Novak Djokovic refused entry to Australia over vaccine controversy l GMA

The Australian Border Forces canceled the tennis star’s visa after they deemed he “failed to provide appropriate evidence to meet entry requirements” into the country.

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39 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic refused entry to Australia over vaccine controversy l GMA

  1. I couldn't be more grateful that I don't live in Australia. Their country is run by control, fear, and propaganda. At least in the U.S. I can remain unvaccinated and still have the freedom to go out and do things.

  2. Yes, that's true is not 666 beast time yet, so we must be serious about human rights, also Novak Djokovic is number one and that's his job, so must be seen playing at least singles, advice is corruption, so probably unforgivable sins, because now is not the 666 beast time, which will be after the Rapture, first resurrection with Rapture pllaned by Messiah for this year if the apocaliptic peace written in Daniel 9 :27 has been signed on 04 February 2019 in Abu Dhabi, isn't it?I've heard God's word told using two different prophets from now days that the Rapture is very soon that will be alive even old people, also another one confirming that will be at the sixth seal, so Lord's day written in Joel 2:29:31, Matthew 24,Revelation 6,7,Luke,Marc, Daniel 9:27 or all 9:24-27 is very close. Are we ready for the Kingdom of God described in Revelation 21 and 22?

  3. I have little or no respect for individuals who use their high profile status to get their way. And, less respect for those who just want to be defiant. Its not about me its about us when it comes to the common good of mankind.

  4. The disgraceful treatment of Djokovic will cost the Australian tourist industry millions of dollars. The world is watching.

  5. Novak won in court!!! Unless another Minister decides to exercise a particular power he has to revoke the Visa anyway, but he'd need to inform the judge in advance! Yeay, good for Novak!

  6. Good on you, Australia. Tell NOvak he's not welcome without vaccinations. Australian is NOT Serbia. I agree with Rafa Nadal. I hope the upcoming "appeals judge" concludes something like…"Mr. Djokovic, you have intentionally misrepresented your request for "medical exemption status" for entering Australia, a country where you are not a citizen. Our laws state that all entrants must be vaccinated 2x against the coronavirus. You have showed a resounding lack of respect for our laws and a lack of empathy towards Australian citizens (a lockdown that lasted almost a full year and still, in some cases, losing the battle with corona). Additionally, you have not even shown respect to your fellow Serbians having refused to abide by Serbian law requiring quarantine/isolate after testing positive (and approximately 2 weeks before leaving for Australia). So…I do not believe that you would show any more respect for Australians than you did for your fellow Serbs! Lastly, you, a person without any accredited education in basic biology, have no credibility regarding the science of the corona virus". Visa DENIED". (Good luck trying to get into Paris – Roland Garros, in May 2022 without vaccines).

  7. If we have a deceived mind, because we hear and see most of the time about sins and how to add sins… BUT NOVAK DJOKOVIC ALLTHOUGH IS JUST NUMBER ONE IN TENNIS DOESN'T NEED AN EXEMPTION TO PLAY ANY ALREADY ORGANIZED TOURNAMENT, BECAUSE THAT'S HIS JOB, LIKE THE REST OF THE PLAYERS, SO THEY UNDER THE HUMAN RIGHTS AND GOD'S LAW HE COULD NEED JUST A TEST LIKE THE REST OF THEM OR NOT AT ALL IF CAN PLAY…. I MEAN FOR PLAYING SINGLES, isn't it? What they teach us about the punishment for such sins or they have exactly the word of God as profecy against the number one in tennis? Is not that fals, so could be a banter?Honestly I think that the apocaliptic peace written in Daniel 9 :27 has been already signed on 04 February 2019 by the religious leaders, so this year could be the Rapture, isn't it? All the best!

  8. Good on Australia for protecting its people. "Rules are rules and there are no special cases. Ultimately, this is the responsibility of the traveler."

  9. The Djokovic saga reveals a very dark side of Australia. Keep in mind, Djokovic was an invited guest to Australia. Is that how Australia treats their guests? Being used as a political pawn. Shame on you. That is no way to treat your guests. You treat guests with love, kindness, warmth, generosity and compassion. These are the hallmarks of a good host. And this is the dark side of Australia governance: they have none of these virtues. Not to their guests, not to their own people. Our leaders hearts are empty, hard, dark. Therefore they lead in such a way. And this whole episode just reavers the true nature of the people leading this country. Very sad. Regardless on your view regarding vaccinations, regardless on any differences you may have: you still need to treat people with respect, kindness and love. Australia, look at our leaders and look at their actions. Is that the sort of people you want to represent us?

  10. Would be a real shame if a guy like this ends up as the record major winner. Hopefully karma will play its part in his story. An entitled wee prick.

  11. Slavic countries are faring the worst in this epidemic in terms of deaths per million people. Jokeovic was in a position to really help the poor in his community and he failed miserably. He has made things worse with his antivax stance and is contributing to the ongoing covid health care misery in Serbia and other Slavic countries like Bulgaria and Montenegro ……

  12. You must remember Australia is a Penal Colony …The U.K. sent all the Criminals/Prostitutes /Crazies and Sick…et Voila Australia !!! They should look into ""Whom"" Tennis Australia pays the Exemption Bribes to in the Morrison Government ??

  13. The guy is a disgrace, thinks hes better than everyone else. Was already disliked across the board now the Australians will not stomach him. No doubt he will end up playing and I for one will celebrate when he is put our of the tournament.

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