Major change to New York City vaccine mandate

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced an end to vaccine mandates for pro athletes and entertainers.


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36 thoughts on “Major change to New York City vaccine mandate

  1. The white guy who owns the baseball team just made bipoc Adams his bitch. Isn't that what the liberals should be saying, because that's what happened. I thought only deblasio could be this openly evil. Thanks alot dems for proving me wrong.

  2. These commies for the last 2 years have been pushing these experimental vaccines > come November they are going to be looking for jobs > karma 😉 😀

  3. Vaccine-mandaters: you lose!
    Imagine all these people who rusehd out to get these untested vaccines and boosters and now it's all IRRELEVANT.

  4. When you don't allow people to work and provide for themselves and their family, you are going to have more crime. These kind of actions push people into despair that leads them to crime in order to survive.

  5. Vote to get rid of Biden, AOC and the Squad in the next election 🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙👍👍👍..Let's Go Brandon 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  6. YES YES YES… look the other way Peasants… Rules for thee, not for me… oh… and another thing… Booster # 4 will be here soon, get ready for that… You refuse to take it, you will no longer be considered Vaccinated… Heavy is the Crown … Uppity people. May have to bring back Prima Nocta…

  7. You voted for this NYC. Have nobody to blame but yourself. Could have had a man, like Curtis, who truly cares about the city but you elected this gomer. Live with it!

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so if you are RICH you DO NOT NEED A VACCINE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    You idiot people DESERVE the job losses fir being boit lickers.
    its like 2019 summer here 😁
    USA is so backwards

  9. Mayor Chucklehead Adams 🤡 babbling about why he was elected. It's not all about you, Chucklehead. You sound like Donnie Dumbo 🤡.

  10. Being insane is repeating the same actions over and over again.

    I know everything seems very complex and confusing, the play out level of the control is complex and confusing yes on one level. But look at the root cause look at the origin from where the control lies and everything will be much more clear.

    The people who are perceived to have power only have the power because the majority of people gave their power to them.

    There are 8 billion people on this planet and there's only a few in comparison who are the opposition. How could the opposition control 8 billion people there's not enough of the opposition.

    The 8 billion have to police themselves. What do I mean by that. People fear not what the oligarchs are going to do to them rather they fear their mother, father, friends, coworkers, acquaintances. People are kept in line by their fellow man.

    People are constantly in states of fear, fearing what others think of them.

    The people have given their power away to a small few in comparison to the global population. It's in the people's acquiescence to the fews impositions that create the fews power.

    If you perceive that the suffering of humans, and all other life forms is necessary for reasons x y and z then you're going to manifest those thoughts and perceptions into your behavior.

    Everything comes from perception. What is perception? Perception is consciousness. Who are we? We are consciousness having an experience. Everyone is unique, but everyone is connected. Your experience will be different from my experience, we are connected through energy. What people can't see they perceive as empty space.

    There is no empty space between us the physical sensors can only decode one frequency and that frequency is visible light. Visible light makes up 0.05% of the magnetic spectrum and the magnetic spectrum represents all that there is to see. So out of all that there is to see humans can only decode a fraction of a fraction of what there is to see.

    So people perceive that empty space to be empty space, but in truth there are entities interacting with us that we cannot see with our physical sensors. There are many frequencies that are out there that we cannot connect to. We are practically blind.

    People say they believe in science. Like Dr fauci saying people should get vaccinated and wear masks. It's not black and white like so many people want to make it out to be. Just because someone's a doctor does not mean they know what's healthy and what's not healthy.

    Anyone can be lied to, doctors and scientists are no exception.

    The doctors and scientists and academics and all their forms go through a program. If you don't regurgitate what you learned from school your teacher will not give you a passing grade. So it's either regurgitate the lies that are being perpetuated by the ones who control from behind the scenes via manipulating the textbooks to show the doctors and scientists that this is the correct way to go about healing people.

    They are manipulated from the start.

    Look at how society is structured all throughout history. The few controlling the many.

    At the end of the day we are consciousness. Our thoughts and perceptions have been programmed by people who control from behind the scenes we don't know their names and we're not supposed to.

    When people are ignorant of fundamental truth they then get fed a new reality by the controlling party. The goal is to keep the target population in ignorance. Intelligent people can see through the lies and illusions of their culture they can go to another level of awareness beyond the village idiot of rational thinking as we perceive it.

    Whether it be communism, socialism, capitalism, whatever ism you want to use. It's all an illusion an illusion of freedom, there are different tactics by different controlling entities.

    Most of the controlling entities used overt control which is you're a slave and there's nothing you can do about it. The more sustainable version of control is covert which is an illusion of a democracy, an illusion of choices. Using covert control which is hiding the fact that this is a dictatorship rather than a democracy. Overt control is when people know they are slaves.

    In most countries it is overt control. In the United States where I'm from it's covert. An illusion of freedom.

    All throughout history it's been the same trend the few manipulating the many into giving there power away. How do you give your power away? Acquiesce to whatever authority tells you.

  11. Damn they even did at Citi Field. Like he's saying " Yeah we a huge donation from the Mets to get this changed. We do have double digits of players not vaccinated. But you normal people, nah u good. Let us remember, making bags are more important than the rights of the citizens of New York. Cash rules everything around me." then he mike drops and go on vacation.

  12. Naw this is NOT about Kyrie BUT Yankees and Mets. Because the components of not having their big time home run hitters in the line up makes a HUGE difference. And Eric Adams is a phoney because he is really caving for that white man billionaire demographic Baseball.

  13. New York City deserves their politics!!!!!!!!!!! Get over it. You didn't donate enough to his election. Democrats understand $$$$$, Yours.

  14. Naw this is NOT about Kyrie BUT Yankees and Mets. Because the components of not having their big time home run hitters in the line up makes a HUGE difference. And Eric Adams is a phoney because he is really caving for that white man billionaire demographic Baseball.

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