Is this Survey Email a Scam??

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A lot of people are getting emails from companies like Costco and Best Buy that want them to take a survey. But who are these emails really from and what’s the catch? In this video I’ll go down the rabbit hole and show you what I learned!

I talk about in this video. They have a great service that lets you create one-time use cards where you can set the amount.

I also reference which is a plugin for your browser that rates customer reviews. I find it extremely helpful when shopping online.


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35 thoughts on “Is this Survey Email a Scam??

  1. Hey Ben thanks for what you do! I like many other people get at least 5 or 6 every two days and they usually have tons of people in the Cc line . I know it's a scam and I block and I block, and they continue to send them.

  2. I have the same experience here in the Philippines. My husband click on a Facebook page that redirected him to another website from the US. he ask me to purchase the product online after sharing the link with me. when I click on it, the amount is way cheaper than it should be compared to the manufacturer's price. I returned to the website days after, guess what I have seen? same link different website name, same product carried other brand. Scammers. lol!

  3. My spouse accidently fell for this, it was a text saying it was a "free" smartwatch from verizon. Same deal, pay for shipping. Got the same watch. Fortunately by that point we had cancelled her card so we didn't get dinged. BTW you had plugged in the watch backwards at least in your video. But you are not missing much. Crap quality, fake "heart rate" sensor that consists of two LEDs that magically pick up your O2 and heart rate even if its sitting on the desk.

  4. Hey Pleasant Green I know you probably won't see this comment but could you do a video about whether or not the hernia mesh implant compensations are a scam? There are a bunch of these ads on Facebook I get about if you had a hernia mesh surgery and something went wrong to call them and you'll get a payout. This ACTUALLY happened to me and I do feel like I should be compensated but I don't know if this is a scam. Thank you

  5. This isent a scam, scams to me consist of takeing something from someone without offering anything in return. Or maybe convincing someone to do something for you with no intentions to compensate them. What these guys seam to be doing is simply shitty business practice that should be illeg…. wait thats fraud oh and athorities dont care because catching the facilitators dosent earn them bigger budgets and prolly are the sorce of these spam surveys

  6. I ran into those type of scams in high school saying enter a survey to win the latest iphone. I like apples product, so I clicked on it. The catch was to pick an item and enter my credit card information. I didn’t have one, it was disappointing, so I never got an iPhone from the servey. Now, I learn that they are scams. Thank goodness I didn’t had a debit or credit card in high school or else the would have been money down the drain

  7. I’ve decided to do a marathon and it’s INSANE how much better your newer videos are (mostly due to them not being only 2 minutes long) but you hold true. Seeing you first realize the struggles in 3rd world countries is weirdly satisfying. Not because I have some racist tension but because WE ALL who live in America take for granted some simple thing like going to western union. We don’t realize the real trouble that 3rd world citizens have to go through just to receive $14. Don’t forget what you’ve learned Ben Dover (I know that’s not your name) continue to grow and as you grow, remember to inform your audience that these people are not scamming because they are desperately evil but because for them, it’s that or rob and steel in person or murder, or humbly eat mud pies. Remind your audience directly that we have it good. That we could find daily prepared food in almost every dumpster if it came down to it. That water is so free we flush it. Remind them like you reminded me. A black man in America.

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