TikTok’s Black Creators Go On Strike

Black TikTok creators are taking a stand for change by abstaining from creating dance trends to a new Megan Thee Stallion song. NBC News’ Kalhan Rosenblatt explains what the users are hoping to accomplish in the fight for equal credit and compensation. 
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Author: phillyfinestnews


39 thoughts on “TikTok’s Black Creators Go On Strike

  1. After all of this White America is gaving Charlie a Hulu Special! 🤔🤔🤔 Really? Smh Black people keep our sh*t to ourselves. Yt's will support theirs no matter what! Time we secure ours! 2021 Darkness into Light. 🙏🏾

  2. This is literally the stupidest thing ever. If people aren't watching your videos, it's because they don't want to for whatever reason. People have the choice to watch what they want. You can't force them to watch your stuff by crying about it.

  3. Honestly, TIKTOK is never a BIG DEAL to me. I never used it and will never used it. Most of us accept HIP HOP as a black Genre and we also see BLACK people doing much more better than any other race. Also if anyone of you all races wanna talk about races like this tiktok thing, think about your education system now going against Asian student, its much more bigger issue than this tiktok things and i am not even AMERICAN.

  4. Internet Culture Reporter? Bruh huh? The world “Culture” is in the job description.. im just … im over this its gross 🤮
    Who else cringed when she said “Black”

  5. Stay on strike, people only listen when their back pockets are affected. As for the newsreader, he can try to sound as detached as he likes, but he knows the real deal and is hoping for some change himself (in secret of course)!

  6. Come on Black creators!!!! Where is our own app? I don't mean an few Black faces out frontin' with some Asian White or Jewish CEO. We are too bright and gifted to be putting any content on a platform that we don't own.

  7. All of you talking about get fanbase… idk if it’s just me but fanbase is boring asf. It’s not entertaining at all, and the content on there is definitely not worthy enough to pay for more, especially if it’s just older people posting pictures of their family, inspirational Twitter posts, etc. at least tiktok is free and has actual good stuff on it 🧍🏾‍♀️

  8. Imagine having such a good life, you gotta create issues out of nothing just because you’re bored.
    “They took my dance moves wa wa wa wa 😭 “ people are dying, Jan. Pls strike on stuff that matters

  9. Any time the Word Black is used, Tic Tok won't let them post it.. Where are our Bliss Millionaires.. Start a site… Leave this Chinese Owned site to them…..Chinese Youth like American White Youths Love everything about Black Culture by Black People…Our Rhythm But Not Our Blues….

  10. and we're seeing an interview with a white woman discussing BLACK issues because???? What they couldn't find any of the actual BLACK creators to speak for themselves????

  11. Really pitifully produced new story. Gave absolutely no information – no faces, no examples of theft no interviews. It's time for black content makers to lawyer up and file lawsuits.

  12. I mean, you even had a white woman appropriate the explanation of exploitation of the people of God. There was no bl6ck man available to make that 60 second statement on behalf of the people this clip was all about?

  13. This speaks to our culture as a whole. It's always been stolen and whitewashed. Literally everything we do is colonized. We were stripped of our original culture, CREATED a culture that influences the world and it's still being watered down. This country would be nothing without us.

  14. Blk ppl need to leave tik toc platform period! It’s time to separate from these heathens. Blk ppl will never have anything connected to them, it’s a proven fact.

  15. The Creator💡 is the person that the idea originated from🙄… If you used it 🤔 you're not the artist😳 You're a copier, fan, theif. One of those 🤷🏽

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