White House Holds Press Briefing: July 8 | NBC News

Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing.

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Live: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “White House Holds Press Briefing: July 8 | NBC News

  1. Personal Opinion:

    It's attractive when you accept others in theirs because that's who it belongs to now and always. <3

    As in no one hates you because of some words that they chose to accept as less than, when they that do, finally, see that thier worth was not thiers alone if others opinions are involved in their own "value" system.

    Their idea of self worth is theirs alone to make and often most do not see how much others influence us until we start thinking for ourself.

    Nothing To Change When That Happens By Default Perfectly With Or Without You As Part Of The Elements That Are Changing, AKA in motion.

    All things are changing until they are no longer changeable, if there is indeed such a way of being and only possible when that being truly accepts the belief in whatever way it found it to be neither wrong or right when conclusivity is not a natural part of this current experience.

    Conclusivity is synonymous with totality and the only "True" place to find that is within ones self upon meeting totality in person, AKA "Death."

    P.S. This may be done by the individual now through certain methods and that conclusion will remain with them there in that place because the "Truth" is hard for most to accept when they are holding on to old beliefs and not willing to see the "Truth" because it will cause them pain to move from their own comfort zones that they created to hide from the pain and absolute growth from its experience along with our ability to learn from it now.

    You are not learning if you think your way works for us all and we tell you it does not, so this is why the only conclusion is a personal conclusion and even that is inconclusive as long as there is something to learn.

    Anyone know everything YET?

    I believe you do and you don't, so in this world that, to me, favors equality when we respect the quality of each other's life in this context.

    It's not possible to have nothing to lose when the idea of nothing doesnt actually exist and if you know that to be false then you also "know" that is the "TRUTH" many do not know how too hear without losing the logic train down a spiral of infinite possibilities.

    Up to us alone how long we will resist this KNOWING when there isn't one to tell it that it is wrong because we already knew that as well.

    That's why I am honored to tell you that when we are all wrong that is an oppurtinity to make things right. Be The Change In You, The Rest Is Out Of Your Hands.

    I may say this because, again, we know that you are me and vice versa. That is a Truth I chose for myself based on my own free experience and choices that were made with it now.

    No one will ever take it because that TRUTH came from a realm only accessible from the heart. Blessed When We Know It, HELLISH When We Don't.

  2. Money laundry and obvious briberies through selling Hunter Biden’s so called “art work” which are in elementary kids painting level. And these “ art works” sold for half million dollars! How corrupted DemocRats are!

  3. American people need help financial help now what are they doing something now to send people their money stimulus check s educate American. People about the vaccine so it wouldn't be afraid to take it to the shot in America also need to pray to God almighty

  4. The real story is people are being banned off major platforms like
    Twitter. Wiped from the internet and treated like second class citizens.
    Manufactured guidelines in the form of terms of service and community
    standards have purged half the population. Certain ideas of what used to
    be free speech is gone and now considered hate speech. There is no
    incentive anymore to moderate what I say, you have poked the bear.

  5. The moral of the story is that our world leaders have been given the order that everyone has to take this vaccine and they have been authorized to make this happen by any means necessary. Don't worry about the virus, it is the vax that should scare you. The media is pushing the narrative that if you are unvaccinated, you will get the Delta virus, but just look around you wherever you are. You don't even see the virus that the news is portraying. You only see the virus in the media and the fact that the media is telling you to get the vax should tell you something is up. Stay away from the vax as there can be nothing good in that potion. The media will soon be pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated and the vax will become mandatory as more people are scared or forced to take it.

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