Protesters demand justice for teen killed in dressing room

Valentina Orellana Peralta, a 14-year-old, was shot and killed when LAPD officers opened fire on an assault with a deadly weapon suspect.



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47 thoughts on “Protesters demand justice for teen killed in dressing room

  1. This a horrible situation and I absolutely feel for the loss of her life and for her family. Having said that, when does the left protest against criminal stray bullets taking lives while they are committing crimes. They just blame the guns… Stop with the bullshit double standards and any excuse to blame the police or guns without looking at what really happened or why it took place. The truth is the truth, lies are not helping anything other than evil agendas.

  2. If the so-called "suspect" was armed, and if there were no cameras, they would have blamed the shooting on the dead suspect like they always do. In this case they just couldn't find a way to escape the blame that's why they apologized publically. The little girl's family can demand over a million $ to put this away

  3. He saved someone’s life. It’s a bummer someone had to lose there life along the way when a bullet hit through the wall but he doesn’t deserve hate he was trying his best to do his job and I bet he will never forget what happened..

  4. Smh… I always wonder if when cops have to chase suspects into heavily crowded areas, do they actually yell "GET DOWN!!!" like they do in movies or do they just go in guns blazing with no warning to the regular ass pedestrians just going about their day? 😕 Are we all just potential "collateral damage" out here?!?

    My goodness… Rest well, Valentina…and may there be justice for all involved in your untimely demise. 💕🕊️🕯️

  5. Ok so she wasn't black so the entire nation shouldn't care at all it's just a white skinned girl – Sheesh I wonder where I've heard that before oh right racism right? But no one wants to see the world for what it is, racist against whoever, and in complete denial

  6. If you’re going to carry weapon with you you better remember once that bullet leaves into that barrel you’re stuck with the consequences and I find it pretty pathetic that this officer was firing so wildly the bullets went through and hit this young lady in the dressing room obviously he couldn’t hit his target. Hell I’m 58 I can shootbetter than that.

  7. I don’t think the police killed her on purpose I just think that it was poor training and stupidity they just can’t wait to fire that gun that I want to think there is a shootout at the OK corral now they should understand when they discharge that weapon that’s it the bullet is out there you can bring it back I carry my weapon all the time I’ve never fired it but if I did I understand the score. Do you know police nowadays are not moral they’re not well trained and they’re on some power trip maybe not all of them but 90%.

  8. Bless this family Lord and give them strength.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    We pray for Justice for this family and for this to never happen again..🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    Condolences to the family!!

  9. The only way to fix the problem is to restart the draft.

    Everyone, 18 years and older, must serve the Police force.

    Go through training and must serve 2 full years.

    This way, everyonr has a chance to walk the walk.

  10. Accountability no longer exist in this country thanks to the two party system, American hating Democrats and spineless Republicans, or as I like to call them the Government Crime Syndicate. The majority of the problems Americans face in this country can be laid directly at the feet of government, be it local, state or federal and you morons keep giving them more power by not challenging them when they overstep their authority under our Constitution. So get used to this since government has already stated this is the new norm.

  11. I believe officers should be held accountable! however, California keeps sending Law Enforcement completely contradictive rules, when you have unclear leadership that causes a fog around everything they do. My opinion is the Officer who shot the young Women, did not know that firing his gun would be safe, and there fore is guilty and should be charged with Manslaughter. Accountability Every Time!

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