Russia appears to be shifting its offensive in Ukraine I ABCNL

A new report from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe says Russia broke international law by targeting civilians in Ukraine.

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42 thoughts on “Russia appears to be shifting its offensive in Ukraine I ABCNL

  1. "Human beings are willingly to put themselves in harms ways to protect all that's precious and sacred, can never be defeated and conquered by any standing army."
    Alexander Tran

  2. Mr Putin, for the past 50 days you have wrecked havoc on Ukraine! You are a disgrace to the Russian people whom you claim to lead. Your soldiers are butchers who you have cut loose on innocent people. History is full of tyrants like you, including Nebuchadnezzar's son Belshazzar, who treated the Jews abominably. You may remember that he threw a party where a hand appeared writing on a wall. If you turn around you will also see a hand writing on your wall written in the blood of Ukrainian people. Any person from outside your tightly controlled kingdom will tell you that your days are numbered! You have been weighed by humanity and found wanting. **Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin ***

  3. If America was to invade Ukraine, it would have faced difficulties too.
    Look how long America has been in Iraq , Afghanistan and others countries to still loose its wars.
    It's not easy to invade cities , but deserts are more open and easier to invade, yet America LOST.
    Russia didn't even use its air power and other powerful weapons to attack Ukraine, many Russian soldiers didn't even know they were going to war against Ukraine.
    As far as civilian casualties Russia has given them notice to vacate, but they chose to stay and not leave, they even helped Ukrainian military with phone apps to give them Russian positions.
    There, the truth being told that you wouldn't here on American media.

  4. Changed everything Trump did to secure this country and Biden changed it all with the stroke of the pen. More 9/11 coming than we've ever seen.

  5. Biden is a weak President. With a stroke of the pin he changed every thing Donald Trump did. Biden is not working for this country. Russia and China.

  6. They are heading back because most have ran out of money. Most countries have turned a blind eye on fast-processing the issuing of a place to live and a form of finantial help whilst they find work. They all had to submit paperwork and most as still waiting for any form of help.

  7. German chancellor Mr. Scholz don't wait longer. Put the big power guns on the right way every day more you have more and more blood on your soul. I'm a SPD member since decades do the right thing NOW. You got the OK from FDP and the Grünen what you are waiting for ?

  8. The Pentagon instructed the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to withdraw all the remaining artillery to the cities on the eastern front – Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, where they can fire behind civilians. Restraining the offensive of the Russian troops is prescribed by small mobile groups armed with mortars and anti-tank systems, moving across the steppe in civilian vehicles. This is a war crime by U.S. for suggesting it, and it is a war crime and crimes against humanity if Ukraine follows this (which we know they are doing). Where is the outrage? This, if anything, need to be subject to sanctions.

  9. This stupid 'war' is being played out. Putin is untouchable, all other world governments COMBINED claim… LOL.
    Meanwhile, it appears that Sars-CoV-2, which causes Covid19, was created and is effectively being covered up by this nonsense.

  10. List of Countries bombed-attacked by the United States after World War II: Japan (1945) Korea and China (1950-53) Guatemala (1954) Indonesia (1958) Cuba (1959-61) Guatemala (1960) Congo (1964) Laos (1964-73) Vietnam (1961-73) Cambodia (1969-70) Guatemala (1967-69) Grenada (1983) Lebanon (1983,1984) Libya (1986) El Salvador (1980s) Nicaragua (1980s) Iran (1987) Panama (1989) Iraq (1991) Kuwait (1991) Somalia (1993) Bosnia (1994, 1995) Sudan (1998) Afghanistan (1998) Yugoslavia (1999) Yemen (2002) Iraq (1991-2003) Iraq (2003-2015) Afghanistan (2001-2015) Pakistan (2007-2015) Somalia (2007, 2008, 2011) Yemen (2009, 2011) Libya (2011, 2015) Syria (2014-2015)

  11. Scott Ritter provides excellent info about this war. Putin needs a victory? He has already won, all the west does is extend the war. The suffering of the people. BIG WIN, look into what Russia has done with the currency. The world is going to change. War crimes? As in the Azovs burning people alive? No mention of that? and others? Russians torture? the BS never stops.

  12. Why Mr Zelensky already lost…..
    …….he has less than half the army now.
    …….has some arms supplied by the West
    ……Food industry destroyed
    ….Hospitals & Govt buildings destroyed.
    ….Tourism industry destroyed.
    …. Education destroyed.
    ….. Automobile industry destroyed.
    ……supply chain destroyed.

    .what's remaining then…
    Zelensky, some brave heart people and some army.

    Until when the war will last…?
    Till the last man is killed or say till Zelensky is arrested or runs away

    Will Ukrainians refugees return?
    For what and why ….they shall never return as they lost everything and don't want to be a part of this foolish war.

    What will Russia gain…?
    Sense of fear among ivals which will help them regain lost glory.

    Where did US go wrong…?
    In expanding NATO to maintain their hegemony.

    Who is the biggest beneficiary?
    On short run USA on long run China, Turkey and India.

    Will there be 3 WW..?
    It has already started…

    When will this end ?
    In about a decade when everyone gets tired and realise mistakes after postmortem.

    Advice for common people..?
    Don't elect fool's to the top and try to survive on least resources, be cautious and sensitive.

  13. That is one terrible reporter, constantly stuttering and he is obviously improvising and saying things everyone already knew

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  15. only stupid people can call this news today breaking news is more than 1200 ukraine elite forces surrender in ukraine u shold inform people of this. Also u can inform that 90% procent of citizens in mariople WONT the mariople be a part ofd donbass if u do not know this u are NOT News canlel but but warmonger chanal

  16. The Ukrainian army is simply hiding behind civilians who were not given them green corridors simply because the corridors go towards Russia. Ukrainian militaries don't want to lose their shields. Everything is simple. They don't give a damn about people, they protect the criminal terrorist regime of the bloody clown Zelensky.

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