gave the data to US government to get FDA approval to inject "vaccines" into general public? If vaccines are safe and effective why do people need so many doses? If vaccine are safe and effective why are some people ending up with myocarditis, pericarditis, paralysis, and dying from vaccine injection? If vaccines are safe and effective why are single, double, and even triple vaccinated people then contracting COVID virus and also then dying from COVID? If vaccines are necessary why did the Creator give us all immune systems and now our government in violation of our Constitutional and God given Rights is saying God didn't do it right so we the government and our partners in crime I mean health care need to inject everyone under force of law and even pain if need be?

  9. Bunch of clowns running this $hit show.
    The elf Fauci and his counterparts in wuhan cook up the virus but can’t control it
    Joe potato and his handlers are in bed with Pfizer, Fauci, and Chinese communists. Depressing

  10. Fauci and the CDC have their hand so far up YouTube's ass. Straight sock puppet. Try to find Joe Rogan's podcast with Dr. Malone that youtube removed!

  11. It is the only way to control over inflammation, it may be weird but a cure. It is my life time experience of pneumonia and inflammation. I have suffered the hellish pain of pneumonia and inflammation through out my life. When antibiotics stopped working I followed this tip very strictly and it's been two years, I won't face neither pneumonia nor inflammation, I have a very sensitive body and if I eat a tiny thing that is a little inflammatory, my body immediately tells me that you have eaten something wrong,if I eat two or three pieces of bread I got a body pain, if I eat an orange I got sneezing immediately and if I eat a vegetable, it takes me three to four days but my body tells me that it was inflammatory too, pneumonia made my body too sensitive so I have sorted out these foods and, I have been working on this theory for a long time, and it took me more than 20 years to sort out these foods .
    Apply the following diet plan strictly for some days during covid 19 infection and you have no fear of any type of pneumonia and inflammation. A human body takes 15 days to produce antibodies against any virus and it is a natural way to avoid the over inflammation.
    Non – inflammatory food list
    1. All the meaty products [everything, like eggs,  pork, beef, mutton, chicken, fish etc.(eat them grilled or boiled or you can use pure mustard oil or pure butter clarified to cook them )] . 
    2. Wheat ( and all the products that are made from pure wheat, not biscuits, cookies or breads because they contain vegetables oil). 
    3. Gram, cheakpea( chana or kabuli chana). Masoor dal.
    5. Green leaves like spinach, lettuce, etc.  ( green leaves mustn't be sour, bitter or spicy ). 
    6. All the Dairy products (they must be made from pure animal milk like butter clarified,  curd, cheese, fresh milk ). 
    7. Pure Mustard oil, turmeric powder, red chili powder , white sugar, sea salt, coriander powder and leaves, butter clarified. 
    8. Lemon and curd ( lemon and curd are non – inflammatory things  but they act differently with different  foods, with the suggested foods they never be a cause for inflammation). 
    If someone get affected with covid 19, he must avoid lemon for some days because he already would have eaten something that lemon acts as an inflammatory thing. But if the patient would have been eating the suggested diet very strictly for more than 18 days then he can add lemon  in his regular diet it will never be inflammatory then. The patient has to apply this diet plan very very strictly because consumption of a single fruit,dry fruit, vegetable or vegetable oil, onion, garlic, ginger and all non suggested cereals , lentils and a little thing besides the suggested diet may affect the whole result, so apply this thing strictly for fifteen days and see the result by yourself.
    Note- feed your infants with mother milk or pure animal milk,( formula  milk acts like a poison during the covid 19 infection because it contains vegetables oil.
    (if the patient follows this diet plan strictly his body acts over covid 19 like an animal body does, he may get affected but never faces the worst, and he never be needed to be hospitalized ).
    (covid 19 is fetal for those patients whose body act overwhelmingly on covid 19, if someone's body doesn't act overwhelmingly he never faces over inflammation and it's nothing but a different sort of comman cold for him, if you follow this diet plan your body never act overwhelmingly on covid 19 believe me Our natural immune system is capable to neutralize this virus, but it needs time because a human body does take 15 days to produce antibodies against any virus, and it is not covid 19 that kills the patient directly but it is a cause for death. The thing that kills the patient, it is over inflammation, because it destroyes our respiratory system and in lack of oxygen our whole system get destroyed and the situation becomes dreadful )..,,..,,..

  12. If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus Is Lord" and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

  13. Thankfully the virus has weakend dramatically before it became more transmissable. The end is in sight and soon this pandemic will be over and we'll be good for another 100 years until the next one from China spreads around the globe.

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