Housing Prices At Record Highs Across The Country

Across the United States, housing prices are through the roof as the median sales price surpasses $350,000. Stephanie Ruhle shares more about the current seller’s market and how to avoid making costly mistakes.

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Author: phillyfinestnews


37 thoughts on “Housing Prices At Record Highs Across The Country

  1. Everybody's not waiving inspections. She waved inspection she got burned. There's a reason why they're asking you to wave inspection. Because they want you to marry them raccoons in your chimney.

  2. That girl is stupid and she is out of her mind you don't sync that kind of money into that kind of investment without knowing what you're getting into with some sort of inspection if you're going to waive the inspection you better be inspecting it yourself.

  3. They always interview big city people, check out small cities and towns, there are surplus of homes in these areas.

  4. "we don't want to settle ' that right there is the problem. It's their first home not their forever home. Buy and build wealth now instead they will wait and never seize any home .

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  6. We will eventually be like Europe. Forget your 3500 Sq ft. home with a yard, you can only afford a tiny apartment now. Oh, and consider a scooter because gas is going to triple in price too.

    Don't complain, you voted for this.

  7. Left California in 2013. Moved to Minnesota. Best decision EVER!!
    Bought my 2 bedroom condo with washer/dryer own garage for $70k!! When I pay this place off
    IM RICH B$TCH!! Both of my sisters live in the bay area. My one sister bought her home in Santa Clara in 1995 for $207,000.
    Its payed off and its worth a fortune. They got in early and never borrowed against their
    homes. It's crazy when I think about where I would be if I didn't leave California. I am so grateful to
    Minnesota for saving me.

  8. China Joe Biden is disappointed with the number of people getting the vaccine, so they are going to start using the same machines that counted the votes for the election to bring those numbers up higher for him. 😜

  9. It's not in NBC's "best interests" to report why this is happening. It's all just part of the naturally ordained order of capitalism. Enjoy your Independence Day America, now give up any hope of owning a home and meet your new landlord – Blackrock.

  10. They jacked up the price of lumber and so the building of houses went up per sq ft. Now when someone can explain how a virus has anything to do with the lumber industry I'd love to hear it. Lot's of people walking around in those forests coughing on the lumber jacks where they harvest those trees?

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