‘Structural racism’ impacting underserved communities grappling with autism l ABCNL

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks to Areva Martin, president of the Special Needs Network, about Autism Acceptance Month and the challenges individuals living with autism have to face.

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35 thoughts on “‘Structural racism’ impacting underserved communities grappling with autism l ABCNL

  1. Do we really want people to have love and acceptance of others? It starts in the home. Parents are abusive, neglectful, let their kids spend hours on trash TV, nudity , video games, screen time. Let kids be innocent. Parents should be telling their kids daily to play outside. To color or paint. Encourage their beautiful growing brains with creativity and reading. Parents, sit at the dinner table for supper every night and talk about their day. Enjoy every day with your children. Play with your kids. Do chores with your kids. Read books with your kids to help grow those little growing brains. Kiss them and tell them you love them everyday. Teach them they are loved and then teach them how to love others by helping out in your towns by visiting with your neighbors, helping the poor. helping kids with volunteering with special programs. Parents teach your kids to help special need and handicapped people. Go help the elderly in the nursing homes. Do we really want to change the world? The solution ?? Love. Smother this society with love and serving EVERYONE.. There is no other way. Oh, and turn off the TV and go live your life.

  2. I can't take this disease seriously when the vast majority of ausistics act like normal people to me. 🤷 There's no way this many people are "special". Everybody has some sort of "mental disorder" these days. You don't know what a real mental disorder looks like until you met my cousin who is crippled and cannot talk due to impairments in her brain.

  3. 90% of people who claim to have autism only have an anxiety disorder. You aren't autistic. Stop it. You're just not what you think is "normal" and claim a disability prevents you from interacting with society. There is no "normal." It's a phantom of statistics. To compare yourself to the norm is to compare yourself to something that isn't itself real. You are real. What comes naturally to you IS normal. Just because you lack the courage to experiment with failure in social situations doesn't mean you have a cognitive disorder. It means you are a coward. It's okay to be a coward, but don't group yourself in with people with legitimately severe disease in an attempt to distance yourself from personal responsibility. It's low. It should be beneath you.

  4. There is no structural racism. That would mean racism is inherent to the structure, which is demonstrably false. There was, but we moved past it as a society and there are presently NO laws recognizing one race as superior or inferior to another. The people pushing for segregation based on race are trying to resurrect structural racism while accusing the champions of integration of it. Talk about cognitive dissonance. Those who claim to be "allies" of black people are trying to metastasize pockets of insulated culture to keep black people entrenched in self-destructive behaviors – so that they are easier to manipulate and control as a bloc. You owe culture nothing. You are not required to observe cultural norms because of your race. The people who criticize you for elevating yourself do so because they are incapable of it.

  5. What an idiot, always trying to find a way to bash police. Covid has been a joke and if you were stupid enough to harm your child for it, that’s on you.

  6. I love comment sections on stories like this. It's nice to know that the bigots are miserable and not doing anything productive. 🍿

  7. ❗ United States is the only country, which being the party to the Chemical Weapons Convention, has not fulfilled its international obligations.

    Residents of Mariupol told RIA Novosti that they know nothing about the alleged attack on the city with the use of chemicals.

  8. “Inclusion” is a leftist buzzword used for rhetorical reasons. Not meeting “milestones” doesn’t mean there is bias against anyone who is underperforming. It just might mean they aren’t meeting milestones. A lack of equal outcomes does not equal racism.

  9. Give me a break! Lady, you have no clue what underserved is. Take a trip to Appalachia and see what underserved really looks like. Is your nearest doctor at least an hour away? Is your nearest hospital 2 hours away? Also, are you saying all those brown doctors are racists?

  10. Dude if you are born in this country you have every damn opportunity available unless you are disabled, no matter if you are black or white. You know what’s actually crazy? A doctor (my uncle) who had to do flooring because he doesn’t have a green card. That is an actual structural problem.

  11. Autism are caused by vaccines. The same companies that are making billions from this pandemic scam. Read Robert F Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci.

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