Acura TL Dies On the Road

In this video I walk you through the diagnosis and repair of a 2008 Acura TL that died while driving on the highway. It has a J32 Honda V6.

Be sure to watch the entire video to see how things turn out.

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36 thoughts on “Acura TL Dies On the Road

  1. Well I had a similar experience on my 99 Civic last year. I was always told to buy Honda OEM electronic parts for my car because your car doesn't like aftermarket electronic parts. I didn't listen and bought a Idle Air Control valve from the parts store. The Honda one was stupid expensive. I told myself there isn't a difference except the price. Man, was I wrong. I went through 3 IAC's in under a year. I was having a very high idle when starting my car and the actual IAC was cheap garbage and started coming apart which caused coolant leaks. I finally maned up and bought the Honda one and there was a hell of a difference. My car was smoother and the idle was perfect and it just looked liked better quality than the parts store one. That was last year and til this day not one single issue with that Honda OEM IAC.

  2. exactly why I dont buy parts on critical items like timing belt from anyone but the Dealer or legitimate web parts suppliers like RockAuto. Its too much work even for the experienced to do a timing belt service and risk engine or other parts damage to save 40-100 bucks. My time is more valuable than anything.

  3. What about a timing belt that broke off and also broke off the timing gear?? My friend has a 08 kia that the timing belt broke off and the gear then it caught fire.

    I think the engine is done and he will need a new one. We also aren't sure why it happened other than the fact it's a kia rio lol.

  4. My prelude burnt a valve while driving 600 mile across country. Really mad about that I put too much time and love into my prelude. No ford ever left me stranded I had a ratty focus svt and mustang 3.8. Not sure if I'll ever go back to honda tbh. I'm a mechanical engineer yeah I know if you maintain something it won't break but. I'm happy with my new to me 2008 Ford Fusion v6. Fords don't burn oil like Hondas or break every 10mm on the car while taking it off. From a mechanics standpoint Hondas are great yeah but in my own experience it just took too much work and time for not enough car. I'm happy with a basic reliable cheap ford.

  5. Following along with your idea about going ahead and replacing the timing belt anyways is a smart move regardless if you think the engine could be toast or not. Especially in a car like that where a replacement engine is probably worth the cost. Glad it worked out that the belt was the ticket to the repair, but even if you found trouble with the engine itself you probably could have gotten a scrap yard engine cheap enough to have done a replacement engine and had the timing belt kit to put on the replacement engine before installation. When the problem first occurred and you were stuck on the side of the road with the car, I thought hmm, I wonder if the timing belt said see ya later…guess I was right on that part, but I figured man he's probably going to have some engine damage. Glad I was wrong about that part. Seems like your car is in pretty nice condition, certainly worth keeping it going. Especially since you are the mechanic and have the skills, tools, and shop to do the work in. Although maybe for a regular consumer it might not be worth it for an engine replacement at a shop, but for someone with the ability to do the work themselves certainly worth the work to save a good car like that.

    Thanks for bringing us up to date on your Acura been wondering about it…glad to know its gonna live a longer life.

  6. I like the thought process at 5:15. I would have likely jumped straight to "get a new engine" but you make a few really good points about "what if" the engine is still ok. Looks like it paid off as well based on the victory celebration later on in the video too!! Great video!!

  7. Yes. I've heard of ppl getting fake Honda parts with the same results as you did. About 2k miles and it snapping. Where did you get yours from? My coworker got it from Amazon. So I figured I just get a aisin kit for my odyssey from rockauto.

  8. My 99 j series accord very similar issue but caught it in time. Long story short, I had a "reputable" shop change water pump, tensioner & timing belt 125k & two weeks later it was cel for crank position sensor & a missfire.

    Ends up being the cps was cause the timing belt kit the shop used was a cheep knock-off shredding itself & leaving metal & rubber covering the cps. The miss was unfortunately due to a leaking head gasket. I opted this time to do everything myself & that was over a year ago now trouble free.

  9. There's been some chattering on the Acura forum that the Aisin kit may have issues with their timing belt or tensioner being off-spec. Although it's really just a noise issue and doesn't seem to affect functionality. The Aisin kit went up in price now too where it's $250 and it's only about $550 to buy all OEM stuff from Honda.

  10. I'm a little disappointed that you didn't check out the sensor and wiring which were visibly damaged before putting all of it back together.

    Then again, you said it was a $200 car, so I get it. You want to just hope those more expensive parts survived.

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