Indoor Mask Mandates To Be Reinstated in Los Angeles

Just one month after California business fully reopened, masks will once again become mandatory indoors in Los Angeles, regardless of vaccination status. Since restrictions were lifted, cases have doubled. The mandate will go into effect on Sunday.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Indoor Mask Mandates To Be Reinstated in Los Angeles


Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “Indoor Mask Mandates To Be Reinstated in Los Angeles

  1. Anybody else want to know why California is implementing their latest statewide mandate with the exception of San Francisco? Does it have to do with being the tech Capitol of the world? Or is that the only space in the United States that Covid can't spread?

  2. California voters deserve everything that happens to them. Between smash and grab, immigration invasion, human feces in the streets and shoplifting rampant. Didja ever read this wonderful quote? “Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.”

  3. Legislation
    Legislation is not law, but is in fact nothing more than contracts where people have the choice to
    voluntary consent to or not. They are often referred to as “colour of law”. These contracts are also
    referred to as Policy, Statutes, Guidelines, Acts, Bills, Mandates, Notices, Rules, Licenses,
    Permits, Regulations, Warrants, Diktats and incorrectly and fraudulently “law”. They all require
    your consent.

  4. 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸September 7th 2021 is National protest day in America! Whether you are for masks or against masks -whether you are for vaccines or against vaccines we are against government overreach and these mandates are proof of that. Join the protests by either calling into work or avoiding businesses that support these mandates!

  5. Irish Health Authority: Masking Children Is NOT A Legitimate Medical Precaution, It’s Child Abuse
    2m 18s

    Tucker Carlson on Ireland’s decision to follow the science on masking and kids.
    So is Irish science different than American science?


  6. How about sending a copy of The Tatum Report entitled “I can’t believe I just saw that” to every major news outlet – hmmmmm

    Somebody apparently thinks mainstream America is STUPID

    Just the simple perspective of an American who happens to be black

  7. now what? A  study yesterday details breakthrough COVID-19 infections in 39 of 1,497 fully vaccinated Israeli healthcare workers, with most cases mild or moderate but 19% with symptoms lingering for more than 6 weeks.

  8. Unfortunately this is all about the upcoming congressional elections and not much about our health…so they can be fraudulent AGAIN under the continued COVID guidelines of drop boxes, no ID, mail-in ballots without signature verification, and of course new big load of illegal immigrants democratic vote. It is all a coordinated strategy. Don't fall for it!

  9. If the coronavirus is so deadly why do we need indoor mask mandates to boost it up by enabling it to multiply on the surface of these masks? Why do we need an outdoor mask mandate to boost it up by enabling it to multiply on the surface of the masks used? If it is so deadly why do people have to be tested for it? Why are people who believe snake oil salesmen so dumb? Why are those who believe in the effectiveness of mask mandates so irrational? Why do we have to solve everything with moon landings when it comes to discuss covid? Instead of restrictions why not just discuss it and go on discussing it instead? On top of all of this why are we taking extreme measures against a virus which has not been isolated? Why does Los Angeles need to reinstate mandates people no longer trust? Why is a methodology once called medical but which has now been discredited being encouraged as a safe and effective solution to covid related problems? And finally, if the coronavirus is so deadly, why are news agencies allowing news reporters to go in and spend time there when the news reporting rooms could be full of coronaviruses?

  10. I thought LA was full of tough people. They’re bowing to the media and local health officials who have no clue what they’re doing. There are countries in Europe who never had a lockdown nor a mask mandate, there are state in US who did the same. They made it just fine.

  11. All of this while Joke Biden's regime is welcoming unchecked illegal immigration, at the southern border, and flying or bussing them accross the country?! Many of whom is infected with the virus?! Main Stream Media can't tell me nothing, they refuse to bring these issues up!

  12. I can’t believe we are still arguing that a piece of cloth over your face prevents the entry of microscopic virus particles that are millions of times smaller than the holes and gaps in and around your cloth. Amazing what non stop propaganda and fear inducing lies can do.

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