New Wave of Arrests in Assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse

Haitian authorities say at least 28 suspects, including two U.S. citizens, were involved in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. The U.S. is sending FBI and Homeland Security officials to help investigate.
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New Wave of Arrests in Assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse


Author: phillyfinestnews


20 thoughts on “New Wave of Arrests in Assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse

  1. How do we know that this is real when the News lies so much about first they say it's 18 Colombians now he's saying it's 16 Colombians then they say 15 soon it's going to be zero Colombians cuz that's how many played a part in it none

  2. In an interview, Putin said that he asked Fidel how he avoided so many assassination attemps. Fidel told him that he doesn't give the responsibility of the hiring and monitoring of his bodyguards to anyone else. He personally handles it. Putin took that advice.

    Moise's bodyguards were in on it.

  3. I just read one comment a person want Duvalier to come back. Sooo.
    I also was reading about Duvalier son getting Into politics.
    Are you saying that plot was done for Duvalier son to become president?
    It's getting suspicious already. Duvalier son is going to be like his father in the white house. Don't be surprised either. Y'all already didn't like his father and his grandfather.
    I'll be watching. And y'all going to get your wish for him to become president. Cause after what happened to Jovenel Moise. No one is going to want to be president unless they become like the Duvalier straighten y'all up like Duvalier.

  4. May Jovenel Moise spirit lives on I'll make sure of it . They need to build the white house in his honor. That was his next project he was working on. A statue of him need to be by the white house in his honor in the front of the white house , in the front yard of the white house to the right side of the house. To symbolize he was the right hand man of god.

  5. I hope a earthquake strike that country to create justice for President Jovenel Moise. They the cause of his death. And the Columbians and the other they arrested. I want to know from them why? I want to know who was they leader to create that plot? Why did they do it? Was it for money? publicity? Fame? The president was a helpless men who was harmless. How could you. I'm disappointed y'all should be a shame.
    The country is already a fckup county. Why did you get involved?

  6. Less than a month ago, Colombia denounced its murderous and corrupt forces internationally for killing and disappearing young poor people, now they are captured in another country, killing a president…

  7. The U.S. FBI?? Aren't those the same guys who never found President Kennedy's assassin? and even couldn't even manage to find Martin Luthor Jr King's assassin either, all in THEIR own Country??? So they round up some uninvolved stool pigeons, manage to get them killed, and silenced, and then budda bing budda boom, citizens go back to work, keep the World Bank system money coming in, and forget this ever happened. The World Bank who controls all the monies in every single country of this world, the same Bank that is working to make a One World Government, decides who is following their orders, and then there are the deceased, who weren't following their orders. World Bank yields World Government yields World Control, of all the money, and all the people. Total Control. It will never serve humanity, humanity will serve it.

  8. It’s not like the US has ever orchestrated a coup in Haiti. Or sent troops to occupy Haiti. Or used the World Bank and IMF to screw over Haitians.

  9. Lies haiti is full of lies politics cops are all courrupt paid by the rich. I hope haitians stand up for peace not for violence its your country its your countrymen who is suffering

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