A Segregation Wall Has Stood In Detroit For 80 Years. Residents Don’t Want it Taken Down.

In 1941, a developer in Detroit built the Birwood Wall, a barrier meant to separate Black residents from white residents. Eighty years later, it’s now believed to be one of the last physical relics of segregation in the North, and it is leaving behind a legacy much larger than its original intent.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


45 thoughts on “A Segregation Wall Has Stood In Detroit For 80 Years. Residents Don’t Want it Taken Down.

  1. Man, I like these people, they are willing to accept segragation and not be race traitors. This wall PROVES segragation is a strong, and works, truthfully we need more of this.

  2. 6:55 perfect woman
    I dont reside in low speculative residency
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    Line the street with Japanese maple ohhh spring cherry blossoms
    Give brutalism some sunshine and warmth
    No need for DECOLONIZE spaces,just plant,no one cares for "Black while"nursery,woods,skiing or any other hyperactive hypothesis. When no one cares you'll call IGNORED racism,predominantly too busy.5:25 I will walk to store & only SECURITY I will see MISS #HUAWEI detail of 4 black SUVs. I laugh so hard,role model for most bought her dusty kid $ 48,000 birkin bag,shows her investment practice .my Louis Vuitton duffel bag,a perfect collectible with gold plated lock,1998 use for my tools.asset beyond 11 million u would not know 5 bedrooms I sit alone #shaughnessy,vancouver

  3. Indigenous peoples need to over stand
    Their colonizers don't want anything to do with them. Colonizers just want their resources

  4. This is one of many walls in our society. Some are physical walls and or figurative walls set up by whites and some set up by blacks etc . Not all walls are bad. ie We have physical walls in our homes for safety and security and privacy. Obviously, this one was set up during a social and demographic struggle ( Detroit 1940's plus black migration to the north for better job's ) between different races and cultures. This wall say's to me " Fear of the unknown". As the man stated , as a child they thought it was stupid; but the white parent's did not think so. At least many did not. I agree with the intelligent well spoken lady though; LEAVE IT UP. It is a History and educational lesson in itself ! Remember in life's journey there are gatekeepers in all races. Black gate keepers deride up and coming blacks (sometimes better educated) and keep these blacks form job promotions etc. I have seen and experienced it as a younger man. It's disheartening. It can make you though stronger and more determined to breakthrough, the wall in question. Black people became stronger and broke through and physical and figurative walls( most set up by whites) and have made this a much better country and we are ourselves are stronger. We will continue to break through any and all walls and gatekeepers; Helping others on the way no matter what race they are. WE ALL CAN LEARN FROM THIS WALL of HISTORY.
    Peace to all.

  5. This is why the other monuments should not have been removed—maybe new plaques should be added, but removal means “go ahead and make us all ignorant.”

  6. I comprehend the wall is a sign of segregation, but what are the solutions?
    I lived in Detroit, most of my black friends have moved to the suburbs, are in jail or murdered as my brother was at the age of 17.

  7. "No, I don't want the wall torn down. I want to use it to keep myself and like minded people consumed with race and history. No, there's no moving on for me. I'll never forget what those horrible people did, even though I wasn't involved in any way"

  8. It sounds cool in an Eminem song, but 75% of kids these days have no clue of what "8 mile" truly was about – and even fewer adults. Another example of how this nation has tried to hide the injustices committed upon non-anglo-saxon people.

  9. I remember before the wall was painted all those happy colors. My best friend and I hopped over it as a shortcut to get to the park heh heh good times.

    My Grandpa tells me about before they built the wall…
    Talk to your Elders, they will tell you stories included with mini-stories that history books forgot to mention.

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