Why voting rights groups boycotted Biden’s visit

ABC News’ James Longman speaks to Nse Ufot, a voting rights activist and CEO of the New Georgia Project, about what’s at stake in Georgia and why she boycotted President Joe Biden’s speech.

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41 thoughts on “Why voting rights groups boycotted Biden’s visit

  1. Hey Joe, why don't you do something about the state you come from!! I believe they have the most restrictive voting rights EVER!!!!!!! GUESS THAT'S JUST ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE THIS IS FOR ALL STATES BUT MINE!!!! YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!!

  2. So who is being denied the right to vote? Why is the filibuster bad all the sudden? Haven’t Democrats used it historically? Isn’t Biden on record supporting it? Isn’t allowing representatives elected by the people to vote on such matters the definition of a democracy? Why is this racist?

  3. Voting is one of the EASIEST things I have ever done in my life! What are these people talking about? Is this a fabricated problem to make us think we don’t have the right to vote?

  4. Biden/Harris went down to Georgia, …. lookin' for votes to steal
    They's in a bind …cause they way behind ….And willin' to make a deal
    They Strutted off air force one …..like an old rooster and his hen
    Clucking threats …making bets…that they would force a win
    But Georgians saw through all their schemes….. and all their poison sin
    Then Georgians told them… you SOB's …requiring voter ID will make us the best thats ever been…

  5. Keeping the Filibuster insures the right to vote, don't get it confused! We are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic!

  6. It doesn't matter what side honestly. Becuase if they have it thier way soon all unvaccinated will be considered UNAmerican soon anyways. So, I choose The Lord's side.

  7. Georgia has more early voting days than NY….more lenient than many dem states…but hey lets lie to the dems they will believe it…they vote with their feelings.

  8. What a Bumbling fool, he even noted again that Kamala was the President, he's lost and asleep at the wheel, worst President in History, crashed the Economy, highest inflation in recent history, more Covid Deaths and Infections now then when Trump was in the White House, and Biden said he was going to fix it, but allowed millions of Illegal Immigrants into our Country, unchecked, unvaccinated and sent into communities all over the US spreading Covid – but you the US Citizen, better get vaccinated 1 / 2 and 3 Times – ware your mask, pay your taxes, and do what your told, also where did you get that $600.00 in your bank account,,,Biden and his Crew do not like how States handle Voting Laws, as they know in 2022 they will get crushed, now they want to change the rules, they do not like the court, so they want to pack the court, Biden cancelled pipelines and shut down oil leases thus fuel cost around the world have skyrocketed due to his actions and messaging – wake up people "Sheep" stop the madness – VOTE 2022 and Sweep the House and Senate, then 2024 take back the White House….He seems to forget that 68% of the United States is White, most all good people, but they have had enough of his CRT / Cancel US Culture BS – Stop Biden and VOTE NO for everything going forward.

  9. You sound like a fool they always finding bootlicks like you the president and vice president hasn't done nothing for black people name one piece of substantial legislative moves they done as far as I'm concerned the democrats will never get my vote again in life

  10. You are not the sharpest tool in the shed ok, just stop talking. Well, Democrats love people like you, people that have no clue what you are even fighting for. You have the right to vote honey, what you don't have is the right to freaking vote 8 times or if you are not a citizen. We need to show I.D for everything!!!!! even voting. Stop this obsession with getting rid of voter I.D! Minorities don't realize they are being racist towards themselves hearing them say I can't get an I.D because I am black, cause I am Hispanic… discrimination!!!!! lmao wow I am Hispanic and I have an I.D and voter I.D btw, I would never vote for a man that said crap like; I don't want my children going to school in a racial jungle!

  11. Has anyone ever arrived for voting and you are discriminated against and not allowed to vote? So what is this bs about? This is propaganda

  12. The Power of Propaganda, and the Downfall of a Country. Look at world 🌎 History, once the media is comprised it's usually down hill from there. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔

  13. What an illiterate illegal illogical criminal imposter. This moron had a lot of help, from both sides to steal the election from the American people!!

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