NYPD says subway shooting suspect called tip line himself l GMA

Frank James, who was taken into custody Wednesday after allegedly detonating smoke grenades and opening fire on a Brooklyn train Tuesday, called the tip line himself, authorities said.
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50 thoughts on “NYPD says subway shooting suspect called tip line himself l GMA

  1. A bloated $10 billion dollar a year budget, an unconstitutional Orwellian video surveillance system on almost ever block in the city, and the NYPD can't even catch this guy for over 30 hours without the PUBLIC and the SUSPECT HIMSELF calling crime stoppers?! Not to mention being unable to prevent it from happening in the first place! This is beyond incompetence! It's past time to DEFUND THE NYPD.

  2. Nothing will change because newyork is a very stupid people zero security and no checks in any locations. They have learned nothing. And this garbage show will keep repeating over and over. They rather manhunt then prevent🤷‍♂️ america=dumb

  3. He can't read and he was pan handling ppl didn't understand him and I think he was talking to himself telepathicly I think he could hear what he was thinking telepathicly??? I think if he had a sign that said he can't ready while panel handling might have prevented this and maybe metal detectors on trains and at some trains station???

  4. This guy has mental issues and going nuts coo coo at the same time. Lol
    Heard he has a youtube channel in his own little world talking about the world in his own words like a black supremacist saying white people and black people shouldn't come in contact each other or live together. He also said back in the day black people were once kings and queens until the white people came dismantle their kingdom, took control and turn them into slaves. Lmao

  5. Ten people shot nobody dead. The cameras in the train weren’t working. Nobody has pictures or videos of the shooting. There’s much more to this.

  6. Vote to get rid of Biden, AOC and the Squad in the next election 🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙👍👍👍..Let's Go Brandon!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  7. “They – the NYPD” are “LYING”. It was a hispanic or immigrant man, a manager of a nearby business, that had to go up to a police officer and “ask the Police officer to go up and question Frank James”. The NYPD didn’t have a clue who he was. Frank James could have walked right by the NYPD officers without incident. This immigrant man/manager was the one to arrest Frank James, not the NYPD.

  8. One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all,
    justice justice justice, a planned mass murders on a train, of innocent civilians, tax payers, really, need to see justice, that's why its happening, there's no justice seen, tax payers deserve justice, what kind of justice will these innocent civilians tax payers receive, where is the chair on this matter where is the seat of justice, what is justice,

  9. What kind of justice is there for the people that experience this terrific tragedy due to mental illness maniacs like this person who cohosts this mass attempt murders and hurt so many people, and brought Terra and fears to innocent citizens on their way to their daily lives, that have been through hell these past 2 years, what kind of justice will they be given from the authorities of humanity, we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves, what kind of justice would the authorities have given to their departments of law enforcement if it had been one of their own in such an incident, what would be the penalty for an individual that planned this mass murders on their own enforcement officers departments what kind of justice would they receive, Jesus said what I say to one of you, I say to all of you, simple words to understand, what good for one is good for the others, justice is for all persons,

  10. Business stated they will Board up the stores, just incase BLM comes Loot the Business that had nothing to do with this Peaceful Shooting.

  11. Be sure to check out his video explaining his attack
    This should be mentioned by this fake news source
    Lies lies lies

  12. Another black supremacist, driven by woke rage and woke hate.

    1 year before the civil war, only Democrats owned slaves.
    In the Democrat Jim Crow south, democrats wore white robes and white hoods, promoting racial hate and violence.
    Today, democrats ware black masks and black hoodies, promoting racial hate and violence.

  13. Hoteppers have a familiar con we’re all getting hip to:
    All White on Black violence stories: Prove the institution of White supremacy.

    All Black on White violence stories: Are anecdotal one-off stories that are isolated and prove nothing beyond the one case.

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