CDC Director Warns Of ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ As Covid Cases Rise

As the highly-contagious delta variant continues to spread, outbreaks of Covid-19 cases are being seen in parts of the country that have the lowest vaccination rates.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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CDC Director Warns Of ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ As Covid Cases Rise


Author: phillyfinestnews


39 thoughts on “CDC Director Warns Of ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ As Covid Cases Rise

  1. This turned out to be a complete lie. The vaccines do not restrict transmission. This was a scare tactic by the CDC which created fake statistics. I will never take the CDC seriously again. They are controlled by Big Pharma. And NBC could not care less what is true.

  2. These idiots should understand that covid is here and its not going anywhere. The vaccine won't end the pandemic. More ppl died this year than last year. The vaccines are making it worse, causing variants, ppl are having to rely on the vaccine. If we had heard immunity this pandemic would be over

  3. Pandemic of the unvaccinated, yet the CDC itself had a report in March of this year showing 79% of all Americans hospitalized, put on ventilators, and/or died of C-19 last year were overweight (29%) and obese (50%). That's 4 out of every 5! And I believe it too because in the summer of last year I noticed that the media kept showing mostly overweight and obese people on TV fighting and dying of C-19. I don't even think the media even knew what it was doing. And to this very day, still not many people have even noticed. From what I saw on TV during Delta, I wouldn't be surprised if the % was over 80%. Even the World Health Org. has a report showing 88% of C-19 deaths worldwide are in countries that have overweight/obese rates of at least 40% (the U.S. is 65%). There are studies all over the world that show similar results. Yet these medical professionals and politicians on TV still won't say anything about this…nor do they talk about the benefits of proper nutrition and aerobic exercise to fight C-19 (since C-19 is a respiratory virus). I can't take these people serious anymore.

  4. So, more people are dying of covid during the 4th wave while we are at 50% vaccinated, than during the 2nd wave when nobody was vaccinated yet?
    How does that make any kind of sense whatsoever?

    Be sure to get vaccinated or a vaccinated person might get sick from the virus they got vaccinated against because you're not vaccinated

  5. Twice the number of hospitalizations due to Covid today as there were last year at this time and a delta variant, AFTER “The Experimental” vaccine. I’m sure they’ll ramp up the “Shreek-o-meter” and intensify blaming the unvaccinated.

  6. That beeeaaach again? The CDC is compromised and they are lying through that chick. The unvaxxed are the only ones who are halfway safe. It’s the vaxxed who are shedding and causing new variants. Stop lying beeeaach!

  7. You are desperate to blame people that don't get the shot for your made up outbreaks….
    The last I heard it was the fully vaccinated spreading the China flu…
    So quit your false accusations and get off your knees under Joey's desk

  8. If it's now so permissible for the CDC to make rent laws, why not laws that stop illegals from invading our Country with the virus? Government over reach or just plain tossing the constitution out the window? Did you hear about the CDC using a study from INDIA which was REJECTED from peer review to reinstate mask mandates? What about Joe Biden threatening to send federal employees door-to-door to try and force you to get the COVID jab? Sure, they might SAY they wouldn't use force to get their vaccine in your arm, but what about the pressure they've already put on employers, your favorite restaurants, or even your kids schools to require vaccines? Many places are so eager to force you into wearing a mask and will use any means necessary to coerce you to conform to the Biden's tyrannical demands. WHAT'S FALSE AND WHAT'S TRUE?  Time for Impeachment, Guess what folks, joe Biden's CDC faces another law suit, for over stepping it's authority. National Association of Realtors issued that statement. Biden has militarized every branch of the government as an active arm of the democrat party. This is all against the laws of our Country, These are impeachable offenses, just as most of his executive orders are, this has become the administration of lawsuits, we have no leadership in the White House only a fool, bought paid for through corruption. If joe is trying to divide the Country, cause a revolution, he is doing a great job. CDC does make laws, only congress can do that not the White House or it's branches. When joe leaves for the old man's home to escape impeachment, those hiding behind the curtains will then face their crimes. The administration of countless law suites continues, soom 2022 backlash will begin for the lawless democrats.

  9. “Pandemic of the unvaccinated” oh except 75% of those who catch it are actually fully vaccinated…oh wait, and the chance of survival is still 99%!! The use of fear to control is as old as history.

  10. WHY IS EVERYTHING ALWAYS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THESE "EXPERTS" IN GOVERNMENTAL 3 LETTER AGENCIES CLAIM IT IS? oh thats right this is the push for the new world order and theyre gas lighting us to sleep. fashooooo

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