Growing Safety Concerns For Afghan Translators as U.S. Troops Withdraw

As the Taliban claims to control a majority of Afghanistan, there are growing concerns over the safety of thousands of Afghan contractors and translators who worked with U.S. troops. While President Biden said there is a home for them in the U.S., a translator tells NBC News’ Richard Engel that he’s gotten a lot of announcements but no action.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Growing Safety Concerns For Afghan Translators as U.S. Troops Withdraw


Author: phillyfinestnews


39 thoughts on “Growing Safety Concerns For Afghan Translators as U.S. Troops Withdraw

  1. Sends me dizzy how people can walk into America but these poor people have to jump through hoops to get there. These people and there families should get pulled out with the troops.

  2. over 3 million Americans on the street because they cannot pay the rent please do not send these translator to United States send them to Turkey some Muslim country they're going to be OK up there in safe

  3. Smart people joking, brainless people dying for it. Did US not allow Afghan gov not to hold election for politicians and gov that ppl want. Fight for freedom~ should ask what they dont have!

  4. No doubt thoses peoples should be brought back as the same time as the troops..then we can all enjoy the country killing themelves ..they wanted the armies to leave. They got it .good luck….

  5. Shame on us for betraying Afghanistan.

    This act of betrayal practically kls the humanities in Afghanistan. Women and children will all be victimised by Taliban and the religious maggots.

    Think it over, it would be better to let Russia rules Afghanistan since 1980s, at least women Will have a fairer social treatment.

  6. Nobody is ever going to trust US troops again if these people are left there to be executed one by one. Really hope they get help as soon as possible.

  7. Read the history of Afghanistan. No foreign power has ever been able to stay in Afghanistan, be it in the British Empire or the Soviet Union, the US-NATO alliance. That is why they have named Afghanistan ‘Graveyard of Empires’. What is the benefit of so many years of aggression in the war-torn country for 20 years in the name of peace? Instead, it has killed innocent people and cost the United States 2.23 trillion.The world should be left to the Afghans to decide their own future

  8. Biden plan is not realistic. The interpreters are concerned. Because many interpreters do not have electrical ID, which takes weeks and without elwctrical ID one can not get passport.

  9. Afghanistan will fold like a cheap house of cards. Cowards don't want to fight for their own country..
    Easy to get Russia
    50 years ago and USA last 20 years
    To give their lives

  10. I don't get it, if even the military has letters of recommendation and all, why are they stuck in limbo? Shouldn't this be something simple to resolve, heck couldn't Congress do something after literally 20 years of war? Is it still too soon to make any sort of sensible decision or are they really as unpatriotic as the insurrectionists by not considering any legislation to get those people out?
    There is no excuse for lack of land or resources, there are literally more empty houses in the country than there are homeless people. The artificial nature of the "economy" has never made much sense.

  11. This world needs to help each other more thank goodness for. The. USA. Out of all this time in years that has gone by I cannot figure out why any of the presidents that's been there in the White House hasn't gotten rid of the Taliban. If we can get rid of all these bad people everyone else can be at ease and peace because that's what they're looking for. But a lot of people keep saying that our men and women is time for them to come home. They've been there long enough. We really don't need to get into any more of their mess over there help the people that are wanting to do right and separate them from the bad put them in cages like dogs like they did other people

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