Putin’s initial objectives have ‘failed miserably’: Retired Gen. Robert Abrams

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks to ABC News contributor retired Gen. Robert Abrams about Putin’s effort to seize more territory in eastern Ukraine, and whether his objectives are an effort to save face.

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40 thoughts on “Putin’s initial objectives have ‘failed miserably’: Retired Gen. Robert Abrams

  1. The USSR wasn't much of a superpower. Russia is not even close. And they've shot themselves so hard in the foot they're about to bleed to death all due to their own incompetence in this absolutely mindless war. All this gave Vladolf Putler was scorn, headache, sanctions, debt and enemies all over the world. At the same time, it's not the fault of the Russian people. They're living in a Stockholm syndrome bubble. Somehow the nomenclature of Russia needs to … go, whatever that means, and the people need to start over without the burden of the history and without a raging lunatic dictator as a substitute for a leader. They have to rewrite their constitution and they need help from the rest of the world to start over on a clean slate.

  2. Just like the long line of other fools who ran whatever name russia went by, It's like the whole country is cursed to be incompetent fools at pretty much everything

  3. The US is causing humanitarian catastrophes around the world by killing innocent civilians and creating millions of refugees. And with a smile they justify the murder of thousands of children and the destruction of cities, and their subordinate countries applaud. It is you who are the terrorists of the world, it is you who led the fraternal peoples to war, it is you hypocritical killers. It was you who stole Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves. Your lies and fooling the population have reached cosmic proportions. Stop mocking Russia or we will introduce our own sanctions, winged, intercontinental. It is impossible to endure this for a long time, the entire population of Russia demands the creation of a strait between Mexico and Canada in order to finally bring peace to the planet. You are like parasites, only eating and shitting.

  4. Really? I think putin has reached his goal, destroy as many Ukrainians as possible demolished their cities, torture the innocent and defendless children, elderly, and rape their little girls. He's a bully, that's the goal of all dictators. Might = Right to him, just like Trump.

  5. On a positive note , anyone that knows those anti armor systems know that Russia will be able to ship people home very cost effectively in shoe boxes , and no charge to mom's for the cremation!

  6. Does Japan deserve to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Russian military brutality? During World War II, women were forcibly mobilized to Japanese Military Sexual Slavery throughout the Japanese occupation, including Chinese and Korean soldiers, and pregnant women were cut with bamboo swords, burned, frozen, killed, infected with typhoid, tested with a knife, strangled, killed with grenades, and buried on the ground. In addition, Marshall County in the South Pacific also killed Koreans who were forcibly mobilized to the Atoll Island and fed human flesh as whale meat. It is the Japanese who have done the most vicious things that exist on Earth.
    If you think this is false, you can check with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)."Record Group 125" is in the "Pacific War Crimes" section of the U.S. Navy's collection of documents.

  7. This Criminal action against the Ukraine people cannot go unpunished. Russian politians must be held accountable for this savage act of whole scale murder and these Field Commanders, Generals and Politicians responsible should be more worried about escaping the hangman's noose….. Than saving face .. Moreover they should not be afforded a sandbox of Real Estate for thier blood thirsty efforts! God Bless the Ukrainian People..🌎🌍☮️

  8. Novichokia/Russia had Ukraine surrounded – North-East-South & West prior to invasion and still Ukraine kicked them to the curb!! Long Live Ukraine! Long Suffer Novichokia/russia!

  9. Americans would benefit from listening to some independent news as well as the institutional government news! The US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan for less reason than Russia did Ukraine. NATO has been encroaching on Russia's borders since 1991. Ukraine recently intimated they would become members of NATO and they might pursue nuclear weapons and Ukraine had a large military force near the Donbas border. Russia saw these actions as a security threat much as the US saw Iraq's and Afghanistan's actions as threats to our security. The big difference being Iraq and Afghanistan are not on our border. Many Americans have no clue what this conflict is about but that doesn't stop them from being emotional and hysterical about it!

  10. 🇺🇸- 🇺🇦- 🇷🇺
    You americans🇺🇸 if you want to start a war with Russia go in Russia and fight with Russia don't put the Ukraine(and Europe) in the middle; and make Ukraine to fight for you!¡

    you are using all kind of hate speech

    you speak like you care about woman's you are destroying families in the United States

    and what you are trying to do about woman's in Ukraine?

    that are including in you hate speech, and all kind of lay's.
    Your Americans ,
    Leave my country alone.. ..
    If you want a free gas – Go in Russia and fight with Russia and get a free Gas

    You 🇺🇸 are destroying my home
    Americans and Europe and many other countries, they're paying millions of dollars from the government budget.

    but if they win, and if they get a free gas; the money💰 are not going back to the government but: in their pocket,, or in a single American🇺🇸 Pocket – because the gas is free.

    So they are not responsible for the people and for how many are dying,

    they are only responsible for how much money are coming in their pocket:

    when they make you wicker – they are stronger,

    and they are strong because somebody else are fighting for them.
    I am from Ukraine, but to believe that Americans" are helping ukraine is far from true: this is the same thing like america is promising to immigrants to protect the immigrants. One group of people is bringing you to United States, and another group of Americans are hunting you; And they are using all kind of illegal chemicals to hunt people:
    I have been spy for over 15 years in the United States which they try to hunt and kill me – and that is only because i am Christian,, it is a miracle that I am still alive today.

    Refuges immigrant people should be protected in the United States not to be hunted"

    If you hear an American saying i love the Christian's – That is a lie.

  11. The whole world underestimates Joe Biden. That's the thing about our current president. people assume he is old and weak, but he walks softly, but he carries a big stick.

  12. I thought if he didn't decapitate he would just level the place, So it's only a half a failure, He didn't fail completely, I'm not rooting for Putin, but it is reality.


  14. Putin,Putin,Putin,trump trump trumpady trump it’s all lying fake news has,sure Russia is loosing keep sending Ukraine weapons and fight till the last Ukrainian

  15. one chinese personal supervise , super excited over dynamic covid zero destroyed what they had build 30 yrs. everthing he oversees reset zero

    A Russian personal supervise super excited over a small land destroyed what they had build 50yrs ago Ukraine invasion war reset zero.

    A french likes to talk to nazi russia one and only without INTEL

  16. Please start referring to Putin by his rapidly spreading nick-name "Vlad the Failer". If it sticks, I am sure he will enjoy being known as that.

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