New York City Mayor Adams increased police presence in subways after shooting rampage I ABCNL

ABC News’ senior investigative reporter Aaron Katersky, chief investigative reporter Josh Margolin and legal contributor Channa Lloyd discuss the next steps in federal case.

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35 thoughts on “New York City Mayor Adams increased police presence in subways after shooting rampage I ABCNL

  1. When seconds matter the police will be there in minutes. I’ve got a better idea, how about law abiding citizens protecting themselves with a concealed weapon? Isn’t it strange that cities with the most gun violence are the ones with the strictest gun laws?

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  3. 12 years ago girl gunned down and not a word from any black civil right group BLM are fakes How many more children will die at the hands of thugs Not guns but the thugs who use them

  4. Increase NYPD presence in train stations for how long ? This will last I give it a week and then it's back to less police, more stabbings and shootings in and around the subway. NYC is a complete joke just like Mayor Adams for still not lifting the vaccine mandate for essential workers to go back to the jobs they lost because of the previous Mayor.

  5. If Frank James was white, “mental health” would not have been talked about. All we would hear is “white supremacist/extremist”, hate crime charges, and “he’s a Trump supporter” for weeks or months. I highly doubt Frank James had a mental disorder. He repeated the same racist rhetoric heard from people like LeBron James and Nick Cannon; except they haven’t acted on their hatred towards whites. Frank James also had a criminal record. There are a lot of videos on social media of black people engaged in racist rants against Europeans and Asians. All they ever talk about is how much they hate whites and how they are “victims”. Why can’t the MSM call this what it is…BLACK SUPREMACY!!! With recent number of black men assaulting Asian women, random children, and now this; why are we coddling black people and downplaying their crimes? I have no doubt Frank James is a BLM and Biden supporter.

  6. The extreme left mainstream media, is helping fuel hatred of whites not good it must stop . For hours left out that the subject Frank James was black even though it was common knowledge early on why ?
    They also left out Frank James is a Racist and hates whites and calls all white women whores on his YouTube site, and said white women look down on him because he is a black man. Much of the media and their anchors pushes the narrative that all whites are guilty of white supremacy that don't support extreme liberals of CRT and woke, or if one supports America First Policies that means they are racist, that is a real Big lie and shame on them they don't even deserve to be called News stations or even tabloid news for that matter.
    They are fanning hate and causing this destruction in America and in our streets with these lies, its shameful and should stop.
    The only good thing many Americans are no longer trusting them and there nonsense. Nor the Politian's that try to divide instead of unite Americans, Content of Character not color of skin is what makes a person and work ethic of oneself. View more tv Channels to learn more balanced truth, Vote better candidates in office many are now having voters remorse . Always remember In God We Trust.

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  9. More police is NOT THE ANSWER. Get the guns off the streets. Put the money towards community centers, jobs, housing, address the lack of learning and skills being learned in the public school sysytems. Fund mental health!!! Anything but giving the police more money and or power.

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  12. “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” George Floyd, 689 days sober. Liberals… Say his name!

  13. Wow he got on the R train across the platform! I'm still questioning that move to ask people to get on the train to get them out of the station.

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