Hundreds Missing After Deadly Flooding in Germany

As authorities search for the hundreds of people still unaccounted for, survivors describe how they barely escaped the rushing water.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Hundreds Missing After Deadly Flooding in Germany


Author: phillyfinestnews


21 thoughts on “Hundreds Missing After Deadly Flooding in Germany

  1. I got goosebumps all over my body as I read all that lovely messages on here. 🥺
    Much love to you pretty humans, thank you for your empathy, it's a little strong band aid on a wounded heart❤️
    I am no flood victim myself as I live in north Germany but my heart broke that day.
    Prayers for ya all too. Hope you all are and stay safe 🙏🌹

    Our country is helping flood victims (humans and animals) like we are a big family / neighborhood (money, free apartments, cleaning, drying, fresh water, food, and all the things they need especially physically and emotionally help on site), whilst the politicians didn't do anything for way too long. They just visited the flooded city's and villages on TV for their election advertising. Have you seen our CDU candidate for the next chancellorship? … He was laughing and joking in the background on a sad speech of our NRW Prime Minister. Or one of our reporters was there just to smear dirt in her face before the camera started recording to look and act like she helped there but she didn't… (someone living there caught it on camera when she did it)
    It's such a shame. But mostly "we" are caring for each other and help where we could. Just like you all would, as we are an amazing Family and neighbourhood all over the world. 🌹❤️

  2. Meanwhile in China during henan enormous flood:

    All the other provinces in China started transporting living resources, and rescue within 2 hrs, most arrived within 1 day despite the horrific storm.

    People from nearby provinces risk their own lives to send food, save lives, make sure none of the sewers are blocked, and provide mental support.

    Donation all over media and social organisations, some Chinese companies that have lost billions in profit in the past few years donated millions of euros at risk of bankruptcy, low-key yet still found out by a few people, then the word spread and people rushed to buy their products and send money to the company, and insist on things like "Paid, you can just send me an empty box I'll be happier."

    Shops, schools, some military sites, anywhere not yet flooded in henan are open to the public and people living in tall buildings host as many smelly strangers as possible at their own homes.

    Scientific survival tips and real time information all over on the Internet, mouth-by-mouth so that people can help themselves and others, spread faster than ever.

    Similar things during any disaster in China I've heard. Every time I feel so astonished by how selfless and united humans can be and what amazing results it can lead to (just imagine that happening across the globe, we could save the world). Unfortunately, you can't yet name any other place like this, only in China.

  3. Some facts that was know about potential floods in these areas.
    In the past, extreme rainfall events have repeatedly led to flood disasters involving great damage (Rhine 1993/1994, 1995, Oder 1997 and Danube and Elbe 2002). The main factors that play an important role in the risk of flooding are reduced retention due to straightening of watercourses, the construction of weirs, the loss of water meadows and wetlands, and increased surface sealing.
    For example, the river Rhine has already lost four-fifth of its natural floodplains. Similarly, at the river Elbe only 15% of the natural floodplains remain (30). Moreover, agriculture causes more frequent floods by the usage of heavy machinery on arable fields and the consequent condensation of soils, which hampers the infiltration capacity. Conclusion is that anthropogenic changes to land and waterways are the main contributors to these floods.

  4. The forests of the Amazon, for example, are one of the lungs of the world, but thanks to European companies, tree cutters using machines Made in Germany can cut down trees over 100 years old. God gave us a beautiful world. Where are those of us who have destroyed it is a question for ourselves

  5. I have questions. Why were those states in Germany and Belgium so unprepared? They knew 10 days ahead they were going to have a deluge and flooding was a given in exactly the same areas that flooded. Europe has a very advanced warning system, the European Flood Awareness System (Efas). It unfathomable that those people were caught off guard, completely unaware. Here in the USA we're sent warnings all the time for flash flooding, tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes and many know exactly what to do. Again, why didn't they? That could have prevented so many deaths. Could it be that there's something wrong with their system or that they were too arrogant to admit that it could happen to them?

  6. Guys when you make news .. be clear which part of Germany is Hit .. be precise on the location.. when there is sunshining in Berlin and In Frankfurt and bit of Rain in Munich .. people will go mad about the location .. please be specific

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