Record Number Of Workers Quitting Jobs

As businesses reopen and the economy takes off, employees have options for employment. Some have put off leaving their job because of the pandemic, are burned out from the last year, or have money saved by working from home and want to try something new.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Record Number Of Workers Quitting Jobs


Author: phillyfinestnews


24 thoughts on “Record Number Of Workers Quitting Jobs

  1. Because businesses who have a job to offer have become so arrogant, thanks to the internet. They know they can just post a job and get lots of responses. It's insane. They think they are part of a club. But, the club keeps getting smaller and smaller.

  2. People that make a minimum to just barely above minimum wage that get treated like emotional punching bags by both customers and management are not going to stick around long. Think about that the next time you go to a restaurant or retail store, and they are short-staffed. Think about that before treating a customer service person in any field like crap. I think it's been "ok" for far too long to use the "customer is always right" as an excuse to abuse people.

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  4. Pay minimum wage, get minimum effort. They're selling their precious time, yet aren't being paid a proper amount for it, so I say good, let these businesses suffer and fail if they don't treat their workers with proper pay and dignity.

  5. The unemployment rate is more like 40-50% there was already 15-20% minimum unemployment and lazy bums not trying. 25-30% of Americans like me will not get that dangerous so called "vaccine" This is the main reason for unemployment and why the supply chain, hospitals, schools etc.. are record short staffed to the point of collapse.

  6. I think that alot of people already had alternative forms of income. But people used to opt to work a regular 9-5 when they needed or wanted benefits such as health care and dental, consistent hours, and advancement opportunities after big purchases like buying a new car or a house. But now that most big businesses don't even offer health care or even raises for people who have worked 5 plus years there's no point. Most people are even paying health care right out of pocket. So why prop up these corporations when on a dime they can lay off half the company. No security, no benefits. Might as well find your own way to make money.

  7. Attn: All fast food outlets: I'd like to come work for you, but here are my expectations, but not limited to: I want 4 hours a day, (between 8 am and 5 pm) no weekends, want to start @ $ 20 per hour. If I really need a day off, for something important, I don't want that to be a problem, same applies for vacations. Want to work behind the scenes, not deal with the general public. Do not want to be interrupted when I am doing a task, or tasks. I want a 15 min break after the1st 2 hrs.

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