Michigan police release bodycam videos of fatal officer shooting l WNT

Police in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who have been accused of hiding details in this case, released graphic body and dash camera videos of a fatal traffic stop of a Black driver on April 4.


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28 thoughts on “Michigan police release bodycam videos of fatal officer shooting l WNT

  1. American police officers carry two kinds of weapons. Tasers and guns. They very obviously DON'T know how to use a taser. No training. They very obviously DO know how to shoot you in the back of the head with a gun. Loads of training.

    When you get stopped, you don't know what kind of person he is. He might be o.k. and actually is concerned about your safety. There are some police officers who actually do care. But you can't take that chance. You might get one like this officer in the video and immediately sees you as evil or his enemy. Just don't take a chance of dying today.

    If they stop you, you would be best jumping out of your car, falling face down on the ground, hands behind your head and beg for your life before he has a chance to get out of his car. Practice this phrase: 'Please don't kill me, sir. Please don't kill me, sir. Please don't kill me, sir." Be sure and fall on your face immediately without a nanosecond of hesitation lest he starts shooting right away. (This might be something that you need to practice and be ready for. They don't need any reason for pulling you over and realize that they can make up a reason at their own discretion.)

    Otherwise, you might be making a trip to the morgue.

    Let the officer get your license out of your pocket/purse himself. If you reach for it, he could shoot you and claim you had a weapon.

    Let him go into your glovebox and get your registration and insurance. You need to stay on the ground and beg for your life until you sign your speeding, failure to yield ticket, parking ticket, etc. When it's time for you to sign, you can stop begging for your life. You should be o.k. by then.

    Just sign the ticket and please, please, please, say nothing else (He can shoot you for disrespecting him if you say something he takes wrong. Many of these officers are full of testosterone, have fragile egos {that's why they took the job; they have a deep need to be feared} and could take anything you say as disrespect. It is important that you don't take a chance by saying the wrong thing. You don't want to die.)

    If you'll follow these simple instructions, then, you'll be fine. You'll get to see your children again and have a good chance of living out the rest of your life.

    If you are in any other country, don't sweat it. They train their officers and most of them don't carry guns.

  2. How are so many people siding with the cop, my man was on top of this dude and probably could have called for backup to help him since this civilian was clearly a struggle, but to pull out his gun and to straight up execute him is just insanity, pulling that gun out should be your last option in a life and death situation, not some guy resisting arrest over a fucking license plate

  3. Perhaps if the people who just sat there filming the incident had put down their fucking phones long enough to have assisted the cop effect the arrest, old mate might still be alive.

  4. Play stupid police games win stupid prizes….all the officers orders were straight logical English…this isn't a black and white thing ,this is a disobeying an officer and pray the price

  5. am i the only one who thinks that this man shouldn't have lost his life, period? i'm not saying he didn't deserve to be punished (he escalated the situation in every possible way), what i am saying is that taking his life was not the choice that the officer should have made.

  6. He fought the officer at length, grabbed his taser, and eventually the officer was riding his back like a bucking bronco and the guy was still lifting the officer up off the ground while holding his taser. The officer is not obliged to give up his life to some nut who is fighting the officer and in control of a weapon that can disable the officer leading to his death.

  7. murder that is what it is , disarm police over traffic stop no measure no threaten matter to the cop to kill its murder , problem it happen over and over no change people are dead its time to consider new play or their going to be war their is no place to run what the problem with stupid cop he had the car

  8. Unfortunate… However, that officer did everything he could to avoid having to do that. Everyone knows you don't fight the police. EVER. THEY WILL KILL YOU.

  9. He had nothing in his hand or the officer put it there and deliberately shot them in the back of the head. Because you could tell that he was aiming for the head.

  10. My 28 plus years in law enforcement experience (police officer) says that this shooting was not proper. no matter what the public thinks the officer will be fired and charges will be brought against him because he DID NOT FOLLOW DEPARTMENT POLICY……END OF STORY….. everyone in the world knows a taser only fires twice, which it did……after that it's a toy……now it's time for a physical fight if you pick that option or disengage because time is on your side and wait for back-up…… oh wait you have another option, let him run away and tow the car then issue him the tickets later. the police officer had a plethora amount of options so he DID NOT HAVE TO KILL A CITIZEN OVER A DAM TRAFFIC VIOLATION. fyi in florida an officer must witness the placement of the tag not assigned being place on the vehicle before a traffic ticket is issued, so basically that ticket never get issued. prominent attorney Joey jackson articulated it so eloquently everything the police officer did wrong so watch it to get a better understanding of the law.

  11. When a cop pulls you over you comply. If you don't it will end up with you in jail or dead. Why can't people understand this, this is what happens when you don't do what a policeman says. In my opinion the policeman did all the necessary things. But people aren't gonna like the shooting, but put yourself in that situation and its hard to know when to use lethal force. Whole situation sucks but all he had to do was stay in the car and taken the ticket.

  12. bro get tfoh just let the police do what thay are going to do why get out of your car why run why resist that cop was 1000× more patient then most of them would have been i have seen videos where thay dont even try to deploy a taser thay just shoot but he tried taser and dude went for it when he had him down he was probably thinking he is alot stronger than me and he alrdy went for my taser the police doesn't know if this man just killed somebody and thats why he is running or if he has a felony warrant and would rather die than go back sometimes u must analyze from both perspective not just 1 this is not a cut and dry shooting the man could have done anything if he overpowered the cop and his actions showed me most likely would have and when he was on top of him before the police shot him he said drop the taser

  13. ABC news should be ashamed of themselves. This is what actually happens :
    1. The Police Officer repeatedly asks Mr Lyoya to get back in the car and he refuses.
    2. The Officer tells him that the license plate does not match the car.
    3. He asks him for his license and he says it is in the car. He does not get it from the car.
    4. Mr. Lyoya runs from the Officer and resists arrest.
    5. He grabs the Officer's taser.
    6. The Officer shoots him.
    The news media is trying to make this into a racial incident which it is NOT. Period.

  14. Change legislation!
    Policemen should have the right to shot everybody who resists arest.

    Good poeple don't resist,
    criminals do.

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