DeSantis says administration has been controlling COVID-19 treatment supply

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has accused the Biden administration of controlling the supply of these treatments.

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45 thoughts on “DeSantis says administration has been controlling COVID-19 treatment supply

  1. Ño that's a lie. Mcab has no efficacy against the new variants. It's a lie to cover mindless idiot de Santis ass… He a fool who thinks he's trump. Ummm nope… He's a dangerous idiot yes. Not trump.

  2. Desantis has been right about everything you can’t stop Covid do you wanna wear a mask wear it but it don’t work don’t make us be stupid like you because you watch the wrong new station, he was treating people with antibodies and biting cut it off took all the supplies and won’t ship them so Biden is murdering people that’s how I look at it there’s people that are gonna die because Ron DeSantis can’t get as many treatments as the people need because he took control of it and Biden is not distributing them to anybody just throw them all in the warehouse because once the treatment works then you can’t mandate or push the vaccine by law

  3. I can hardly wait ! Vaccines are on the horizon that will not be mRNA and produced at a very low cost and not cause illness. When this happens the world can be vaccinated with no fear and the politician will have no power of influence for a vote That would be true political freedom. Just think DeSantis would have to make up new lies to try and be big man on campus

  4. Maybe if you would not have wasted Covid money Biden gave you by bragging early on that you used it to give 5000$ bonuses to Florida police and maybe if you would not have stockpiled Covid tests that you never used and then they expired that millions of test costs them millions of wasted dollars and maybe if you had encouraged mask wearing and maybe if you would have made all Floridians have access to your treatments(how can the poor or those without vehicles drive 50 to 100 miles to one of your treatment centers and maybe if you had not made Covid political. Then maybe you would have been able to be proud of your leadership in protecting ALL people and not your drastically plan voters then maybe you would have a legacy to be happy with. So far you get 0 out of 10. Or an F grade

  5. No pity for this a-hole. He has Covid and he wears no mask. He let 1 million Covid Rapid tests expire and I cant find one anywhere in my town or on Amazon. I pray this man does not run for any other office. He needs to be unseated for genocide of his own residents in Florida!

  6. Look at DeathSantis gasp for breath and sweat. He looks like he has Covid. What an idiot. He put Floridians and American's lives in danger with his stupid fascist Covid policies. DeathSantis is solely responsible for the huge spike in Covid in Florida.

  7. Joe is lost Obama 2.0 look at the Stock Market which guides the Economy Up then Down – no gain, no gain in the Economy – 1000's of flights delayed each day, 100's of Ships off shore still today drastically impacting supplies in the Country thus Inflation, 11 Million open jobs, and due to mandates no one is filling the jobs or they are leaving and quitting their jobs. Remember little Joe's election promise "I will fix Covid" he beat Trump up over and over on media about how bad Trump was reacting to Covid – SHEEP – more people have gotten Covid, more people have died during the Biden Presidency, Biden's track record is much worse, so SHEEP, stand up and say something, he has totally crashed the Economy, caused directly Fuel and Energy cost to skyrocket, caused the spread of Covid around the nation by allowing Illegal Immigrants to flow into the US unchecked and no vaccination required for them, but you the US Citizen, better get 2 – 3 shots, carry your papers, ware your mask, stop the madness, VOTE 2022 this year and "SWEEP" the House, then 2024 and Trump comes back…wins for the 3rd time….Biden is asleep on the job and he is under the thumb of the Teachers Union (CRT to be taught to your children) and UAW…Unions and AOC / Squad (You Owe Me – Cancel US Culture) control his direction which is into Socialist Agendas, what President has had a fake room where he addresses the Union, holds meetings – only Biden, what is he hiding…

  8. AHHH EXCUSE ME !! Little Man. Don't kid yourself Ronnie boy. Your an egregious ignorant loser. Listen here you little fascist whop ass ginny authoritarian little prick!! Don't try to bully around my Floridian friends…that's not going to work Ronnie boy. Got that?

    Let's be clear. Point In Fact ,Your party is with out a doubt THE NUMBER ONE MOST DANGEROUS ORGANISTION ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. And NO!! I'm not a f'n moron. I'm independant..your worst nightmare boy.

    Folks, Don't be fooled be this losers dialog…cuz it's nothing but pure propaganda for you to consume.

    You have a long track record of making really horrible decisions about the welfare of my FLORIDA friends. Evidently ,everyone that graduates from Harvard is NOT the sharpest tool in the shed because the fact that you deny climate & medical science ELEVATES you to a position of supreme ignarance of the facts. So whats the takeaway…

    Glad you asked:

    ✅✅ Ron-"death"-Santis is a very very very bad choice for being the GOV of my great state of Florida. Don't kid yourself..Like Donald "Stupid Boy" Trump …Ron "Death" Santis is a destructive entity toward Floridians in pursuit of the good life in Florida. He;s screwing the people of Florida beacuse he chooses to be a money grubbing capitalist pig looking out for his rich friends in the business community. Shame on you Ronnie boy!

    ✅✅ Make no mistake about it…Ron "death" Santis would make a very poor Presidential canidate. If you love your country ….don't allow this destructive individual to even THINK he;s getting anywhere close to the white houise. Vote him down. Vote him out of office immediately.

    ✅✅ Let's be clear folks. The modern day Conservative party is a gang of sadists who are considered by many to be THE MOST DANGEROUS ORGANIZATION IN HUMAN HISTORY. Period . End Of Statement.

    ✅✅ Know the world in which you live. Let's be clear. The ONE nihilist radical right conservative extremeist corporatocracy idealogies advanced by these organizationans are in reality are what WE CALL modern day Democrates & Republicans. These are the entity's that are"


    ✅✅ You may ask yourself…"Okay smartypants, so what's the solution"?

    If you knew anything about the formation of this beautiful country of mine ['s got my name on it], then you would know that pretty much EVERY great nation from Germany,USSR,ROME TO THE USA has an "EAGLE" as representing the country. Well..of course Eagles only have TWO WINGS. A "Left Wing" & a Right Wing? Can we agree on that? Great , now that I've implanted that little idea in your head…think about this. This is the perfect time in our countries history to finally accept the fact that Democrates & Rebublican's are the PROBLEM.

    At this juncture, The only solution is to ALLOW A THIRD PARTY TO EMERGE FROM THIS MADNESS. It's my sincere hopes that a Green minded capitolist, Pro-Life, non religious, anti-corp & pro Indian Country canidate will have the courage to step forward to save our planet before this goon squad of Republican losers destroy it for EVERYONE!!!!!

  9. Wow… I didn't realize I was watching a ABC News Vid till the end, I thought it was a Forbes Vid as I was watching it.. Are you guys actually covering News Now rather than just Biased Exclusionary BS? Good Job and Welcome back to The American Fold… I even gave you a Thumbs up

  10. Didn't he invest tons of money in the monoclonal stuff?So it would make sense to get as many people as possible infected in Florida. If the feds control the supply then they know who it's going to and can expose wrong doing.

  11. Villages; Publix Exclusive; No Mask Mandates; 127,000 cases last week; CRY ME A RIVER, AWOL GOVERNOR. SPYING, RUN UM OVER RONNIE;. WORST GOV. EVER. WHAT GOOD FOR CONSTITUENTS? WHAT GOOD FOR FLA WATER AND MANATEES (800+ died to starvation due to sea grass completely GONE) who must be hand fed romaine lettuce to avoid extinction. Hello Wonnie? Tourists love manatees more than you. Is all this Biden's fault? I saw Secret Squirrel DeSantis in Seaside at the collapsed building site. He was seething because the president of the United States was present and downstaged Wonnie Boy. He cut off his hair, but he's still greasey.

  12. 1 million US Covid cases per day ! Going backwards after 2 years. Are Americans becoming less intelligent?

    New Zealand have had ONLY 51 deaths. America who likes to think it leads the world, truly does with a WHOPPING 851,439 !

    US parents protest at school meetings about? A: 185 school shootings in 10 years B: Masks.

    The USA, where you used to be able to own people but now suddenly wearing a mask is having your freedom taken away. H.Franklin

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