Vigil held for woman pushed in front of NYC train

Michelle Go was pushed in front of a subway train inside the Times Square-42nd Street subway station on Saturday morning.


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44 thoughts on “Vigil held for woman pushed in front of NYC train

  1. this posted 5 days ago but yall. this happens soooo f'ing often its crazy. step it up and put up guard rails. corrupt ass city.

  2. Senseless deaths like this are the worse!!!! one person gets up to conduct their normal routine of going to work and the other gets up with the intent of killing. She didn’t deserve this at all!!! I really hope they give him the maximum punishment of life.

  3. You know, it takes a real, massive coward to just push someone in front of a moving train. Imagine not giving anyone the chance to at least fight back, that’s sad.

  4. Rest in peace..

    Why are so many people attacking Asian people now, it's not just in the USA either it's in several countries, I know she was killed by a mentally ill man, but I really hope people aren't blaming Asian people for covid😒

  5. condolences, sympathy for her family and friends left behind this senseless act of random violence, in our communities, inside and outside shouldn’t have happened in the first place but the attacker has to be charged as much as it can be allowed

  6. this is absolutely horrible.. 💔 but this is exactly why every time i go out, i make sure i'm always aware of my surroundings and always observe people i'm by – our world is no longer safe … it's sad to say. my heart goes out to this women and her grieving family 🙁

  7. I don’t care where they end up, round up all the homeless squatting in the subways and dump them on one of the islands around NY. How about the MTA create new jobs like their own security to get rid of these guys. It makes absolutely no sense to expect your paying passengers to be sanitary during co vid but you’re gonna allow these bums to have their trash all over the place, many just stinking up the subway cars, smelling like feces?

  8. its not right. so sad. seems like you have to be extra vigilant in public because you dont know what kind of people are around you. sorry to your family.

  9. I cant stop thinking of this. It’s really sad and the city needs to do something about the mentally disturbed. They shouldn’t be roaming the subways.

  10. We were born with our names written on our birth certificate only to have our name's written on a tombstone later 😞⚰️💀🥀🍃 my friends open your eyes so you can see this life wasn't meant to last forever. GOD knows the suffering of mankind in this world 🌍 but GOD also knows suffering 💔🥀 because he came to this broken world and they nailed him to the cross.For our sins Christ Jesus Died and for our justification he was raised from the dead that whomsoever would believe on him shall not Perish but shall have Eternal life. My friends there is hope beyond those cloud's because The overseer of our souls have provided a way to live and Never die again This is the Will of God that whoever believe on the name of his Son Jesus shall have Eternal life. REPENT TURN AWAY FROM YOUR Sins and believe in the one who can save your souls from HELL 🔥🔥🔥. Jesus is your only hope this world will only get worse from here Christ Jesus is our only hope

  11. I'm not a big city guy, but how is there not a metal bar or fencing preventing this from happening? A child could trip on their shoelace and fall, or something horrific like this can happen. This is heartbreaking.

  12. A lot of these homeless are psychotics, with mental illness or under the influence ( which makes them also mentally ill)… very sad

  13. Why are white news focus on negative stories about Asians. l really believe white radicals are behind this. Black, Hispanics and Asians are under attack, what a coincidence???

  14. I lost my uncle the same way it still haunts me after 23 years. Rest In Peace I’m so sorry this happened this world is too cruel.

  15. pushing someone so get smash by train is truly only can be done with people who had so much hate.the irony is that michell had do some social work for homeless.the same tragedy also happen to nurse sandra shells which she brutally pushed by transient.

  16. Once we had a great budget for mental health, THEY wanted that money so with the help of Hollywood by making propaganda movies about how horrible mental health facilities are, they disassembled it and God knows what they did with the money until today. Immediately after people were getting stabbed and murderered. Know your history so you understand your daily sufferings and don't fall for the propaganda again and realize that was a mistake when it's too late. If there is an issue, take care of the issue and the policies instead of going after the money! Defund this!

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