US to send more aid to Ukraine

President Joe Biden is expected to announce another $750 million in military aid to Ukraine, as the country prepares for a new phase of conflict in the east. ABC News’ Ike Ejiochi reports.


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24 thoughts on “US to send more aid to Ukraine

  1. Weapons sent by EU,NATO countries sold by Ukrainians in black market heard agents looting money in this new war provided buisiness.other countries supply Ukrainians weapons ukrainianes sell them in black market really cheap as it's illegal to do so.these weapons provided by EU,NATO making there way into some Islamic terrorist group.war has many faces it's just one of them.

  2. – List of pages that were bombed-attacked by the USA, after World War II: Japan (1945) Korea and China (1950-53) Guatemala (1954) Indonesia (1958) Cuba (1959-61) Guatemala (1960) Congo (1964) Laos (1964-73) Vietnam (1961-73) Cambodia (1969-70) Guatemala (1967-69) Grenada (1983) Lebanon (1983,1984) Libya (1986) El Salvador (1980s) Nicaragua (1980s) Iran (1987) Panama (1989) Iraq (1991) Kuwait (1991) Somalia (1993) Bosnia (1994, 1995) Sudan (1998) Afghanistan (1998) Yugoslavia (1999) Yemen (2002) Iraq (1991-2003) Iraq (2003-2015) Afghanistan (2001–2015) entertainment (2007-2015) Somalia (2007, 2008, 2011) Yemen (2009, 2011) Libya (2011, 2015) Syria (2014-2015) – (Remember who is the World Criminal, against Humanity and Humanity !!! – The World is Afraid and Silent!) – History is full of facts and experience and will not deceive! – The Rule of Life says: WHO GOES FOR THE CRIMINAL WILL BE LOST!!! – THE PUPPETS DO NOT KNOW HOW THEY ARE CONTROLLED, T

  3. Why doesn’t USA help Palestinians like this? Is it because they favor the Jewish anti christ president that’s still playing an actor as president in Ukraine? Hmmm somebody sipping thy dumb juice with these old fucks

  4. Thanks to Russia clarification. Otherwise Berlin, Paris, London and D.C will be destroyed by nuclear weapons, aka WW3. Just ask ourselves, why our govs are beging in the hand of these ukrainians nazis? All of that to save the corrupt son of POTUS? People is dying

  5. General Mark Milley said the war between Ukraine and Russia will last years but not certain it will last a decade with that being possible. How can the Biden administration allow this to be so drawn out. Either give Ukraine all the conventional weapons and support they need immediately or give Ukraine nothing so the war comes to an end ASAP which will result in less deaths from a long draw out war. When the US was in WWII there was no military doctrine to allow such incompetence. The Biden administration and his military advisors are incompetent if they foresee this war lasting years and not doing anything about it.

  6. Where is the aid for the US citizens? Mass homelesness, inflation, massive inequality, overcrowded prisons, etc, etc, etc. yet there is billions to give away like it's candy to other countries. Incredible.

  7. Big picture. The USA thinks the whole universe is the USA, and the EU thinks Switzerland, Ukraine, and Russia are the EU. Russia has difficulty keeping resources, everyone wants resources. War is like a bacterial infection, it will grow until you feed it in Ukraine's case until you send weapons.

  8. 2015 letter from Joanna Wintrol, head of the USA's Defense Threat Reduction Office in Kiev, to Litovka Serhii, head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense's "Central Sanitation and Epidemiological Department," in which the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is explicitly listed as an "Executive Agent" for the "implementation of the Agreement Between the Department of Defense of the United States of America and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (sic) Concerning Cooperation in the area of Prevention of Proliferation of Technology, Pathogens, and Expertise that could be used during the development of biological weapons."

  9. Nazi hunter scolds Canada over Ukraine

    Azov fighters are neo-Nazis and Ottawa had to know this, Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Efraim Zuroff has told Canadian media

  10. US is all talk, and not much concrete help to Ukraine. Why can't US just declare the cancellation of Russia's $40 billion reserve holding of US Treasury??!! Ukraine isn't that smart. US ain't going to war for you against the much stronger Russia.

  11. United Snakes wants to prolong the war. Its weapon manufacturers , oil corporations and wall street are earning super big bucks. Without Russian oil, EU will also be under the full control of US. Nice move. What about the life of Ukrainian people? US:“who cares!”

  12. The supply chain disruptions will not prevent the US from sending $750 million dollars in aid to Ukraine. However, the US supply chain is causing food shortages in the US. Infant formula is being rationed due to the supply chain disruptions.

  13. Russia is not a threat to the United States. Therefore, the US Space force is a waste of taxpayer money. To be clear: Russia is NO THREAT to the Sovereignty and Security of the United States.

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