This Morning’s Top Headlines – July 20 | Morning News NOW

Pediatricians group issues new mask guidance for schools, Covid cases climb in Tokyo ahead of the Olympics, and the Blue Origin teams prepares for takeoff.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


37 thoughts on “This Morning’s Top Headlines – July 20 | Morning News NOW

  1. How do doctors and scientists protect themselves from viruses? They use fully enclosed suits with filtered respirators or internal oxygen tanks… not masks! Masks don’t stop the transmission of airborne viruses… ask any doctor if they would go into a room with someone suffering from Ebola just wearing a mask!?!?

  2. Anthony Fauci and the Surgeon General used the best information they had, from a hundred years of studies, to tell the world, publicly, that masks did nothing to stop the transmission of viruses. They said that wearing a mask is a false sense of security.

    Only once the Agenda was exposed to make this a lasting pandemic, did those people change what they said.

    The best science and medicine is that masks are a false sense of security and they do not stop the transmission of airborne viruses!

    Have you seen what doctors and scientists wear to protect themselves from viruses like Ebola? They wear fully enclosed, protective suits, with their own oxygen source… that’s how you stop the transmission of a virus.

    It is quite obvious that some kind of agenda is being pushed. The FDA has not approved the vaccines, because there have been no long term tests performed… and there have been numerous negative health consequences associated with the vaccines… heart problems being one in particular.

    There is a push to reduce the human population… I would suggest that this pandemic is being used to help that!

  3. I wish Savannah and Tom would get things straight when coming on the News yesterday. The Olympic player who came down with Covid. Not knowing if the player had both shots then caught covid. Neither knew!! Know before you speak!! Was it after the 2nd shot?? Geez I get so frustrated with those 2. Watch the tape on them yesterday! News anchors are confusing me and others!!!

  4. Our southern border with Mexico is in chaos. We are seeing the highest levels of illegal immigration in 21 years with Customs and Border Patrol officers apprehending more than 1 million migrants crossing the border this fiscal year.

    In Afghanistan, where U.S. forces are completing a pullout, the radical Islamic insurgents of the Taliban are on the rise, executing prisoners and threatening to reconquer the entire country.

    Meanwhile, China continues its aggressive military modernization program, flexing its muscles in the South China Sea, threatening Taiwan and our allies in the western Pacific.

    Here at home, bad policies, massive spending, and tax increase proposals are driving up prices and inflation for workers and families, while raising the national debt above $28 trillion. Vote Republican

  5. US Covid deaths 625,196 New Zealand 26. US has 24,046 times more Covid deaths than New Zealand.

    11 months since New Zealand's last Covid death, watching American media is like stepping back in time.

    America: Stop looking in the mirror for answers and start following countries that lead the world in pandemic management.

  6. The rest is simple. They give you something, you raise a heavy object and end up with a condition. Whether a State Employee is a doctor to diagnose, I don't think so. Whether doctors are the new State Employees, I also don't think so. With everything being entered in the system, one can be a better JUDGE whether this people are complete nuts.

  7. They can't figure out if everyone has used Artificial Vitamins from Children. #Dissect with Vitamins. Trust me you won't recognize your new self. Not only it can cause a vitamin deficiency, but unless you figure out how to solve it, permanent visual distortion from Vitamin deficiency looking for the Enzyme that got lost in the process. Eggs?

  8. Some used Sensodyne Mint some Extra White to have grey hair. The issue is there is hardly any sanity check unless you speak more than one language or speak English, perhaps not to turn into Fructis Shampoo. Liver issues, that is all. Half cooked Broccoli was the sanity check. The rest is crazy. #Dissected? Used certain soap?

  9. 1. Working for somebody and didn't send any money to your parents? 2. Experimental science for someone else? 3. Missing organs? 4. Hit on the head, can't seem to come back to your senses? Four, wash your lips with Dove soap, if you are not slowed down….

  10. FOT THE NEXT GENERATION!!!! What could possibly come from outer space making our lives exponentially better. More gold platinum , diamonds to buy greeaaaat. Real estate, well there will always be a wealth gap that is getting bigger.

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