Dr. Fauci On Vaccine Hesitancy, New Mask Mandates

Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks with NBC News’ Lester Holt about the risk for people choosing not to get vaccinated, Los Angeles County’s new mask mandate and more. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Dr. Fauci On Vaccine Hesitancy, New Mask Mandates


Author: phillyfinestnews


37 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci On Vaccine Hesitancy, New Mask Mandates

  1. This is total government over reach. For those on the right, take precautions. This is a virus that should be respected. For those on the left, mind your own business, it's not up to you to decide what other people do.

  2. Covid|9 has the structure of HIV whereby vaccine try to deceive your immunity system to create T-Cell perish together with the virus just like overclocking immunity system temporarily but unable to 1deceive the new C19 variant.
    Covid-vaccine is a obstruction of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like Morphine-Sulfate

  3. Imagine saying the things this guy does all while knowing you basically caused COVID. Then imagine being a media outlet still willing to trot this guy out there to spread his lies to further his own agenda even more. Imagine that same news outlet expects us to stll listen to this mass murderers advice despite being a known liar 10 times over by now. IMHO fauci is a war criminal for unleashing a pandemic on the world with his funding of this research. The audacity to think anyone should stick a needle in their arm full of something made in essence by the same ppl who created this virus and have lied to us and failed in every way as leaders every step of the way. I'll pass. See y'all on the front lines when the shtf. Seems like the only ppl expected to bare any burden as always are the ppl, as politicans all steered well clear of anything resembling leadership as the risk of dying on a hill was too dire for these spineless politicians and the ppl they appoint

  4. No we're looking at is healthy unvaccinated Community who really hope said fauci did not throw America under the bus and he's a liar and he's corrupt any covered up this with pandemic and he worked in cahoots with who Tedros and and the evil people who created this bad virus

  5. 🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸💪September 7th 2021 is National protest day in America! Whether you are for masks or against masks -whether you are for vaccines or against vaccines we are against government overreach and these mandates are proof of that. Join the protests by either calling into work or avoiding businesses that support these mandates!

  6. Gain of Function Research is gambling. He allowed grant money to be sent the Wuhan lab. This cannot be brushed aside. he needs to own up to that.

  7. This didn't age well at all. Delta emerged when the vaccines came out.. Masks proved to wipe out the flu in 2020 and now vaccinated Americans are giving off flu symptoms as the vaccine wears off and they hold out on booster shots spreading Delta thinking they're safe from covid as it mutates inside them and gets everyone around them sick.. Sure it prevents severe illness but there's still a 90% survival rate and this is why it was for emergency use only.

  8. I believe many don’t get vaccinated for the simple reason they are deathly afraid of needles. Is there a way to deliver the vaccine without needles like the polio sugar cubes of early 60’s? I also believe it should be your choice on what medicines you choose. For me it was not a choice. I took the shots at my first opportunity, however it was my choice to do so or not to do so. This is part of the freedoms we enjoy in the USA

  9. It does not matter if you got your shots or not, you're still going to be wearing a face muzzle, and eating in your car until republicans win the mid term, and or the white house in 24'. thats why they're planting middle Americans all over the country, in red areas mostly, to swing the vote. wake up!!!!! voter id must pass!!!

  10. hello what crisis
    Covid-19 has a %99.7 survival rate
    Only crisis were are in is TV reporters like yourself spreading fear-mongering
    and the people who believe you

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