NYC subway shooting suspect in custody

Frank James was wanted for allegedly shooting 10 people on a Brooklyn subway.


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43 thoughts on “NYC subway shooting suspect in custody

  1. NYC has the strictest gun control policies in the country and yet this still happened. Like Trump said, It's about getting these lunatics mental health treatment before they commit violent acts.

  2. Yet still no media is talking about the fact that he was a black racist. He wanted blacks and whites not to coexist. He wanted white people dead. I'm not making this up, his own videos state this. Newsmax is about the only one showing it. Just like the Christmas parade motives that the media has hid from the mass, it's the hatred of whites. The media has been pushing the narrative of white people are oppressors and black people are constantly the victim in the most free country in the world. I think this is the end result of pushing race hostility. Black , white and everyone else working together is what makes America special, and is the reason why people through out the world want to come here. The media pushing this hate should be ashamed and held accountable. One more thing, if NY And NYC didn't withhold the people's rights of the 2nd amendment this individual could of been taking out before there as that many victims. Even in the FBI DATABASE shows that guns on average have successfully been used to protect innocent citizens from criminals 2 million times in a year. Guns are not the problem, it's the lack of respect for human life that's the problem.

  3. Hey, America. I think it's time to talk about our Black Nationalism problem. After this, Waukesha, the BLM riots, teaching CRT in schools, destroying American history, shaming Nick Sandman while the Black Hebrew Israelites called his group, "children of incest," and many more examples, I think it's high past time that we have a conversation about it. Of course, while populist president, Donald Trump, still controls the Republican Party, the corporate media will refuse to talk about it because it refutes the Democrats' worldview. I think that all Americans should ask, "Why does the media have to lie to us? Why won't they talk about this clearly dangerous ideology?" You don't have to support Donald Trump to denounce left-wing terrorists.

  4. Now, just how "WOKE," was the highly racist, Frank R. James, the "alleged," serial-mass shooter/Black Nationalist and former native of d'a savagely violent, BRONX, perhaps!?

    Inquiring minds want to know, "Just how WOKE?" indeed!

    Welcome, to our violently dystopic, and most highly dysfunctional, newly Anarchistic, ANTIFA, BLM, RAM, "Cancel-Culture," Hateful, Homophobic, Illiberal, Intolerant, Islamophobic, Lawless, Pseudo-Neo-Marxist, Racist, "anti-Semitic," Neo-Fascist, Odious, "De-Fund the Police," Brave New "Woke," Amerikan Society, of universal anger, torrid resentment, and eternal victimhood, indeed!

    What more need be said, perhaps!?

  5. Well, he will be at Rikers and he will decide to get his teeth cleaned and all fillings done as he was too "busy" to take care of his health while in the street. He would call 311 to get medical treatment and long due surgery done for free. In fact, he will be able to scream and curse and express his racism toward staff and civilians while at Rikers and everybody had to be kind to him and be professional or else he would sue! Poor guy will get his mental health evaluated and be treated as a patient as the world had not been kind to him!

  6. “They – the NYPD” are “LYING”. It was a hispanic or immigrant man, a manager of a nearby business, that had to go up to a police officer and “ask the Police officer to go up and question Frank James”. The NYPD didn’t have a clue who he was. Frank James could have walked right by the NYPD officers without incident. This immigrant man/manager was the one to arrest Frank James, not the NYPD..trying to take credit for the arrest. They’re too cheap to give a reward and they want all the credit for themselves.

  7. Ate they going to Charge it as a Terrorist Attack? 👨‍💻 If they don't I'm worried copy cats will do the same and not worry about being charged as Terrorists

  8. How in the HELL can this Animal be out on the street terrorising the World around him? His terrorist thinking is no better than PUTIN ! We need to destroy the Evil and not allow these tools of the Devil to exist! Evil is out there !

  9. One side America is giving CATSA threat and Human Right lecture to India and other side they tell us they are our friend.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Don't need enemy when u have friend like America…

    Human rights in America they call shooting instead of a terrorist. Every day black people and non America peoples got killed by terrorist (shooting) …. This is not human violence for then what would be?

  10. I have yet to see video or any evidence to show that he was the person doing the shooting or involved. "profanity laced youtube videos"??
    Almost every youtuber I listen to has at least a dozen or so.

  11. This was terrorism, or a hate crime if you prefer given the racial motivation. He was openly for the extinction of the white race. Fox uncovered many of his messages on social media proving this without a shadow of a doubt.

    Oh wait… right… no, it was white supremacy – that tends to be the default assumption from ABC (and the other fake news networks)

    see the link below:

  12. If you're smart, unless you're a crim)(inal get out of Liberal cities ran by diversity hires because their job is to de troy you. The criminals are a protected class (more like unconscious assets) who are used (through ignoring and bypassing law enforcement) to terrorize the public in order to try and get people to give away their guns and further submit to authority.

    They tried the whole "white male terrorism" thing but it's a lie in the same way that they tried the "stop Asian hate" thing then abandoned it after they (the media) discovered it wasn't white people attacking Asians.

    Everyone who cares to know, knows where the crime is coming from and it's ugly but even worse it's subsidized. Democrats have unknowingly long sought after their own destruction, well it's very close. Don't be fool.

  13. Funny no one has mentioned that he's jobless and homeless. Yet, he has a car, travels the country and was last seen leaving a military base in PA where they run terrorist simulations training. I'm starting to think this is bigger than this guy

  14. Ofcourse they dont talk about the videos he put out talking about how white people are not your friend and that white people are plotting to kill black people and that him and other black people need to kill all the white people before they kill you… he blatently calls out his motive but they dont know what the motive is yet. Okay sure. Wtf!

  15. This is what happens when Democrat politicians tell black people that their failures are not their own. They do this in an attempt to gain power. Black people, your failures are absolutely your own. We all own our failures and only a 🐈 will push that onto other people.

  16. It’s crazy how white folks are scared to sit next to me on the train when I’m going to work in the morning and how white women clutch their hand bags when I walk by them on the train station platform…and I dress like a million bucks smelling like the best cologne, looking sharp as can be…yet this guy was deemed unsuspecting because he had a vest and hard hat on 🤔🤔🤔when will folks learn that you can’t judge a book by its cover??🤷‍♂️ I just wanna know what quality did he possess that seemed non threatening and why they assume my intent (as well as others)is harmful?? Can anyone answer that? Well….I guess after today that will change, now they will be scared of all black folks in a construction vest and hard hat is what I assume, unfortunately

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