NYC subway shootings: Multiple shot, suspect at large

Multiple people have been shot in separate incidents involving a northbound N train in Brooklyn, New York, Tuesday morning.

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46 thoughts on “NYC subway shootings: Multiple shot, suspect at large

  1. Just saw a video exposing this crap and holy crap you can see the lady running back and forth for no reason and then steps on a bag that blood came out of. All staged

  2. Exactly❗ Thank you for bringing attention to this Tucker. I’ve been wondering all day if the media, Democratic politicians, and the FBI are going to label this domestic terrorism or left wing extremism since he did rant about his hate for President Trump on social media. It seems they only label people domestic terrorists if they’re Trump supporters or if they oppose Covid restrictions, or if they’re parents at school board meetings.‼️

    Well I’m white and have never ever wanted to kill a black person❗ But he calls us racist‼️

    People who yell Racism the most are usually the most Racist.‼️

    But wait, isn’t NYC a Defund the Police supporter❓ Now, they want the police to get this thug, and bring him to justice.

    I bet it’s Trump’s fault.❗

    The left wing socialist media probably described him as a dark tanned white man wearing a "MAGA" cap❗

    Harris will bail him out‼️ Like all the others❗

    On a Federal terrorist watch list until 2019, what happened.❓ The federal government looking for terrorist in all the wrong places, that what happened❗ Federal law enforcement has become polarized with political influence, very sad state of affairs.

    I'm sure the media, academia, and politicians who have been pushing anti- white propaganda, such as critical race theory, and shows like everything is going to be all white. Are going to be asking themselves are they contributing to the division and hate that helps motivate people like this to go out and commit a terrorist act. Not to mention the soft on crime revolving door of our justice system.

    And you don’t see people protesting but if it were the other way around forget it❗

    The Mayor comes out and pats himself, and the hundreds of officers on the back for tacking this guy down and capturing him❗ Then we find out he actually turned himself in to crime stoppers❗ That Mayor is a joke‼️

    The man is too organized to have a serious mental illness. Stop scamming the public.‼️

    I am sure they will find a excuse about his screwed up childhood to get him off and set back free with a slap on his wrist…. notice you really don't hear about the man that plowed down grannies in a parade anymore …… nothing to see here people move on so says the media.

    I don't know why new Yorkers are up in arms over this crime, they keep voting in these democratic politicians that made the laws to protect criminals.‼️

    All the reporters asking him, "why did you do this❓"…The answer is simple…He's a racist❗

    Wonder if his hatred came from watching Fox News.❓

    Was watching CNN tonight (on at the gym), they completely buried the lead. I’m losing tolerance for people who have an agenda they care about more than the truth.‼️

    And why was he allowed to say such things on FB❓ They block others from saying things they don’t like, like the truth… but they were complicit with this man and his violence. Hope FB is proud of themselves❗ Way to go‼️ Sickening. In 20'21, I posted something negative about Biden (NOTHING VIOLENT❗)
    FB banned me for 24 hours.‼️

    Let’s talk how "YouTube" let his videos on, and takes all conservatives videos down.‼️

    If a White person posted videos like he did on YouTube, his account would have been suspended forever. "YouTube" needs to be called out on this.‼️

    And he didn’t have his account blocked❓❗❓❗Must not have gone against their “community standards”. Fact checkers asleep at the wheel. 😉

    And with all of those racist posts was he ever kicked off social media for hate speech❓
    Bet he wasnt.‼️

    So where's al sharpton when it's black on white crime❓ Crickets.‼️

    If I tried to post rants against blacks, I would get kicked off social media in 10 minutes. I am so sick and tired of “double” standards.‼️

    So not only did NSA, FBI, and others look away, expect CNN, MSNBC, and all the other lame streams to do the same.‼️

    I wonder if the term black supremacist will get any play here❓ The media likes to throw around white supremacist in these situations, so I am sure they will point out what he was, right❓

    I am really mad that the first thought I had when I saw the suspect photo is that this story will disappear because he does not match the narrative the MSM wants. I’ve just seen it happen to much. Wisconsin, Sacramento, etc.‼️

    Wait, are you telling me a man was responsible for the shooting❓ I thought the gun was at fault.‼️

    The media is already ‘shaping’ this story so they can fit it into their narrative…. otherwise, it will be a two day news story.‼️

    So basically all the Fake News and the government will talk about is his Gun…. And need to take them away. Nothing will be said about his hate for white people, his thoughts that 911 was the greatest day etc…. Nope, we will hear talks of getting guns out of Every citizens hands.‼️

    Pretty sure that would be considered a hate crime then or maybe not because the color of his skin 🙁

    I hope they aren't mean to him. I'm sure he has various excuses. And he wore a mask. Ill bet he is mostly peaceful.❗

    I don’t believe he’ll stay in jail long in New York they have a revolving door for criminals. No bail it just breeds this kind of violence.‼️

    How is it acceptable for the Democrats to demonize white Americans❓ Why are they doing something so destructive/despicable❓ What's their endgame❓

    MSM as this was going down “please be a white trump supporter, please be a white trump supporter”, as the facts came out “ oops, ok bury the story”.‼️

    Apparently he didn't know that he Joe Biden he's the definition of "white supremacist". How about those laws you voted for or how you talk to people. It isn't black and white "Mr President", it's right and wrong. Such a shame.

    Isn't our glorious leader against hate crimes❓ Here's a hate crime and he fails to acknowledge it. Isn't that hypocrisy. If that exact crime would have been done by a white person it would have been, and he would be a white supremacist, racist, Trump sympathizer.‼️

    CBS news totally hid those facts and glossed over as much as they could and during the report at not one time the word racist was mentioned. Expect CNN to completely ignore his motivations.‼️

    He should be charged with hate crimes, too.❗

    So true Tucker ,racism comes in all races, even though at one time you think we as a Nation moved on from The Past. It has became unfathable to see what's happening in Our Country. People have went mad,it's an evil like I've never seen before and the race card has been used so much its absolutely sickens me to the core . We need to get back Loving one another and unifying and get off the political games. People are truly seeing This admistration truest colors. We need to wake Up❗ These Tyrants are Evil. People don't fear nothing anymore ,Noone is be held accountable, Our laws are not being enforce. We need it desperately. I just think what it will be like when my grandkids get older. That seriously scares me more than anything else.‼️

    Keep bringing us truth Tucker Carlson.‼️

    Sadly the truth‼️

    Argue with an idiot,❓
    they bring you down to their level,❗
    “and beat you with experience.”‼️

    It's Sick out there and getting “SICKER”‼️

    The world has become a dangerous place,❗
    Idiots are in charge.‼️

    Yes, “Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder”❗
    …..just not tolerable to the thin-skinned left.

    To every freedom loving American Citizen. 🇺🇸
    God Bless You.🎖 And may God continue to Bless the Magnificent USA.❤ 🇺🇸

    The Passing of Our Beloved America❗
    Will America Survive❓

    Please pray for America. She has never been under assault from the inside as much as she is now. Her only hope is you and her beautiful Constitution to protect her.‼️

    What does it say … the oath of office…❓
    Oh yeah.."from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC”…❗

  3. Turns out the suspect of interest is a black supremacist you don't believe me look it up wonder how they're going to make this one go away real quick or divert your attention somewhere else

  4. Your subconsciousness will always get you caught. One key and one receipt in a New York City subway station is what led to the discovery of this guy. That's amazing especially how dirty New York City train stations are

  5. Why is this piece of filth not being charged with a hate crime after several racist and threatening videos surfaced?

    We all know the answer.

  6. The shooter must’ve been one of those white supremacist that the Biden administration has been looking for since they took office.

  7. The government keeps telling us that white supremacy is the biggest threat to the United States. But I'm confused because the guy in the photo doesn't look like a white supremacist.

  8. Peaceful community spreading peace all over the world…….I thought only in India coz they r 15% but in us where less than 1% .our people have been tolerating them since 1400 but now we are aware hope people of US soon understand the real problem….

  9. Here comes the idiot gun grabbers to try to blame EVERY gun and gun owner for this shooting. Here’s a question…how did he get past the metal detectors and the police? Ohhhhh, that’s right, you defunded the police and you still didn’t put metal detectors in….sorry but it’s not guns that did this, it’s the fault of the criminal and the politicians as well those who voted for them. Get bent!

  10. Urban livin on display

    Won’t hear any more of this on democrat progressive media now that photo has been released.

    Mentally I’ll will be the headline vs racism and hate crime.

    Interesting how intelligent these POC mentally ill terrorist are in completing these crimes.

    Don’t fit the democrat narrative.


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