ABC News Live: Russian forces appear to close in on key port city | ABCNL

Plus, mandatory evacuations are underway as a deadly wildfire burns in New Mexico with 0% containment, and Elon Musk reveals more about his bid to buy Twitter.

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45 thoughts on “ABC News Live: Russian forces appear to close in on key port city | ABCNL

  1. She keeps saying "Marcus. Marcus. Marcus." Marcus, do not be a tool for propaganda. This is not our conflict. NATO and the West will never put so much effort into democracy for people who look like you.

  2. Ukraine has done a great job with just Molotov Cocktails and Pickle Jars… the Tractor Army has captured endless Convoy of Equipment. the Phoney War is over… Slava Ukraine.

  3. When a police officer tells you to Stop. You Stop and Obey The Law's Of The Lands Your In.
    The Officers Are To Enforce The Law's Of the Lands.
    You don't fight against any police officers or try to reach for any of their weapons, tasers they think you will reach for their guns.
    You are Putting That Police Officer's Life In Danger.
    We have had To many of our Police Officers Killed.
    America is not going to have another George Floyd Happening.
    The Police Department Will Definitely Have A Investigation.
    The Cameras 📷 The Police Officers Wear on their Uniforms will show the Truth. We will know the Truth very soon.

  4. This Is Ridiculous
    Gun Violence In Our Country In Our Communities Our Cities Our Streets
    Let The Trial Begin And Let The Jury Decide Guilty Or Not Guilty Verdict
    No Matter Who You Are

  5. "We sank a Russia ship and are unbeatable". Next sentence. "The situation is dire". 😆 yeah, this all sounds legit. 🤣

  6. Why did Zelensky not jave his troops meet Russian troops at the border to stop the invasion? And why did the United States do zero to help Ukraine?

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  8. In 60 AD Apostle Saint Andrew traveled to the area of Kiev, preached, and said, one day a great city would be built here with many churches to the glory of God. Today there is a church to Saint Andrew in Kiev. The peoples in the area were Slavic. Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv, three brothers and the sister Lybid founded Kiev in 482 AD, Kiev was named after the older brother Kyi. Kiev the older brother was King. Herodotus wrote that Hercules had founded this land.

    The Rus were Viking tribes that settled peacefully in Kiev as far back as 750 AD with the Slavs there, 400 years before Moskva existed. The name Russia, coming from the city Moskva, has no connection to the RUS. Russia coming from Moskva started with Batu Kahn much later as a vasal under Mongolian rule. All the early Czars were Mongolian and of no connection to the RUS. The Rus were with the Slavs to the south in Kiev. Moskva were Finnish Urgic Tribes; Mosk means cow and Va water, which are Finnish names. There was no RUS there. The ethnic background of Moskva is Finnish-Urgic and Mongolian. The Rus developed the religion, city Kiev, alphabet, churches, and had its saints. The founder of Kievian Rus (800) or the Rus was a Viking named Askold or Oskold (Norse) from Sweden; not Oleg as in the Russian story. Kievian Rus exists long Before Novgorod and Oleg’s arrival there. Askold is the Slavic name. Oskold, the first King of Kievian Rus was in Kiev before Oleg in Novgorod. Oskold had 200 ships and 20,000 warriors. Oskold was baptized in Constantinople (128 years before Volodymyr) and sent the first bishop back to Kiev. Oskold and Dir were the first Dynasty of Kievian Rus. Askold rules from the 40-60s and Dir to the 80s. Askold is buried in Kiev and the first Kievian Christian King & Dynasty. Oleg followed coming from Sweden through Novgorod and was a pagan. Russia as named today started in the city of Moskva over 400 years later after Kievian Rus or Rus. From Kiev, the capitol of Rus, Kievian culture was spread, much like the Greeks Hellenized the known world, or like the British anglicized the world by the English language. This process does not make Moskva to become RUS in as much as Persian are not Greek. How we are misled by a name; Russia. The capitol of the RUS has always been Kiev. There is no other RUS and no RUS in Moskva. Many say Ukraine began recently; but the culture of the RUS is Kievian RUS, both culture and ethnic background. Ukraine is a name given by Poland meaning outer lands. The land of the RUS before the Mongolian invasion was very large. The name RUS is a Norse name which means men that row; there are no men that row in Moskva. So Moskva adopted the name Russia while being a Mongolian vassal, essentially traitor to the RUS; and all the Czars were Mongolian-Finnish. The Culture of the Mongolian was centralized power, and that cultural imprint was passed on to present day Russia. Ukraine’s real name should be Kievian RUS, or Kievskarus! Russia began in Moskva by Batu Kahn and Novgorod conquered much later, still no connection to the Rus.

    Putin & Lavrov should be ashamed of themselves, the USSR was an occupation; it never had the status of a sovereign state and due process of law that would be associated with a free society. Even today the mentality of the gulag exists. There is no freedom of press and speech, people are arrested for speech, there is no due process of law, and the religion is state run making it a totalitarian theocracy. As such, it did not deserve to exist in a free world; and history has shown such totalitarian organizations fail over time and author in many gulags. The true culture of Russia is Finno-Ugric and Mongolian, having nothing to do with the RUS (Kievian), expect borrowed as in the sense of Hellenized or Anglicized "forms" as a comparative reference. The centralized form of Russian politics is a very Mongolian imprint on culture. The actions of Putin seem to be another Mongolian invasion of Kiev; here I suggest as to the correct metaphor. I believe so. Putin & Lavrov insistence to have purview over eastern Europe also seems like paying tribute to the Mongolian Horde. Moskva started as an agglomeration of Finnish tribes, combining a Finnish name meaning cows water and developed by Mongolian culture. Mosk means cow and Va means water. The RUS are men that row, Vikings, Norse, established Kiev 400 years before (750 AD) Moskva even thought to exist. The name Russia for current nation is totally inappropriate. The current Russia started in Moskva; how misleading is the name Russia coming from Moskva that has no connection to the RUS. All the lands should be returned to Kiev; the West of Russia to Finland, and the East to Mongolia. Russia’s place on the globe appears as a temporary aberration in my view. To use threats of Nukes publicly strikes at the heart as adolescent behaviour; surely any nation or person that issues such threats and being an ally to such while not even having war imposed on them is not fit to rule. This would include allies of Russia. Oh yes, I remember, Russia didn't invent the bomb, they stole it in the 1940's and gave it to Kurchatov. Russia struggles with an identity crisis since its beginnings unoriginal to the ethnic groups. Its errors are numerous, 50 million killed by Stalin in WW2, allied to the Nazis to kill the Poles for their defeat in WW2, Holodomor where millions of Ukrainians were killed and grain stolen, and constant antagonist with Europe. We even have the Holy Mother announcing Russia’s errors at Fatima. Russia is a Mongolian culture and all the first Czars were Mongolian and Batu Kahn is the author.

    Oskold was the grandson of Ragnar the king of Sweden, his name is old Norse and spoke old Norse, the name Rus is old Norse, he settled peacefully in Kiev and the Slavs made him king, he brought Christianity to Kiev with his son dir…his burial mound is where St Nicholas church is built, Oleg wasn’t even in Novgorod when this happened, and Oleg is not a Rus nor old Norse name. The Slavs called Oskold the name Askold. After came Dir, Oleg was a pagan who assassinated Dir, Oskold becomes the first dynasty…later when the line of kings get to Vladimir, he is captured at a trading post by the Mongols, the post is called Moskva, and the king killed. Moskva as a city was a Mongolian invention, and Novgorod becomes a part of that Russia by conquest, although having nothing to do with the Rus. Oskold line is Ragnar, ironside, Oskold from the King of Sweden Ragnar. Oleg is via Rurik coming much later. The accounts of Oskold are within the time, Al Mamun an Arab writer of the time wrote of Oskold, the Russian chronicles come hundreds of years later. In much the same way accounts of relevant history are better understood by those of the times, much like the Bible, dating to the original times makes the account authentic. The Russian chronicles are merely a tale and inaccurate.

    Kiev was a city over 1000 years before Russia even existed. Kiev was Kievian Rus before Novgorod and when Oleg arrived. Putin is kidding himself if he thinks any part of Ukraine belongs to Russia. We can see that Israel belongs to the Jews, similarly all the lands around Kiev of Kievian Rus belong to Kiev as a single nation and city state. Russia's beginnings are a wanting child begun as a captive insurgency having nothing of its own; a captive state that was reeking in servitude to Mongolia and invented by Mongolia. The entire culture of Russia from Moscow is Mongolian centralized power, a pagan culture of no empathy and Christianity. The Christianity is tainted as a state religion or theocracy and politicized. History is often obscured by being written by the ones in charge. The history of Ukraine has been obscured by the Soviet Occupation and cultural appropriations. Moscow in an attempt to appropriate a history not its own, rewrote the narrative of history to cover up its compromised origins; Kiev and Ukraine is a history much older and more civilized; making contributions to civilization. Russian despotism becomes the blueprint, foundation & model for every despot nation, look at its allies; the error of its ways has spread throughout the globe; much like the message from the Holy Mother at Fatima. Those that are sympathetic to Russian atrocities can find similarities in their own histories. Ukraine has a democracy at a local level Moscow never had and fears. Russian boundless ignorance is a type often found in the poorest of nations, and usually the poorest have a history of the hardest tyrants over them that also inflict poverty, physical and spiritual, on others they attempt to subjugate, a reflection of their own lives, an abomination of desolation………..

  9. You don't get to do the news anymore. Remind us how "everything" is Trump's fault! Russian Operative. You lost all credibility, and we are watching you FAIL. You would triple your viewership if you did real news like investigate lying cheating Hillary. Russian Operative. You didn't give the man a chance and said horrific and TRAITORIST lies. We won't just blow this off. Now Hunters Laptop$$$$$$WTF

  10. A captured resistant unit leader was stabbed and tied to a car and dragged for few kilometres to the investigation centre. At the investigation centre, they tortured him, cut his ears off and left him outside for hours. Then they tortured him again and killed him. No, it is not in Ukraine. It is in Burma (Myanmar). His name is Chan Min Naung. (Radio Free Asia RFA 15 Apr 2022). On 15 Apr 2022, 5 villages were burned down by the military. Also in Minkin, scores of houses were burned down (VOA – Voice of America – NASA Satellite photos). Also, there was a 4 day battle between the military forces and the Kareni Nationalities Defence Forces (KNDF) in Demoso and Loikaw on 14 Apr 2022. 30 military soldiers were killed with 9 fallen from the KNDF. Military regime used Russian made mi-35 helicopters to attack the KNDF forces (Mizzima Burmese 14 Apr 2022). As in Ukraine, the Russian made jets, helicopters and weapons are used to shoot and kill people. Like Ukraine, Burma is also going through a terrible phase with the Russian made and supplied weapons. That’s why people of Burma fully support the Ukrainian people, for their fight for freedom and democracy. May President Zelenskyy and the heroic people of Ukraine defeat the cruel Russian invaders!

  11. why cops cant just sometimes let it go. just let them be and go about it a better way. than shooting the boy. u can see he was not smart or seem kinda slow like some in my family!, poor bro. sad lose of life. In Jesus name be at peace little brotha! we all will see u sooner! xoxoxo

  12. SOS from Russia: Goodwill people! Joe Biden betrayed Ukraine for he refuses to close the sky. Every day brings new victims. FORCE NATO to CLOSE the SKY OVER UKRAINE. This is the only way to stop Putin. Otherwise, you will be the next victim of his aggression! Putin is a WORLDWIDE CRIMINAL but don't be afraid of a nuclear strike from his side – he cannot do it alone, and the top militaries around him have families and want to live. It's just a threat on his part. He uses your fear to prevent military aid to Ukraine. BY NOT CLOSING the SKY OVER Ukraine NATO becomes an ACCOMPLICE of Putin's CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY


  14. Stop using the word escalation.
    Your words just repeat what Moscow is saying. Why would keep using those kind of words? What is your point?
    What does it matter what a mad man says?

  15. People often imagine the environment as a colosseum. The environment chooses those who suit them, not the strong. It is the weak (the simple-minded) who suit their environment (and become part of the war machine).
    War is not that great at all.
    In order to adapt to the various war machines and try to be part of them, people are losing the ability to remain independent (especially to think independently) and their talents are diminishing generation after generation. War does not make us better.
    People are divided into different prisons of the mind.
    Not only are they used to these walls, but they are born into them, a brick in the wall, and they even enjoy it so much that they are willing to sacrifice everything for words like "glory" (or, ironically, "freedom").
    Modern finance is based on credit (trust in one's own system or government), so these wars of ideas are extremely important.
    Money can generate money and it is not necessarily the elite. The one who born with power is not the smartest either.
    The 1% is not necessarily capable of conspiracy, but it is easy to reach a tacit agreement.
    10% often mistake themselves as 1%.

  16. Russia is only brave when no one fires back at them! that's why Russians like to attack civilians. End Russian soldiers…end putins federation

  17. UKRAINE MUST BE REBUILT WITH PUTINS MONEY. Get Abramovich's money "ALL 15 BILLION POUNDS OF IT" which is in fact Putin's money to Ukrainian Refugees. We cannot wait for Putin's enabler Boris Johnson to act to ease the suffering of the Ukrainian Refugees. People must demand it. There is one option available to bring attention AN INTERNATIONAL PETITION. a call for action on Refugee Relief. A you tube Channel can be utilized to launch such a petition. Abramovitch and other Oligarchs are merely holders for Putin's Money. Boris Johnson's visit to Kyiv was great support for Ukraine and the 100 million value of Armaments provided by Britain's taxpayers is vital. Notwithstanding his visit was also a smokescreen to cover the fact that he continues to protect Billions of Pounds for Putin. Johnson's action is token against these Oligarchs. An international petition must ask 2 things from both the UK and USA governments for immediate action.

    1 Immediate Honest Total seizure and Liquidation of entire property assets bank accounts of all Russian Billionaires within the E.U UK and USA. (what has occurred to date is pure tokenism).

    2 All Euros generated from this seizure under the control of international body of NGO's monitored by independent Auditors. This money is immediately paid out to every Ukrainian Refugee on a weekly basis until there is no money left. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is widely perceived in the UK as an amoral duplicitous Liar, a significant part of Conservative establishment has been corrupted by Putin. The People of Britain are fully aware of Johnson's character and are universally disgusted by him. It is worth noting in WW2 Japanese and German ordinary working people living in Allied Countries were interned (these people were 99.5 per cent totally innocent and were fleeing fascism) and their entire property was confiscated by the State. Does vast wealth and the right political connections make Putin's Lackeys impervious to the same?

  18. Putin you must be proud of yourself killing children and disabled elderly puff up bitch get ready the former guy says he'll see you in he'll PS don't forget your golf clubs

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