Why kids should stay in school despite surge in pediatric COVID infections

Parenting and economics expert Emily Oster gives insight on why in-person learning is more efficient than ever despite rising COVID cases in children.


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38 thoughts on “Why kids should stay in school despite surge in pediatric COVID infections

  1. What's the point of mask's when kids have to eat lunch in crowded cafeterias and obviously can't wear a mask and eat? These schools in Georgia are not social distancing during lunch and that's the main reason why my children will not go back to school for the remainder of the year. This new strain just seems too risky rn and I will not put my kids at risk until I feel that it's safer.

  2. As a teacher this is insulting. Districts do try to get subs and retired teachers. There aren't a lot. Many people do not want to teach due to the lack of support and respect teachers get. Many of the subs are untrained, and students aren't getting the education that they deserve. I rather have students be virtual with a certified teacher who knows what he/she are doing, then be in-person with someone that doesn't. Unfortunately, many students in my district are being taught by uncertified teachers that don't know what to do with the students. At least online students are safe from Covid and you can combine classes so that students can receive an appropriate education by a knowledgeable certified teacher.

  3. regardless of pandemic I do not see the value of being in a classroom in order to learn Math, if anything for most subjects its more of a distraction… and NO, I absoutly positively do not believe putting a child in a Lord of the Flies social system is the best way for them to get 'socialization'. going to a classroom for me was by far the most aniexty driven era of my life so no…I do not see value in that at all

  4. We homeschooled. Many kids don't learn well in large class environments to begin with. Spending those years homeschooling with my daughter were amazing. Spending more time with one's children during COVID-19 may end up being a wonderful thing.

  5. In my opinion kids do so much better if they're alive… Last thing I want to do is be a teacher but my little granddaughters are doing independent study still. I got vaccine but I do not feel comfortable with my littles getting it yet.

  6. 1 million US Covid cases per day ! Going backwards after 2 years. Are Americans becoming less intelligent?

    New Zealand have had ONLY 51 deaths. America who likes to think it leads the world, truly does with a WHOPPING 851,439 !

    US parents protest at school meetings about? A: 185 school shootings in 10 years B: Masks.

    The USA, where you used to be able to own people but now suddenly wearing a mask is having your freedom taken away. H.Franklin

  7. Have seen other countries keep their schools closed during peak periods. In the middle of vaccination campaigns.We think it’s both a logistical and a psychological problem .Students need their school routines, and in the U. S. A. Lunches, as well as the social interaction. Then , schools will have to serve a blended product

  8. I don't want to hear from an " economist" who has no expertise in the health field or child psychology or really anything. It's been the " wealthy " economists" that gave us the free trade agreements & good paying jobs shipped overseas. You know PROFIT above PEOPLE'S LIVES. At the same time many of these economists are the ones " claiming" to be " pro- life" repugs. Now these same people want to risk fully developed children's lives on a disease that keeps changing mostly for the
    worse.!!! At first children weren't getting sick from covid now as the virus mutates they are. It is too early to say how sick children may become & how many will get sick & how severely & how soon this variant might mutate into something WORSE because the more get sick the greater chance of more mutations!!! SHAME ON YOU ABC NEWS FOR GIVING THIS QUACK NUT who knows NOTHING about VIRUSES ( even the scientists have been surprised by Covid) airtime. I used to respect your news organization & it was one of my favorite now I know DISNEY has sold out to BIG BUSINESS & those who care more about PROFITS then CHILDREN'S LIVES & HEALTH!!!
    Parents I KNOW it's hard but PLEASE DON'T put your child's life/ health at risk. Use mask, social distancing, vaccinations & yes remote learning if at all possible to keep YOUR CHILD SAFE!!! EXPLAIN to YOUR CHILD that YOU LOVE THEM TOO MUCH to RISK THEIR LONG TERM HEALTH or even LIFE just because these precautions are INCONVENIENT, DIFFICULT or BORING your child will APPRECIATE YOUR LOVE & PROTECTION of them!!! SCHOOLS GET FEDERAL DOLLARS FOR EVERY CHILD IN THEIR BUILDING DAILY. DON'T PUT the SCHOOL'S " ECONOMY" above YOUR CHILD'S HEALTH/ LIFE( REMEMBER LONG COVID is leaving many people with long term damage) DON'T LISTEN to RICH, COLD- BLOODED ECONOMISTS that just by their career choice should make one listen with very " CRITICAL
    THINKING"!!! Remember, scientist don't know or understand covid entirely why should you listen to a profit over people " economist" about what's best for YOUR CHILD'S HEALTH/ LIFE??? SHAME ON YOU
    ABC NEWS!!! P.S. a commenter in this thread says France has just found new variant. I don't know if that is true or not but if it is I wouldn't be surprised because the scientists have said all along more people get sick more chance that covid will mutate more & USUALLY a virus mutates to it's advantage NOT HUMANS. WE DON'T KNOW ENOUGH to be PUTTING CHILDREN'S ( OR ANYONE'S ) HEALTH/ LIFE at risk!!!

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