FBI hunts for 3 most-wanted suspects in Capitol riot l GMA

The bureau is asking the public to look at three videos showing the still-unidentified suspects attacking police during the insurrection at the Capitol.

The timeline of events and investigations around the U.S. Capitol attack on January 6, 2021: https://abcn.ws/34p3O8Z

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42 thoughts on “FBI hunts for 3 most-wanted suspects in Capitol riot l GMA

  1. How ironic that last footage reminds me of the terrorist that put those bombs at the Boston marathon only they claim to do it for the Islamic state and these idiots did it for trump different people but at the end looking for the same result I’m glad on these last case it didn’t go off

  2. I hope they’re all found and sentenced to at least 20 years. Horrific day that is sure to happen again if all these people are not found and prosecuted. Including those STILL in our government. They are all terrorists and should be treated as such.

  3. Lol why bother wasting time and money to search and charge them when they barely get a slap in the hand??!?🙄
    This only proves racism from the government when peaceful water protectors were treated as an act of war!!!! Piss up a rope you racist punks with your lame a** capital joke of security!!!!!

  4. I saw an idiot post a dumbass meme saying the people who were at the capitol were like bunnies and the left are freaking out for no reason. Republicans who are up Trumps ass are not only stupid, they are dangerous. Wake tf up people.

  5. All, each and every one, needs to be sent to prison, not for a week or so, but for life without parole. They are no less than domestic terrorists and they must be punished.

  6. Cowards hiding! The Republicans still claim it was a peaceful protest but everyone can see weapons brought by these inbreds from home. They planned to cause harm when they left their houses, not a spur of the moment thing as they all claim to be caught up in hysteria.

  7. They in hiding because they cowards, if it was the right thing that they did, why hide, why not come out and say we did what’s right, they won’t because they knew that trump lied , they just wanted to make sure that they had a racist crooked president in office who would not say anything about their beating, lynching, jailing and killing black people , what they fail to realize is that they not taking it anymore, what their ancestors did was wrong and that hatred they carry in their hearts is not going to get them what they have fought for for generations is not going to come to fruition

  8. that was terrorism so do not let us see them anywhere out here, because their going down just fast as that treason of a riot did, so might as well come out of hiding traitors!!! 😒👎

  9. People in denial called January's 6 a sham, and supporting and defending these people and their actions are terrorist sympathizers. These people who took part in the January 6 insurrection don't see what they did was wrong; they are terrorists. So why aren't these people given the death penalty or life in prison? Again they are terrorists; they are not patriots. We should treat them as terrorists and treat January 6 as 9/11 because they went against America and Democracy. January 6 is worse than 9/11 because it wasn't a foreign entity from the other side of the world but American citizens that committed these acts of terrorism. How can we be safe in our homes when they are terrorists walking amongst us.

  10. "Law enforcement is looking for any intelligence to act on!"
    Not having any luck, 40 minutes later, Harvey (the lowest ranking officer) left for Dunkin',
    High ranking list in hand.
    Officer Harvey knew full well, this was a make or break assignment. He pictured himself forsaking the common dirt of the Sgts. boot, but the softer leather of a captain's boot.
    "Sir, they can only fry one batch of donuts at a time, would you like to wait?
    "Is there another donut shoppe around here?"
    "Another Dunkin' in Galt, 'bout 43 miles thataway!" (Pointing out the front window as if that was the exact direction to go)
    She didn't tell him about the mom n pop donut joint two blocks away.
    Officer Harvey left stressed out and shot someone cutting in line at the Galt Dunkin'.
    The takeaway! Harvey was immediately promoted to
    Corporal Harvey.
    Turns out the line cutter was a wanted felon… For robbing donut shoppes. Dunkin' gave free donuts to the corporal and eventually, he moved to Galt and married the manager of the Dunkin' shoppe.
    And they all got fat n happy…
    Oh btw, the Fibbies are no closer to finding to seditious insurrectionists. Musta' gone whatayacallit…
    Off grid.

  11. The fraction of a second after ANY of these 3 uneducated mouth breathers are spotted, they WILL be held at gunpoint until authorities arrive. They are not wanted nor needed in society and for sure will never serve any usable purpose outside of an example for the other mouth breathing imbeciles who want to cling to invented fantasy.

  12. No justice from the DOJ for everyday Americans While we are left to wallow in our day terrors and nightmares!! Trump should’ve been arrested January 7th by my estimation. So if you Crime on National TV no one gives a care!

  13. Joe thinks we don’t know but This is not a new strategy…..Remember Hitler told his people that they were being attacked .. and the rest is History .

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