Biden speaks on new gas plan as inflation intensifies

President Joe Biden announced new efforts to bring down gas prices as the administration faces an 8.5% jump in the consumer price index.


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46 thoughts on “Biden speaks on new gas plan as inflation intensifies

  1. so. kidies….
    with JoJo inflation the cost of a gallon of gas went up over a buck in about a year
    at this rate a gallon will be well over $15 / gal in a decade….or about $225 for a 15 gallon tank…
    Jojo love you….
    and you love your jojo…. right?

  2. What you say and do is just nonsense, silent racism and racial discrimination Why don't you interfere in the Palestinian issue and negotiate with the Israeli occupation? Or are you silent because you have interests in Palestine? You say that what is happening in Ukraine is genocide and planning to erase the idea or the Ukrainian presence, let alone innocent people who kill their elders and their young and imprison their men and confront them with weapons because of their demand for their rights, which are their freedoms and rights.

  3. DemocRATS LOVE HIGH GAS PRICES! Gas prices went WAY UP when Obama was president too. Obama was asked about it, he replied, "I would prefer a more gradual INCREASE in prices." Biden is BEHOLDEN TO THE RADICAL LEFT and he would sooner DIE than restore the ENERGY INDEPENDENCE that Trump gave us.

  4. Empty store shelves, sky rocket inflation, kneeled down for the defund the police movement, 2 million illegal immigrants let in the country during 2021, mandates that made workers lose their jobs, families struggling to survive, small businesses forced to shut down, forced vaccines on 6 year old kids, no federal solution for COVID, obeying every order of big pharma, violent crime rates up in every big city, censoring the media, a president with an approval rating in the 30s, segregation among the unvaccinated/vaccinated etc…these are the values they stand upon. Please watch out who you vote for in the future. It does not matter what party, just take a closer look at what you are truly voting for the next time.

  5. The wisest thing that should be on everyone's mind currently should be to invest in different streams of income that doesn't depend on the govt. Especially with the current economic crisis around the world, this is still a good time to invest in Gold, silver, crypto currencies (BTC, ETH….)

  6. President Biden said gas prices present an opportunity for us to move away from fossil fuels. How exactly does this help working families today who need to fill up their cars to go to work or school and cannot afford these high prices which also effect consumer good prices and inflation ?

  7. Спасибо за то что вы выбрали этого человека президентом !!! Не стоит волноваться ! Все будет хорошо !!! Мы победим !!! Россия победит !!!

  8. We have to do more than sit around and knock a president that is doing everything right. It is not his fault that the Republicans won't sign anything to help people. The only thing they will sign is tax cuts for themselves. You are jaded and stupid if you think a TV actor is going to have the ability to run this huge and diverse country. On a personal side, I would like my grandchild to be able to live her life and not have to fight for water and a place to live that will survive what is coming. If this is such a bad country, why does everyone want to come here? Get some sense.

  9. We should pay higher gas prices so an alternative is developed. It will push scientists to develop alternatives. We already have a better membrane for seawater desalination. Go America!!!
    Look at all those sick Russian and Chinese with Covid. Their vaccine does nothing. 73% of the US population is immune to all variants. Don't knock America. Don't knock a wonderful president.
    We are the main support for Ukraine. Suck it up America, we are at war. Don't act like stupid wimps. You have the greatest country in the world. We have to get off gasoline because if the temperature goes up over 2%, we will not survive. Don't you get it????? IT HAS TO BE DONE NOW EVEN IF WE HAVE TO GET A BICYCLE TO GET TO WORK. Whatever is happening now is going to get a lot worse if we have more Trumps in the White House who haven't a clue what to do. The survival of the human species is at risk.

  10. I have 3 houses and 2 creek front lots. I love inflation. It will make me a millionaire. I've been waiting for these properties to go up. Thank you. And us seniors are sick of getting nothing and paying for health care. Last year was a good year. Hopefully next year will be good. I've spent 10 years going up only $300.00. Time to make up for the past. And workers are finally getting the pay they deserve. It's great!!!! And we have to buy American products. I looked at an Artic Ice refrigerator made in USA and it was out of stock. Yay! Good dependable products. About time.

  11. Hey all you Democrats,, I dont want to say I told you so but I ……..well you know.
    At least you got that dude dominating womens swimming to root for.

  12. Notice how the Democratic Socialist Media's talking points are all the same and no mention of the US Economy, US citizens hardships, boarder crises he made or any other issue he caused with his policies?

    This is the DEMS MO

    Distract, pay out to keep our mouths shut so they can change our culture and way of life –

    Nice Try Brandon – NOV22 will clip your money spending spree and stop you from protecting other countries borders while you NOT protecting our own TRUMP2024

    Funny in 2019 the Guardian, The Week and CNN all published op-ads with the title, "Why Joe Biden Shouldn't run for President"


  13. It took him till April 5th to ban buying russian oil and fuel. he has no idea what he is doing and we are all screwed.

  14. Bidens administration will go down as the most corrupt, dysfunctional group ever to be in the White House.
    Other countries are doing video skits showing Biden and Harris looking like clowns. It's very embarrassing to be American right now and
    November can't get here fast enough.

  15. No matter what they say, Putin does not have more influence over the American economy than the president of the US does. Either Biden is incredibly stupid or thinks thinks we all are.

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