Lady Hoggers: Big Nasty | A&E

Gary sends the dogs out to go grab a hog known as “Big Nasty”.

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Author: Rafael


18 thoughts on “Lady Hoggers: Big Nasty | A&E

  1. Dumbass people I swear lol..I'm proud to be from the south born and raised in Louisiana in pierre part I love it and I love hunting animals with and without dogs….we're protected our family and providing for our families go out in the woods and using what God intended us to do…..I wouldn't trade how I was raised or how I still lived and my kids will be raised the same way I was raised I wouldn't trade my blessed and wonderful life for anyone else's especially a damp city slicker lmao….I don't need a grocery to provide food for me I have all I need in my yard and in the woods.!!! I love my life!!!

  2. @jwerner2 like i said im over this shit i feel sorry for all the ppl that know you the only thing seem to believe is all the bullshit your saying im not going to wast my time with some loser who thinks the world is a nice cosy place were hunters kill animals for fun yet in reality many hunters harvest animals to feed there family and communality i bet you didn't know the hogs court are humanly killed an the meat is sent to familys and orphanages in need but no you believe this is wrong

  3. @jwerner2 im over this shit it would seem you know nothing about this you know nothing about hogs an how to deal with them or that there capable of all you see is im an American i know every thing if im not right no ones right wake up nature is a curl beast an like it or not this is nature at its finest humans are animals to we hunt we kill we feed just like very other animal this is the circle of life the better you under stand that the less ppl like my self have to teach you

  4. @jwerner2 yeah you are right Australia was a british penal colony yet look how America has trued out its run my the media an propaganda these more people unemployed and in jail then any other country there more gun related crimes then ever before and the racialism is truly unbelievable and your edumacated is appalling an your comments are proving all that you think because your American your always right you would not be more wrong an yes i have lived in America i know what its like

  5. @jwerner2 you do know America is a British colony to dam ass an how do you "protect" your state from ferals exactly with out shooting or finding them with dogs? now tell me have you ever been in a big hunt with an with out dogs? have you ever seen one almost kill a man or what kind of damage they do not only to the environment but to native spices or live stock im not the one who's ignorant about this try seeing with your own eye of what they there capable of

  6. @jwerner2 your the useless one tree hugging hippy many if not all hunters and law enforcement are taught to shoot at there heart an lungs its a quite clean kill if you shoot for the head there's a extreme possibility you will miss an shoot out his jaw have you ever seen a animal with out blown out jaw unable to feed drink left to suffer until it dies from starvation

  7. @jwerner2 i don't use dogs dumbass i know mates that do and we don't hunt for some adrenaline rush we do it to protect the environment from the destroying it learn the truth before you say shit

  8. @jwerner2 if you know any thing about hunting you would know never shoot an animal in the head always aim for center mass heart and lungs its a quicker cleaner kill you're also less likely to miss and wound the animal

  9. @shadow2155 Thank you….very cool of you and says alot about your character,,,,in a good way. I struggle with my anger towards so much animal abuse in the world. But I know there are also good people in the and I need to work on being more understanding. Best wishes

  10. @Danielvegan1 all good mate i haven't taken any offense to any of your comments hell i would agree with you on your first post if these dam hogs weren't such a menace to other wildlife species

  11. @shadow2155 I was speaking with a good friend of mine at work today….from Alabama and he explained to me the problems some of the southern states are having with wild hogs…….I understand a little better about this now and apologize for the anger directed towards you. I also appreciate the comment you just made…..taking the time to explain the situation.

  12. @Danielvegan1 "hide in the shadows" current me if im wrong your doing the exact same thing expressing your opinion on the internet so how im i "hiding in the shadows" and if i had the ability to say it to your face i would not hesitate now to the topic at hand hogs destroy thousands of acres of bush and farm land very year hell they have even drove many animals species to the point of extinction how about you learn the truth about these animals before you say some thing dumbass

  13. @EdmondSwitch they won't cause those PETA assholes would get their panties all in a wad. Sad to see what the world is coming to, little guys getting ran off by the big corporation, this show is for entertainment purposes only and all their concerned about is the money.

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