Biden doubles down on ‘genocide’ claim in Ukraine l ABC News

President Joe Biden is getting both criticism and praise for calling Russia’s actions in Ukraine a ‘genocide.’

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33 thoughts on “Biden doubles down on ‘genocide’ claim in Ukraine l ABC News

  1. Need to stay out of this war, russia & Ukraine govts are Not innocent. joe(obuma) is using this to create war,fear, more deaths, a WorldOrder

  2. Son: over-population a retarded mortality rate is a free world also understood to be an international dictatorship we are being criminally misled by ageist masterminds.
    Oh yeah oops Syria they forgot about them yeah it’s that literally it’s ah kill or be killed loss in battle situation to make up for dangerous ground, we are ghost town nations waiting to happen lifelessness is an answer.

  3. Joe Biden has Alzheimer's disease. Anybody who does not see this is part of the problem. Get him out of the office right now

  4. Whole word focusing right now on Ukraine but they don’t see the other side like Indian-Hindu extremists preparing an genocide against the muslim minority

  5. we need to go to war. like russia is just attacking civilians non stop. an armored vehicle killed a family of 5 the other day including a baby with a sign that said children on it.

    we need war, light these motherfockers up.

  6. Biden dit qu'il a donné l'ordre de bombarder la Yougoslavie/Belgrade

    « J'ai suggéré de bombarder Belgrade. J'ai proposé d'y envoyer des pilotes américains et de faire sauter tous les ponts. J'ai proposé de couper l'approvisionnement en pétrole. J'ai suggéré des actions spécifiques." c'est Biden qui est un criminel de guerre, là où le président américain dit que c'est lui qui a proposé de bombarder Belgrade en 1999.

    Bombardement de Belgrade 1999

  7. General Mark Milley said the war between Ukraine and Russia will last years but not certain it will last a decade with that being possible. How can the Biden administration allow this to be so drawn out. Either give Ukraine all the conventional weapons and support they need immediately or give Ukraine nothing so the war comes to an end ASAP which will result in less deaths from a long draw out war. When the US was in WWII there was no military doctrine to allow such incompetence. The Biden administration and his military advisors are incompetent if they foresee this war lasting years and not doing anything about it.

  8. Watcha waiting for are you trying not to start world War 3 ..Ukraine is being destroyed and money isn't gonna help them at all .all its doing is pissing off a crazy wanna be Hitler with the power to blow up the earth .and China is helping them ..have some coffee

  9. Pres. Joe Biden, you can't let the dictator of Russia Vladimir Putin have his soldiers rape Ukrainian women and bomb their churches; you have to have him tried in absentia for crimes against humanity and sentenced to be executed by the firing squad. Also, I urge you, Pres. Joe Biden to place a permanent American base between the Gaza Strip and Israel to insure the sovereignty of Israel, and it will also help Israel's Arab neighbors to understand that any strike against Israel will be address by the US Military Forces. President Eisenhower sent a fleet to the Mediterranian Sea to make it clear that the US would defend Israel in case its Arabs neighbors struck; and while Eisenhower was President for eight years Israel was safe — Victor Isaac Alexander

  10. – It's time NATO and USA wake up and instead of military practice in Poland!, provide Ukraine the weapons that they want ASAP, like Advanced air defense weapons and fighters before it got too late.
    The Ukraine neighbors could deliver those weapons to them quickly.
    – It is still Free fly Zone for Russia! Putin and his Butcher of Syria general are free to use all kind of bombs like clusters to kill innocent civilians as much they want!
    – If the West helped Poland in 1939 there would have been no Holocaust and a 6-yr world war.
    Do the West make the same mistake with Ukraine or do they support Ukraine to defeat Criminal war Putin?!.

  11. For a quick end to this war you need a victor. 

    Russia needs to use America's example of "shock & awe" to destroy every command and control facility in Ukraine, as well as railroad and highway bridges in Western Ukraine to stop Western nations from sending in more weapons.

    Putin has said he wants to demilitarize Ukraine, but Putin needs to do it big time, as the West keeps feeding egomaniac Zelensky free MONEY and weapons. Also, Zelensky should be nominated known as the world's greatest grifter.

    Also, Zelensky needs to be hunted down just like the U.S. did in hunting down Saddam Hussein.

  12. I am not sure WH and Biden know what is defined as Genocide. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is simply a war between two brotherly countries. Remember Ukraine by trying to join NATO provoked the conflict.

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